3929 Venery by Psyche

The title of this puzzle has two meanings in Chambers, the pursuit of sexual gratification, and hunting. This became clear when the extra letters part of a quotation from Alfred Lord Tennyson. Clues without definitions gave the missing parts

Man is the (hunter); woman is his (game). The sleek and shining (creatures) of (the chase)

The verse continues "we hunt them for the beauty of their skins; they love us for it, and we ride them down."

The solver had to tackle the clues cold before filling the carte blanche grid. However, this task was made easier as there were only two twelve-letter answers and there was a 50% chance of getting the right fit.

Extra letters are shown by square brackets [] in clues or in the wordplay.

She[m] takes a bit of a kip, hugged by commander (6)
AGATHA AT (100th part of kip - currency of Laos) in AGHA (commander)
Acquire more past[a] from Magenta (3)
AGE Hidden
Many an old bo[n]y Umbrian's head found in newly worked Milan... (6)
ALUMNI U (initial of Umbria) in anag. Milan
... compounds: those a bit higher spades found without number (5)
ALUMS alumn[i] (those a bit higher refers to previous clue) minus N (number) + S (spades)
Last [s]word being venerated in Thebes (4)
AMEN = the last word also AMMON (God venerated by Greeks)
Acceleration as far as pipsqueak's first [t]on! (4)
ATOP a (acceleration) + to (as far as) + P (initial of pipsqueak)
Stroppy, bungling actor uns[h]aken (12)
CANTANKEROUS anag. actor unsaken
Make sure in confusion (9)
Undefined CREAT[E] + anag. sure
Twenty-four hours - time gained somewhere in Ohio (6)
DAYTON Day (24 hours) T (time) + [w]on (gained)
Ongoing reaction from office dem[o] not being sorted out (12, two words)
DOMINO EFFECT anag. office dem not
Brief [m]êlée involved elusive person (3)
anag. ele (shortened êlée)
Chap designing tower base on condition that iron and aluminium are added (6)
EIFFEL E (base) IF (on condition that) Fe (iron) + [A]l aluminium
New school term for village (4)
GAME [N] new gam (school of whales) + E (end (term) of village)
American soldier, very amusing person who tells stories (5)
GRIOT G[I] + riot (a hilarious person) A griot is a tribal teller of legends in W Africa.
M[S] removed from museum's national treasures (8)
HERITAGE ref. the Her[m]itage
Proconsul, say, kept secret about order popular with House (8)
HOMINOID Proconsul here refers to a genus of prehistoric African anthropoid apes.
HID (kept secret) round OM (order(of merit)) IN (popular) [H]o =house
Woman holding smallest share (6)
HUNTER Undefined UN[I]T in her (woman)
Bits of [S]iberian nephrite, lapis and yu perhaps (5)
INLAY initials & lit.
Member against bill? He's crazy! (6)
MANIAC M + an(t)i + ac (bill: account)
Artist laid into old ham performing after me in sensational piece (9)
MELODRAMA Me +anag. old [h]am round RA (artist)
The North-eastern bard I see looking out for family (7)
NEPOTIC NE + po[e]t + I C (see)
Season for endless snow on railway? (4)
NOEL [s]no(w) + el (elevated railway)
One playing in solo bit (6)
OBOIST anag. so[l]obit & lit.
Long old throw with as much of one colour as possible (7)
PINKEST pin[e] + kest (old form of CAST)
Satellite receiving urgent request using computer link (6)
PLANET pl[e]a + net
Sic[k] fantasy, regularly ignored, goes quickly (5)
SCATS even letters
Tar[a] turns back around the middle of Bladon (6, two words)
SEA DOG goes (reversed) round AD (middle letters of BLADON)
Office where ra[n]ting works, we hear (3)
SEE homophone of SEA
Silly smile finally has dispelled gloom (5)
SMIRK last letters [s] d + mirk
Wet soil beside snare in square bit of ground making [s]edges indistinct (8)
SMUDGING mud (wet soil) and gin (snare) between S (square) and G (bit of ground)
Ermine applied to [h]ats (5)
STOAT anag to ats
Distributors of strong jugs for wa[i]ter (8)
STREWERS str (strong) + ewers
Article found by Ge[n]ts in church (8, two words)
THE CHASE Undefined THE (article) + has (gets) in CE (Church of England)
Your wealth [I] yearn, to some extent (3)
THY hidden
Translator holding letter is more accurate (5)
TRUER ru[n]e in TR (Translator)
Boar [G]us found during rough trek (6)
TUSKER anag. us + trek
Against hospital department's outsize openings (5)
VENTS v. (versus:against) + ENT (hospital dept) +[O]S (outsize)
One loves a [f]row, neat, warm, well-organised! (8)
WATERMAN anag. Once again Psyche makes full use of the extra letter to confuse the solver.