3936 Growing Pains by Dipper

Another amusing puzzle with a gardening theme from Dipper. The clues were challenging and it was quite a task to distinguish the definitions indicating vegetables. The initial letters of 12 extra words spelled UNDER THE SHED.  In the completed grid it was possible to highlight LEAN-TO and under these letters ALLIUM PORRUM, the Latin term for the leek.

Extra words are given in bold and where the wordplay matches a definition at a different location the definition of the entry is underlined.


1 Russian hood the Italian turned has CIA running round (7)
BASHLIK 6d IL (rev.) in anag. CIA
8 Zest of ugli fruit (4)
PEPO PEP (zest) + O (of)
11 Fashion stolen cloth into pleats, having removed messy spot and reworked (6)
ENTAIL anag. INTO PLEATS less anag. SPOT (stolen cloth=CABBAGE)
12 Poison a thousand after specious suicide is cut by half (6)
CURARE 32d HARI (KIRI) + M (thousand)
13 Steer moped erratically, taking right by entrance to cul-de-sac (4)
STOT 10d R + IN + C (first letter of cul-de-sac) in anag. MOPED
14 Rocks hurt -- not just at first (8)
DIORITES 28d INJURE less J (just at first)
15 Reportedly, House of Lords supports dinner in Scotland (5)
PIERS sounds like PEERS (dinner in Scotland=KALE)
18 Sends out purple prunes (5)
20 After a period of time, I'm able to play a part (3)
21 Spots peer being entertained by old trollops (4)
22 Comes behind with Newcastle centre back in competition for places (6)
TRIALS TRAILS with AI (central letters) going back
24 Watch trial before beginning to examine witness (5)
TESTE TEST + E (first letter of examine) (Watch=TURNIP)
25 At least two millimetres of mercury, carbon and aluminium ingested by fish (5)
TORRS 23d C + Al in SAR
26 Dedicated staff could regularly come together (6)
CUDGEL CUD (odd letters of COULD) + GEL
27 Javelin experts almost throw about a third of a mile in the opposite direction (4)
PILE LI reversed in PE(G)
30 Insect rampaging across nest termites started (3)
ANT initial letters
33 Onset of nephritis found in one of the kidneys (5)
RENAL 21a N in ACE
34 Chimney piece of bronze in perfect English taste (5)
UMAMI 35 LUM + B in PAT (perfect) E (English)
35 Acidic salt extracted from the Ukraine (8)

PLUMBATE 37 Hidden th(E UK)raine
37 Fine constituent of spherical piece of coal (4)
ERIC Hidden (piece of coal=PEA)
38 Stupidity is one out of 25 accepting narrow-minded thinking (6)
TORPOR PO (narrow-minded) in 25 across TORR(S) less one letter
39 Initially, colic appears to upset more than one stomach (6)
RUMINA 20anag.  initial letters Colic Appears To
40 Improve profits from property disposing of a third of dwellings (4)
USES HOUSES less one third of letters (Improve=BEET)
41 Feudal tenants safe outside vacated tunnel (7)
SOKEMEN 10 RED (vacated Scots law) in PETER (safe) + MINE

1 Say malicious things about gambler restricting odds before handicap (9)
BESPATTER SP (starting price) + a (ante=before) in BETTER
2 Rain spilling over inside of crummy waterproof leggings (12)
ANTIGROPELOS 39 UM (inside of CRUMMY) in anag, RAIN
3 Couple come to a halt around threshold of elegant verandah (5)
4 In Perth, a timely incentive for Australians to work alone (3)
HAT Hidden (incentive=CARROT)
5 Temperature inversion readily reversed in electronic part (3)
LID def temperature inversion Hidden rev.
6 Endless skill in remedial treatment of bone (5)
7 Pouch made from bits of deer horn by a Scandinavian (5)
BURSA BURS (knobs on deer’s horn) + A (Scandinavian=Swede)
8 One ousted from regal position redistributed royal estate (9)
PRINCEDOM 2d anag. regal position less I
9 Running water, half strained, corroded steel (5)
10 United Guatemalans with independence to settle beforehand (12)
12 Head Catholic in command after reforming top Christian (6)
COPTIC C (Catholic) + anag. TOP + IC (in charge) (HEAD=bean?)
16 You see these at night when driving as if lacking energy after party (9, two words)
REAR LAMPS 1a BASH (party) + LIK(E) (as if, lacking e)
17 New growth is an essential part of balsa trees (4)
SALS  S (is) + Hidden ALS (New growth=SPROUTS)
19 Small slip of wood forester prepared without itemised fee (9)
23 Beginning in Rockies, prescribed course goes West, with steps (6)
SCALAR 33 R (initial of Rockies) + LANE reversed
24 Antipodean shrub harms two sheep, both with tail docked (4)
TUTU Tu(P) Tu(P)
28 Burn in hell without old religious observance (5)
INURE 14 O + RITE in DIS (hell)
29 Bend down holding barrel, following end of extended exercise (5)
ELBOW  (end of exercise) E + B (barrel) in LOW
31 Oxygen, added to a great deal of saltpetre, makes WWI rocket explosive (5)
NITRO NITR(E) + O (oxygen) (WW1 rocket=ONION)
32 Concubines and wives can be found in this small space inside very disreputable house (5)
HARIM 41 EM (small space) in SO (very) KEN disreputable house
36 Itch leads to scratching toe in front of occupational therapist (3)
EUK 13a initials S + T + OT (Occupatioal therapist)
37 Quite close relative seemed somewhat distant (3)
EME Hidden