Listener Crossword 3951: Trades by Arachne

Arachne gave us an opaque preamble which caused Gregson some anxiety. After solving a few clues it became obvious that some clues had anagrams of words and others had a misprint of one letter. Gregson decided that the Derivative trades contained anagrams and the Currency trades were exchanging the abbreviations of currency, ignoring crossong lines in £ or $ (pounds - L, dollars -  S & yens - Y). The unclued entries were BULLS and BEARS and the ten entries that were affected either went up (rev.) or lost pounds (L) – in all cases the entries were words.

Trades in clues are shown in bold type. Correct versions are shown in bold in the explanations of clues

1 See preamble (5) BULLS
5 Women who are raving mad with sane Doreen (7)
MAENADS re-done anag. mad + sane
11 Judges are almost gods? (8)
12 Given a rewrite, yet saga is passé nevertheless (7)
A(L)GATES ang let +SAGA
13 Abetting Sean's clandestine thrill (6)
TING(L)E Hidden Abetting lean
15 What gives details of early duty for landing, as it could be heard (7)
PEERAGE earls  sounds like PIERAGE
16 Yearned to see small local tax (8)
17 Paul needs copyist for The Times, perhaps (5)
20 They increase the flow of electricity in London or Liberia (6)
DONORS Hidden London or Siberia
22 He led country sawyer to shelter (6)
ATTLEE lawyer ATT. + LEE (shelter)
25 According to Walter, female fish are in shoal at Louth (5)
RAUNS A in RUN + S (south)
27 Lily's place is reserved for a particular purpose (7)
SPECIAL Silly anag. place is
28 Moving settler from true republic induced anxiety at first in ancient state (7)
ETRUTRIA letters anag. TRUE + initials R + I + A
30 Champagne, strong drink and Bells taken regularly (6)
BUBB(L)Y BUB + odd letters in belly
31 Realist's grown cross (7)
SA(L)TIRE wrong  anag REALIST
32 Part of orchestra wants certain playing clothing satin (8)
CLARINET L (Latin) in anag. CERTAIN
33 Char's dead set on tranquillisers (7)
34 See preamble (5) BEARS

1 Wee cry before body part's finally sacrificed for false gods (6)
BAALIM Ewe cry = BAA + LIMB less last letter
2 Len's part of our generation (4)
URGE Yen  Hidden
3 According to the setter it's prosaic (7)
LITERAL 2 definitions according to the letter
4 Webs found under yon stones (6)
STELAE S (son) + TELAE (webs)
6 Declare old are without lard in Scotland (7)
ARREEDE REED (yard in Scots) in ARE
7 Mitteleuropean's not suspended for following divine laic there (5)
ARIAN heretical HUNGARIAN less HUNG (suspended)
8 Lads approaching Irish cops in city (9)
ANNAPOLIS Lady = ANNA + POLIS (police in Irish)
9 Where Americans drink Dutch water most over a year (7)
DOGGERY DOGGER (Dutch two-master) + Y (year)
10 Listen, get rid of constant smells (5)
REEKS  (rev) CREEKS (Inlets) less C (constant)
14 Greatly agitated by brute, aged man died (9)
PERTURBED PER (by) + anag. BRUTE (managed) + D
18 Immediately use old nark (7)
STATURE STAT (immediately) + URE (old form of USE) = rank
19 Means to get a bit of softener for hard bristle (7)
VESICLE blister VEHICLE (means) changing H for S
21 With audacity, American hose is something a man could wear (7)
NECKTIE NECK (audacity) + TIE (shoe tied with a lace in US)
23 Reads board is concealing stock (6)
BRACED Ready RACE (stock) in bd (board)
24 Reported sneaky shares issued by some companies (6)
STEELS (rev) 2 definitions sneaks
25 Cork bus goes to half of Ireland (5)
SUBER (rev.) SUB + ER(IN)
26 The point is to get support from independent race for part of Africa (5)
NUBIA NUB (point) + I + A (acre)
29 Developed ruse for daughter and brother (4)
BRER R (rule) for D (daughter in BRED