3932 Initials by Mango

This week we were presented with a puzzle in which the answers were to be entered into the grid in jigsaw fashion, wherever they would fit. Some fairly straightforward but nevertheless entertaining clues allowed Gregson to make steady progress, with the single 11-letter answer giving a convenient starting point for filling the grid. When rearranged in standard clue order, the initial letters of the clues spelt out YSOBEL, TROYTE, NIMROD and DORABELLA, followed by their creator, EDWARD ELGAR. Ysobel, Troyte, Nimrod and Dorabella are all "Enigma" Variations, from Elgar's famous Opus 36. Therefore, horizontal and vertical jumbles of ENIGMA were to be highlighted in the grid, producing a large "EE", the initials of Edward Elgar. There were 10 such jumbles not wholly overlapping with each other, which Gregson assumed were the remaining 10 "Enigma" variations, there being 14 variations altogether. Elgar identified these 10 variations by the initials of some acquaintances (although in Variation 13, the initials are given as "* * *"), and this provided a further link to the title. All in all, a pleasant and not too demanding puzzle from the Mango team, appearing on the 150th anniversary of Elgar's birth, which inspired Gregson to dust down a recording of the said work one more time.

Lunched after one and the Queen's upset? (6)
AERATE ATE (Lunched), after A (one) and ER (the Queen)
Runs off just like Pinocchio? It renders one speechless (6)
ALALIA A LA (just like) + LIAR (Pinocchio), less R (runs)
What used to be Germany, almost wholly an Eastern state (7)
ALMAINE AL (almost ALL ie wholly) + MAINE (an Eastern state)
Thriller writer, one preferring a slow pace (6)
AMBLER Two meanings (Eric Ambler being a thriller writer)
You could get area going no-go? Or "no go"? (7)
ANERGIA Anagram of AREA GOING, less GO
Dancing bear is circus's foremost attribute (7)
ASCRIBE Anagram of BEAR IS, plus C (first letter of circus)
On to conflict between America's and Europe's leaders (5)
AWARE WAR (conflict) between A and E (first letters of America and Europe)
Oscitation, tossing head in the shade (6)
AWNING YAWNING (oscitation), less first letter
Rising young officer is far from bright (3)
DIM Reversal of MID (mid = midshipman, ie young officer)
Liquid excess made Earl drunk (5)
EDEMA Anagram of MADE, plus E (Earl)
Dice game? Something of a mystery in LLL (4)
EGMA Anagrame of GAME
Here, LLL is Love's Labours Lost
Earth needs sun in close to dry up (6)
ENSEAR E (Earth) + S (sun) in NEAR (close)
Eagle, perhaps nesting if temperature goes up (6)
ENSIGN Anagram of NESTING, less T (temperature)
Blondie finally meets Prince and is smitten (5)
EPRIS E (last letter of Blondie) + PR (Prince) + IS
Look at Italian being sent up - Mussolini perhaps (5)
EYETI EYE (look at) + IT (Italian) reversed
Enthusiast's good point (4)
FANG FAN (Enthusiast) + G (good)
Youthful disposition resulting from novel migraine drug (9)
GAMINERIE Anagram of MIGRAINE, followed by E (drug)
Aberdonian's clever - good at Latin, for example (4)
GLEG G (good) + L (Latin) + EG (for example)
Elderly Greek on the lookout (7)
GREYING GR (Greek) + EYING (on the lookout)
In Yorkshire, a town likely to be redeveloped (6)
A gin and lime cocktail costing a pound - fancy! (7)
IMAGINE Anagram of A GIN LIME, less L
Costing is an uncommon subtraction indicator, but entirely fair
Rococo iron pillbox (4)
INRO Anagram of IRON
Démode matchmaking, perhaps, needing fashionable swell to marry (9)
INSEAMING IN (fashionable) + SEA (swell) + MING (marry)
Dwelling in Rome without a sauna I left in fury (6)
INSULA Anagram of SAUN (sauna without A), plus I and L (left)
Resentment starts to infect rural England (3)
IRE First letters of Infect Rural England
One under feudal tenure siding with nation state briefly (5)
LIEGE LIE (siding) + GE (Georgia, a nation state)
One wing beat turning various bones (6)
MALLEI I (One) + EL (wing) + LAM (beat), all reversed
Speak or talk in mother tongue, essentially (4)
MANG MA (mother) + NG (central letters of TONGUE)
Greek measures last of banana splits meant for me (5)
MINAE A (last of banana) in MINE (meant for me)
Little time to cut sway - front of aircraft yaws (6)
MORULA MO (little time) + RUL (cut RULE, ie sway) + A (first letter of aircraft)
Yaws and morula are both synonyms of framboesia, as Gregson discovered
Arrange term in prison, getting put away (6)
NEATEN N (term, ie last letter, of PRISON) + EATEN (put away)
Roving itinerant gets rid of 160 snails (8)
NERITINA Anagram of ITINERANT, less T (T = 160)
Treated narcotic leaves curve out at base? Yes, narcotic (8)
NICOTINE Anagram of NARCOTIC less ARC (curve) + IN (at) + E (base)
Accidental or occidental? (4)
NOTE NOT E (ie not East, occidental)
My, he's dull! That's terribly unkind (6)
Brief witticism - one giving cause for duel? (8)
PUNDONOR PUN (brief witticism) + DONOR (one giving)
Ensure new barn's prepared for vegetables (11, two words)
RUNNER BEANS Anagram of ENSURE + N (new) + BARN
Naughty missis and me in shocking goings-on (8)