Listener 3954: Multi-part Puzzle by Poat

This was a pleasing puzzle with an entertaining theme. In the perimeter we found SOPRANO, ALTO, TENOR, BARITONE and BASS, as well as the name THOMAS TALLIS. In the third ring were anagrams of famous singers, each representing a voice in the perimeter. These were, Adeline Patti, Ferrier, Caruso, Terfel and Chaliapin. The letters of the innermost ring could be arranged to spell one of Tallis's most famous compositions, SPEM IN ALIUM, with the missing I to be entered in the centre. The fact that Spem in Alium is a forty-part piece, usually performed with eight five-part choirs, neatly matched the grid.

Extra letters in wordplay were S, extra letters in DLM clues A, misprinted letters T, and extra letters in definitions B, while extra words were all synonyms of BAR (Bar(itone). Nevertheless, understanding this was not actually necessary to complete the grid.

Radial clues were divided into eight groups, each containing five different clue types representing the resources required: (1) the wordplay indicates the answer with an extra letter that is not entered in the grid; (2) clues contain a definition of the answer and a consecutive mixture of its letters incorporating one extra letter; (3) clues contain a misprint of one letter in the definition; (4) clues contain an extra word; (5) definitions contain an extra letter.

Clue types in Radial clues are numbered in the explanations of clues. Misprinted letters in clues are shown in bold and extra letters or words in brackets.

RADIAL (all 6 letters)
1 Consumers of cricket in Pakistan etc supporting reverse drive?
TUPAIA 1 PUT (rev.) + A(S)IA
2 Latin nursemaid after a good sitter for Thalia
AGLAI 3 (sister of Thalia) L + AIA after A G (good)
3 Individual launch orbits moonlike object
LUNULA 2 anag. ual laun less A
4 (B)urn for sublimation, due to be renewed in totality
ALUDEL 5 anag. DUE in ALL
5 Hogwarts alumni are (secure) with such creatures
IZARDS 4 WIZARDS less W (with)

6 Greets guard on board
SWARDS 3 (greens) WARD in SS (on board, strangely, means in SS or steamship)
7 You've old (b)rooms upstairs should a brush fail intermittently
SOLARS 5 odd letters of ShOuLd A bRuSh
8 One musician has transposed fourth for a finale, as usual
SOLITO 1 SOLOI(S)T with fourth letter moved to the end
9 Part of a shoe (rack) conforming with others
10 Asian art form (worth all the rest, in conjunction with 37)
INSTAR 2 anag. sian art less a. Ref. Cicero’s description of Plato - Instar omnium

11 Sometimes, car(b)uncles are brilliant, but lacking surface strength locally
ARILLI 5 A (are) + RILLI (brilliant less bant (strength in dialect))
12 Pieces of metal with enamel inlaid? Yes
NIELLI 2 anag. el inlai less a
13 (Sovereign) managed disordered Tokyo some time ago (two words)
MADE DO 4 MAD + EDO Old name for Tokyo
14 Front spoiler to help pistons with driver in reverse (two words)
AIR DAM 1 AID + RAM(S) with DR (driver reversed
15 Quantity of toffee, say, making mouth not quite rounded
MUGFUL Quantity of coffee MUG + FUL(L)

16 Nothing makes gourmet sick with this arthropod's (buttery) back
TERGUM 4 Compound anagram TERGUM + O (nothing) = GOURMET
17 Playwright eager to restore piano
PINERO 2 anagram RE PIANO less A
18 Ro(b)ot demonstrating how to get well-known ratio
TURNIP Nice joke here, to get pi you could TURN IP!
19 Mass made softly alight by stub of candle lit on antique chalice
PATINE lid of chalice PAT (as of butter) + IN + E (end of candle)
20 Guardian saint's gone, and not coming back
PATRON PA(S)T + NOR (reversed)

21 Notes a doctor (advocates) in retrospect about stomach
OMASAL 4 A MO (rev.) in LAS (notes)
22 Oriental tailor's a rogue, switching hands
LASCAR 3 Oriental sailor RASCAL exchanging L and R (hands)
23 Coarse, dry salt
24 Diana's mam(b)a without a scale, tail-end to the fore
LATONA 5 Mother of Diana. ATONAL with last letter first
25 Overturn a result? Tell someone who cares
NURSER 2 anag. urn a res less A

26 Luger might exploit this, making kills with discharge (two words)
ICE RUN 1 ICE(S) (kills) + RUN
27 Rat's lunch canned: I made it
TIFFIN 3 (Raj's lunch) I + FF (fecit) contained in TIN (canned!)
28 Hydrocarbon of alien origins
OLEFIN 2 anag. of alien less A
29 This precision instrument's to (measure) absolute luminance within a lengthy period
ETALON 4 T’ + A + L in EON
30 Car(b)? Recurrent feature of diet at seaside
ESTATE 5 Hidden reversed

31 Herb to bear a gold flower? No
BORAGE 2 anag. less A
32 Each page blank initially - source of this to nob(b)le poet?
33 Remove tarp from Anubis bust
UNBIAS (Remove warp) anag. Anubis
34 Releases (hound)  I don't lay claim to?
UNBAGS 4 BAGS = I lay claim to, so the negative must be UNBAGS!
35 One local girl gets it undone for Edmund
UNLAST 1 UN (one in dialect) + LAS(S) + T

36 Liquid lunch is not the same as it once was
37 (Bank) to remain upset with this funding value? More ammunition could be provided
OMNIUM  4 compound anag. MORE AMMUNITION minus anag. TO REMAIN
38 Indication one's acted in both ends of Cardiff stadium
MILIUM 3 MIL(len)IUM Stadium in Cardiff. Indication one's acned; a MILIUM is a pimple!
39 Member of little band, leader of artillery organised demo(b)
MORCHA 5 a demo M (member) ORCH (orchestra) + A
40 Changes from a sphere into a cube, say
MORPHS 2 anag. rom a sph less A

A little shop having no bread without tea (12, two words)
One who might treat scratches with drug for abrasion at first (7)
FERRIER FARRIER changing A (1st letter of ABRASION) for E (drug)
Early flier sacrificing his independence to win love (6)
CARUSO ICARUS less I (independence) + O (love)
Blind poet's patch remained fixed in the middle (6)
TERFEL TERF (Milton is the blind poet and this is his spelling of turf) + (H)EL(D)
Series about cycling round Dixie? (9)