3927 Five-star Actioner by Gos

This very accessible puzzle from Gos had clear hints in the preamble. The two unclued entries were Gable & Leigh, which indicated the film Gone with the Wind. The "noted theme" of the film was Tara's Theme, and the name Tara is hidden in the title. Gos advised solvers to take a "second scrutiny of the clues" and the second characters of the clues spelled "as God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again" - lines spoken by Scarlett O'Hara in the film. The 11 cells with clashing letters had to be resolved by choosing those letters which allowed the title of the film to be revealed, and "thus resolving ambiguities".

2 Rather a fine company musical's making a comeback. (11)
AFFIRMATIVE rather = yes a + F (fine) + firm + Evita rev.
9 Is one taking cut regularly with The Listener? (4)
OTIC = of the ear Every third letter of is One TakIng Cut
10 Eg, Reigate's location is by major road, construction initially involving movement of earth (7)
SEISMIC SE (England) + is + M1 (motorway) + C(onstruction)
12 Unclued (5) GABLE
14 Unclued (5) LEIGH
15 Money intended for disabled (6)
MAIMED M (money) + aimed
16 Ideal standard "A" grade (7)
PARAGON par + A + gon (grade)
17 Minor part of watch will be exchanged (4)
Bell ('ll be switched) ref. Ship's watches
18 Assistant rally-driver must have this in the pit (6)
20 Imperfect form of Koine for "edible fungus" (5)
ENOKI anag.
22 Syringa worn in summer hat, at first must appear -- this? (5)
SWISH initial letters
24 Two-hole game considered, we hear, by division not that long ago (6)
EOCENE Eo (game with 2 holes) + sounds like SEEN
25 Kildare, perhaps one source of the bother! (4)
DRAT Dr (Doctor Kildare) + A (one) of T (initial of THE)
27 Stand by old unionist in terrible danger (7)
ENGUARD (U - Unionist) in anag. DANGER
30 In school district that is rural (6)
UPLAND up (in school) + land
32 Tests not exhibiting score in rare compound? (5)
CERIA criteria minus RIT (score)
33 A soldier with no recipe for dry fruit (5)
AKENE a kerne (Irish or highland foot soldier) minus R (recipe)
34 A sample of kosher risotto with vintage wine (7)
SHERRIS archaic word for sherry (Hidden)
35 Gina's involved with this Swede perhaps (4)
INGA anag. Gina
36 I'll cut cost for example by amount necessary to fully restore (11)
REINTEGRATE I in RENT (cost) +eg + RATE (amount)

1 Place is good setting for speech therapy (11)
LOGOPAEDICS anag. place is good
2 All army crew start to suspect generals (7)
ATAMANS A (all) TA (Territorial Army) + MAN to crew + initial S(uspect)
3 Indiana cotton possibly used to make short briefs? (5)
FIBER US spelling of FIBRE anag. brief(s)
4 Separate article was once also two linked together (4)
ITEM 2 meainings
5 Oversee, perhaps, not allowing the stops (6)
MEDIAE = stops Mediate minus T = the
6 Peskiness may result from this food I brought up (7)
AILMENT aliment with I moved up this down word
7 Production of ammonia that is stopped by old naval officer - briefly (5)
IMIDE mid(shipman) in ie (that is)
8 A bit of vernacular I attempt in Spanish port (4)
VIGO V + I go
10 Newman, maybe, supporting the back of his shoulder (5)
SPAUL S (last letter of his) + Paul (Newman)
11 The fast food cold buffet perhaps provides (11, two words)
CHILLED MEAL Chambers gives this as a ready-prepared dish kept at a low temperature but not frozen, and sold from a chill cabinet. The wordplay has a nicely cryptic definition.
13 Out covering autonomous region acquired (6)
LEARNT AR in LENT (Out? Gregson could only surmise that lent and out mean the same when describing a book in a library)
17 Unskilled laborer - man mostly in good condition (6)
BOHUNK The spelling of labourer hints at the Americanism. BO + HUNK(Y) same as hunky-dory
19 Aggrieved what trickery gets across (7)
ATHWART anag. what + ART (trickery)
21 Irately moving right up and getting to be seen? (7, two words)
IN RANGE As in 6d IN ANGER has the R moved up.
23 Byke: many embodied individuals (not in England), primarily (6)
MEINIE Scots for a crowd indicated by initial letters. BYKE (a swarm) is also Scottish.
24 Careers into water from four different directions (5)
ENEWS Four points of the compass E-NE-W-S
26 Aged one taking in original gold coins (5)
AUREI Ur in Ae (aetatis of his or her age, aged) + I (one)
28 Party worker not supporting legal maturity (5)
AGENT age in 'nt
29 Giggle generated by the headlines (4)
HEHE Hidden
31 In this year The King and I must make a comeback (musical) (4)
HAIR The musical ha (hoc anno=in this year) + R (king) +I (reversed)