3987: Fizz Buzz by BeRo

In this puzzle from BeRo, only the starting cell of each answer was given, and we were told to simulate the counting game of Fizz Buzz when filling the grid. This was to be done by changing the direction of entry by 90 degrees each time that a letter value divisible by either 5 or 7 was reached. The relevant letters were therefore E,G,J,N,O,T,U and Y. Initially, only the first letter of an answer could be positioned with certainty, but when enough of these had been placed, some partial or complete answers could be entered in the grid. The highest concentration of starting cells was in the top left corner, so Gregson suspects that this is where most solvers will have made initial progress.

Unchecked letters, in grid order, spelt out CHAMPERS (a synonym of FIZZ) and DRAIN (a synonym of BUZZ). Solvers and forfeit-payers were therefore invited to DRAIN CHAMPERS, although on this occasion Gregson elected to celebrate the completion of an enjoyable puzzle by quaffing something brewed a little closer to home.

1 A series of dependent things to show man's outgrowth (13)
CONCATENATION CON (to show) + CAT (man) + ENATION (outgrowth)
“man’s” in the cryptic reading equating to “man has”
2 After a merger, Anthony and Charles stores component of incense (6)
ONYCHA Hidden in AnthONY CHArles
3 I know nothing about a lot of small broken images being destroyed (10)
ICONOCLASM I + CON (know) + O (nothing) + C (about) + LASM (anagram of SMAL ie a lot of SMALL)
4 Tissue used in printing to correct height without pressure in mutual action (8)
INTERLAY INTERPLAY (mutual action), less P (pressure)
5 Practise Mahler -- not hard field of study (5)
REALM Anagram of MAHLER, less H (hard)
6 Independence shown in a less avant-garde string of verses (6)
LAISSE I (Independence) inside LASSE (anagram of A LESS)
7 Language of "SA". "It" may upset Queen Victoria, finally (6)
AYMARA A (It) + YMA (anagram of MAY) + R (Queen) + A (last letter of VICTORIA)
SA being South America
8 Court decree to examine a once united case (15)
TESTAMENT-DATIVE TEST (examine) + A + MENT (old word for “united”) + DATIVE (case)
8 A myth action? Could be! (11)
9 Numberless millions unknown take aid in distress (6)
MYRIAD M (millions) + Y (unknown) + R (take) + IAD (anagram of AID)
10 En anglais, "poilu". C'est l'air entre Henri et Yves (la première) (5)
HAIRY H (Henry) + Y (first letter of Yves) containing AIR
11 Taking leads from chows yapping noisily is characteristically dog-like (5)
CYNIC First letters of Chows Yapping Noisily Is Characteristically
12 In church, absent man has deserted. The glory is departed (7)
ICHABOD I (In) + CH (church) + A (absent) + BO (man) + D (deserted)
13 Severe pain around breastbone. Not half (5)
STERN First half of STERNALGIA (pain around breastbone)
14 At regular intervals call any churchwarden? (4)
CLAY Every other letter in CaLl AnY
15 Vocalic alteration in some mentioned before (4)
SAME A for O in SOME
“Vocalic alteration” indicates replacement of one vowel with another
16 Grievous injury for the listener (4)
DEAR Homophone of DERE or DEARE
17 Nurtured mixed-up lad in quality of confidence (7)
CRADLED ADL (Anagram of LAD) inside CRED (quality of confidence)
18 Money increases by ten at the end, for artist (5)
MONET T (160) for Y (150) in MONEY
D (500) for L (50) in LOWRY does not quite work
19 Head has a look around with quiet drink (7)
ALCOPOP COP (Head) inside ALOP ie A + LO (look) + P (quiet)
20 Secure a spin in fast ride (4)
ARAB BAR (Secure) + A, all reversed
21 Cut back short dense bit of dock -- Spenser? (7)
SNEDDED SNED (ie DENS(E) reversed) + D (first letter of DOCK) + ED (Spenser?)
Ed being a shortened form of Edmund, the question mark indicating a speculative use
21 Division -- half of seven, basically (4)
SEPT First half of SEPTETTE (seven)
22 Society to fight rascal (5)
SCAMP S (Society) + CAMP (to fight)
22 Some that appear as crane raises building without them (8)
SERIEMAS SERIAS (Anagram of RAISES), outside ‘EM (them)
23 MacDonalds losing "world chief" addresses for men (4)
MACS MACDONALDS less DONALD (world chief)
Donald = “world chief” can be confirmed in the Names appendix of Chambers
24 So the bride organised holy plants (10, two words)
25 Tablets I lost returned to shopping bag (4)
CABA ABACI (Tablets) reversed, less I
25 Wound about, tipsy (6)
COILED C (about) + OILED (tipsy)
26 Effervescent, emicant, being a phase in chemistry (7)
The definition seems to be lacking “in”, ie “being in a phase in chemistry”
27 Pierce is brilliant (5)
SPEAR ‘S (is) + PEAR (brilliant)
28 Wild red dog food (6)
29 Clues about lights (in Latin) (5)
LUCES Anagram of CLUES
30 Follower of Unitarians' teaching converted actions in no time (8)
SOCINIAN Anagram of ACTIONS IN, less T (time)
31 Trying after hanging is disturbing worldly fad (10, two words)
32 Captured by wide-angle image (4)
IDEA Hidden in wIDE-Angle
33 Bend over to mobile clamp (10, two words)
34 Chief of Staff, Executive Committee, abbreviated function (5)
COSEC COS (Chief of Staff) + EC (Executive Committee)
35 Shop soiled, returned outsize separates (4)
DELI DELIOS (SOILED, reversed), less OS (outsize)
36 Poem stopped in Scotland -- banished it (4)
DITT DITTIT (Scots word for “stopped”) less IT
36 Old Bob neared, excited (6)
37 Naturalise nurse (Dutch), nurse (one unknown, with English name) (9)
ENDENIZEN EN (nurse) + D (Dutch) + EN (nurse) + I (one) + Z (unknown) + E (English) + N (name)
38 At last, trump that is run provides bridge support (4)
PIER Last letter of TRUMP + IE (that is) + R (run)
38 Special exercises about title bar put back (8)
PECULIAR PE (exercises) + C (about) + U (title) + RAIL (bar) reversed
39 Amphibian causing two changes in direction in golf (4)
FROG R (right) for L (left) in GOLF reveversed
40 Army without single piece of ammunition (4)
SENA SEN (without) + A (first letter of AMMUNITION)
41 Liszt's principal expert is a "soloist" (5)
LONER L (First letter of Liszt) + ONER (expert)
42 Musical Shakespearean to avoid missing note (5)
EVITA EVITATE (Shakespearean word for “avoid”), less TE (note)
43 Giant (or dwarf -- Dopey -- exiled far off) (4)
DROW Anagram of OR DWARF minus anagram of FAR
44 Coarse part of Alhambra? Never! (4)
BRAN Hidden in AlhamBRA Never
44 Show disapproval to right ill-mannered person (4)
BOOR BOO (Show disapproval) + R (right)
45 It's nuts, etc, tossed far as allowed -- did for energy (12, two words)
WALDORF SALAD Anagram of FAR AS ALLOWED with ‘D (did) for E (energy)
46 Mag forwarding a letter for Inez (4)
ZINE Z moved forward in INEZ
46 Cross northern earth region (4)
ZONE ZO (cross) + N (northern) + E (earth)
47 Edward polled in first place, celebrated (5)
NOTED ED (Edward) preceded by NOT (polled)
48 It's Fate -- no choice? (4)
NORN N OR N (ie no choice between two identical options)