3999: Tobacco by Mr Lemon

This was a puzzle at the easier end of the Listener range. Extra letters in wordplay spelt out TOBACCO IS SNOUT AND SN TIN, which seems to be a phrase coined by Mr Lemon. Reading “SNOUT” as SN OUT, and “TIN” as T IN gave the method of deriving the thematic answers. These had to have the letters SN taken out, and the letter T put in somewhere, keeping the remaining letters in sequence. This always created another real word. The puzzle was pleasant enough, but Gregson felt there was a little “je ne sais quoi” missing, and was left wondering if there was something else to be discovered.

Extra letters, and thematic entries, are indicated by [].

1 Twice hinder Scotty running round a notorious shoreline? (two words)
BARBARY COAST[T] BAR (hinder), twice + anagram of SCOTTY, containing A
10 Row and work ship
[O]ARGO OAR (row) + GO (work)
11 Horse close to endless spiders
ARA[B]NEA ARAB (Horse) + NEA(R) ie close, minus last letter
12 Introduced first class Titian works by Edward
[A]INITIATED AI ie A1, first class, + NITIAT (anagram of TITIAN) + ED (Edward)
15 Face recognised in Icelandic album
DI[C]AL Hidden in IcelanDIC ALbum
16 Aliens ravished moonstruck girl?
17 Former fuss about forbidden plant of the clover genus
[C]TREFOIL COIL (archaic word for FUSS) containing TREF (forbidden)
18 Look into hospital room
SALON [ALTO] LO (Look) inside SAN (hospital)
19 Nutritive cereal starts to upset Ian's Nigerian monkey
SAGOUIN [AGOUTI] SAGO (Nutritive cereal) + UIN (first letters of Upset Ian's Nigerian)
21 Fate encountered by oiks in revolt
[O]KISMET OKIS (anagram of OIKS) + MET (encountered)
23 Critically examines container aboard ship
SCANS [CATS] CAN (container) inside SS (ship)
25 Unusual laic type of copy
27 What are spun from vascular bundles
[S]TELAE Two definitions (one for TELAE and one for STELAE)
28 Follows headless bird
RAIL[S] (T)RAILS ie follows, minus first letter
32 Foolishly midshipman pinches his frisky girl's bottom
S[N]OTTISHLY SNOTTY (midshipman), containing ISH (anagram of HIS) + L (last letter of GIRL)
33 Actor's also into American margarine
O’TOOLE[O] TOO (also) inside OLEO (American word for margarine)
The actor in question being eight times Oscar nominee Peter O’Toole
34 Note one seabird
SOLAN [TOLA] SOL (note) + AN (one)
35 Alison's mad with college of lunar studies

1 Substrate cut in region of synclinal structure
BASIN [BAIT] BAS(E) ie substrate, minus last letter, + IN
2 Battle to secure border after a chase?
AR[U]NHEM HEM (border), after A + RUN (chase)
3 Master takes aboard last of Indian warrant officers
BO’S’NS [BOTS] BOSS (Master) containing N (last letter of INDIAN)
4 Tina's age is disposed to fatten
5 French tenor gets to the heart of Venice
[T]RIALTO TRIAL (French tenor) + TO
The French tenor being Antoine Trial, who can be confirmed in the main body of Chambers
6 Loose rock at noon to shelter ...
SCREEN [CRETE] SCREE (Loose rock) + N (noon)
7 ... any Sioux wandering around Alabama uneasily
ANXIOUS[A]LY Anagram of ANY SIOUX, containing AL (Alabama)
8 Liquids flowed under middle of Naseby
SERA[N] RAN (flowed) under SE (middle letters of NASEBY)
9 Crooked time-wasting Latins are fond of being sluggish
SNAIL-LIKE [TAIL-LIKE] Anagram of LATINS less T (time), + LIKE (are fond of)
13 Girl gets new resin
SARAN [TARA] SARA (Girl’s name) + N (new)
14 Ed's found a home for and I sold something used in castings
PLASTISOL[D] PLAST (Spenserian word for PLACED ie found a home for) + I SOLD
16 Karen plastered in black deposit -- a reputed cure for bites
SNAKEROOT [TAKE ROOT] NAKER (Anagram of KAREN) inside SOOT (black deposit)
20 Silencers, containing shredded lint, for a type of gun
GATLING[S] GAGS (Silencers), containing TLIN (anagram of LINT)
22 Shame for offence in the army! Just the reverse
STAIN [TAIT] TA (army) inside SIN (offence)
The wordplay being indicated by “the army in offence”
23 Against introducing repulsive old goddess
CLOTHO[N] CON (Against) containing LOTH (obsolete word for repulsive)
24 Stew limpets
PA[T]ELLA Two definitions (one for PAELLA and one for PATELLA)
26 Arrangement for Polonia after striking new coin
PAOLO[I] Anagram of POLONIA, less N (new)
The second use of N = new as a wordplay element, though subtractive in this case
29 Jack left Bishop of Ypres in Dutch community
ANSEN [ANTE] JANSEN (Bishop of YPRS), less J )Jack)
For Cornelius Jansen, see under Jansenism in Chambers
30 Antelope is back in health farm
SASIN [ASTI] SI is IS reversed, inside SAN (health farm)
The second use of SAN ie sanatorium as a wordplay element
31 Bovine girl is touring New York
G[N]YAL GAL (girl) containing NY (New York)