Listener 3958: Describer by Henry


This puzzle proved very educational for Gregson. The correct letters of misprints gave ISHERWOOD, AUDEN, SPENDER and 31 gave DAY LEWIS. One of their mutual friends was Edward Upward and this was the theme. In five clues a form of Edward had to be entered upward - 3 berated 5 Edam 8 terned 21 steddy 23 reddy. One of Upward’s works Journey to the Border explained why in 4 clues a word meaning ‘journey’ was placed at the edge of the grid - 9 brake 26 Turkey red 7 strip 20 irideae. Upward’s trilogy The Spiral Ascent pointed to the location of his name, which was entered upwards in a spiral. The remaining eight clue numbers added to 104, which is the author’s current age as he was born on September 9 1903. Gregson guesses that the title could be a play on the reversed form of Edward + scriber (a writer).

Misprinted letters in clues are shown in bold.

1 American English: born with one single element from cytogenesis? (6)
5 Germany, Spain, etc, backtracking - can't ultimately decide (6)
DECTET (decAde) D + E  (IVR) + ETC (reversed) + (can’)T
9 Fern Britton's beginning to incline (5)
11 Having gone into red, Company Director's closing pit down (6)
RECORD (pUt down) Co + R in RED
12 Fruit containing life-force and energy is more like a fruit (8)
PEACHIER CHI (life force) + E in PEAR
14 Pope's in town (5)
URBAN 2 definitions
15 Hand required on special rig (4)
SPUD (Dig) PUD on S (special)
16 Sex you omit finally before Pope Idol is broadcast (9)
TOODLE-PIP (seE you) anag POPEIDOL + (omi)T
17 Daddy's girl bringing happiness for all to see (4)
BEAU (daNdy) BEA (Beatrice = making happy) + U (universal film rating)
19 Identity of patch university applied to software's beginning to be comprehended (6)
UNISON (identity of pItch) UNI + S(oftware) + ON
21 Coloured in strip of wood - hard where painter's got black? (6)
SLATCH (where painter’s got Slack) SLAT + H containing C (coloured)
22 Daughter getting attention and money (4)
DEAR (Honey) D + EAR
26 Romeo, in what could be a TV flop, starts to eye Dot Cotton (9, two words)
TURKEY RED R (Romeo) in TURKEY + E(ye) D(ot)
28 Banter following duke's iron shot (it stops on the ground) (4)
DRAG (iron shoE) D (duke) + RAG
30 Unhappy Gunners rejected player (5)
ARDAS (pRayer) SAD RA (reversed)
31 Britten work producer finds date opening in Aldeburgh is secure with city backing (8, two words)
DAY LEWIS (Written work producer) D (date) + A(ldeburgh) +IS containing W(ith) ELY (reversed)
32 Bard's vexed about sun before noon showing fully (6)
ABSURD (showing fOlly) SU(n) in anag. BARD
33 Formerly held in low regard, ned is rehabilitated (5)
SDEIN (hOld in low regard) anag. NED IS
34 Fly back to front in one direction then another (6)
TSETSE SET (direction) with last letter first) (twice)
35 Countryman's larger overcoat trimmed (6)

1 Happen to capture deeply personal thrill (6)
ARGUTE (Shrill) GUT in ARE (happen)
2 Lifting pencil in Perth, Rolf turned out yellow Australian plants for all to see (10)
MACROFLORA CAM (reversed) + anag. ROLF + OR + A
3 Scolded about wet bed (7)
BERATED RATE (to soak) in BED
4 A lot of old people rowing audibly (5)
CREWE (Pot of old) Homophone CREW
5 Knife cuts European medium cheese (4)
EDAM DA in E(uropean) +M(edium)
6 As to using this - could be "causing secretion out"? (7)
ECCRINE Compound anagram CAUSING SECRETION less letters of AS TO USING & lit.
7 Sun page three lacks love at heart: get clothes off to titillate (5)
STRIP TRI(O) at heart of S(un) + P(age)
8 Metal-plated back's sound (6)
10 Serve old American man British takeaway? (5)
KABOB KA (serve) + BO + B
13 Carling's first to support outrageous Erica tour - that concerns RU administrators (10)
EUROCRATIC (EU administrators) anag. ERICA TOUR + C(arling)
18 "Thorp" is answer found on unravelling clue "term for village not in use" (7)
ACULEUS (thorN) A (answer) + anag. CLUE + US(E) less last letter of VILLAGE
20 Anger about plan to display flags (7)
IRIDEAE (flags = irises) IDEA in IRE
21 Once sober Times, emptied of content, found rising circulation (6)
STEDDY T(IME)S reversed + EDDY
23 Russet? (Not quite a definition of 26) (5)
24 With ending in violence involved, wretched Den is to resign as before (6)
DESINE (Design as before) anag. E (last letter in VIOLENCE) + DEN IS
25 Shown up in performance by amateurs, perhaps (5)
MAYBE Hidden reversed
27 Tangerine loaders could be showing first sign of killer disease (5)
KAIDS (lEaders in Tangiers) K + AIDS
29 Poet's ode that's painful and touching (4)
OWRE (Poet’s oRe) OW + RE