3930 Double Entry by Adam

This was a puzzle with a sting in the tail. Solvers had to locate a keyword in Chambers that had two entries. It is some time since a Listener crossword depended on Chambers Dictionary for its solution. Some straightforward clues made for an easy start. Looking for symmetrically placed definitions led the solver to the keyword - NODDY. In Gregson's case it was through a search for oceanic & bird in the electronic Chambers. In the first entry Chambers has "a simpleton, stupid person (31A COKES); an oceanic bird (genus Anous) related to the terns, unaccustomed to man and therefore easily caught and so deemed stupid (10d OCEANIC BIRD); a sequence in a filmed interview in which the interviewer is photographed nodding in acknowledgement of what the interviewee is saying (35 FILM CLIP) ; an old game like cribbage (1A CARD GAME); the jack in this and other games (14A KNAVE); an old form of cab with a door at the back (15D REAR DOOR CAB)." The second entry in Chambers gives "an inverted pendulum with a spring, used to test oscillation." Solvers may have been misled by the W given too start the word, when in fact, it was an inverted M, the letters of PENDULUM turned upside-down!

1 To tease and grouse ... perhaps that's matrimony? (8, two words)
CARD GAME 2 meanings card - to tease (wool) and grouse (game-bird) matrimony is an example of a card game (hence the ?)
7 A game I play with Antony (4)
LUDO =I play in Latin
12 Crazy one having rushed around fast (7)
RAMADAN Mad + A in Ran
13 City's demolished maze - that's rash (6)
ECZEMA EC (city of London) + anag. maze
14 Endless rape by king's serving boy (5}
KNAVE K (king) + nave(w) (a rape or coleseed with a carrot-shaped root)
16 Fillet steak, rindless, in a mess (6)
TAENIA anag. tea in a
17 Writer in area Liberals shortly found difficult (8)
RABELAIS anag. area Libs
18 Beige and oddly well. (4)
BIEN odd letters of BeIgE aNd
19 Spread finds one girl's by another ... (9)
DISPERSAL Di's per Sal
23... so no male's in charge of people at work (9)
ERGONOMIC ergo (so, therefore) no M (male ) IC (in charge)
25 Resin's not cloudy stone (4)
OPAL Copal minus C (cloudy)
27 Multi-recess store offers pancake in Uni city, in short (8)
CATACOMB Taco in Camb(ridge)
29 Lad taking jar, wanting a stiff belt (6)
ROLL-ON oll(a) = jar in Ron (random boy's name) the stiff belt here is a corset!
31 Twit offers refreshing drinks (5)
COKES 2 meanings Chambers gives COKES (obs) a simpleton
32 He's back around to try again (6)
REHEAR he in REAR (back)
33 Call for attention in Hindi peasant language group
KHOISAN ho in Kisan (peasant in Hindi)
34 This grass is morally corrupt (4)
BENT 2 meanings
35 A compere must be brought in to boost a piece of entertainment (8, two words)
FILM CLIP MC (emcee) in fillip
2 A catholic taking tea is old-fashioned (7)
ARCHAIC cha (tea) in a RC
3 Scrape a ship that's docked (4) (7)
RAZE razee minus last letter
4 Good author could be better (7)
GAMBLER G (good) + Ambler (an author rarely read nowadays but frequently found in crosswords)
5 There's nothing backward about Turkish city (5)
ADANA nada (rev) + A (about)
6 An insect's a significant number in computing that's lacking it (6)
MANTIS MANTISSA minus SA (sex-appeal or it)
7 Reinforce black to make fast monochrome printing source (9, two words)
LINE BLOCK line ² B (black) + lock
8 Princess is embraced by a provincial salt that's fluorescent (6)
URANIN rani in UN (dialect form of a)
9 An exhortation to be contentious is stupid (5)
DOVIE the instruction Do vie! dovie is a Scots word for stupid
10 After abuse of cocaine young woman could be a stormy petrel (11, two words)
OCEANIC BIRD anag. cocaine + bird (young woman)
11 Bring up a design of Cordoba for old form of transport (11, three words)
REAR DOOR CAB Rear (bring up) anag. cordoba
15 It's not nice finding bright girl featured in report (9)
REPELLENT Ellen (Helen Gr. bright) in Rept.
20 Where's Mickey? North America? He's - in the end -- found here (7)
ANAHEIM NA (N. America) + he in AIM (end) Anaheim is the town where Disneyland is situated.
21 Instruments having pliant rim, played with no hands (7)
TIMPANI anag. pliant rim minus L & R (hands)
22 Dirty woman comes from bad family (6)
MALKIN mal (bad) kin (family)
24 Leading Indian butter is spelt thus (6)
GANDHI ref. ghi spelt GH and I
26 Coastal town may be found close to Rochester (5)
POOLE ref. character in Jane Eyre. Grace Poole guards Rochester's deranged wife.
28 Anti roll's essential feature for holiday location (5)
TIROL Hidden
30 Bird turns up braidwork that's not coloured (4)
TEAL la(c)et reversed.