3295 The Reform Club by Auctor

This was just what you expect from Auctor - tricky clues, entries that are not real words and his signature grid, where each clue number is used only once. This puzzle was difficult and not made any easier by the announcement that there was a mistake in one of the clues. Gregson guessed, correctly, that this must be 14.

In the thematic clues the wordplay indicated that ALL was changed to ONE, and vice versa. This recalled the motto of the three musketeers in the Dumas novel - "All for One and one for all". The letters of their names, Athos, Porthos and Aramis were removed from some entries and inserted in others to spell the names in the shape of three raised swords, the S being shared by all three. In this way the 'club' is reformed. In the clues the inserted letters were only included once in the word-play.

The title plus the references to Phileas Fogg and Passepartout were, perhaps, a deliberate red-herring leading solvers to Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days.

THEMATIC (in alphabetic order of answer)
Herald's accent I once said became definite (12) CRYSTONEISED
Wee rector goes for clubs after moan to locals -- imagine? (11) HONEUCINATE
Club (military) all at ease with loss, American is going to get chucked out (12, three words) LOSE ALL'S SEAT
Reckless lady in evasive manoeuvre. It's used in testing conditions! (11, two words) LYDIAN STALL

ACROSS omitted and added letters are shown in square brackets
9 Perverse glory in cut scars -- something to look for? (8, two words)
HOLY GR[A]IL anag. glory in hil(a) (scars)
10 Stick a remarkable one nearer to the back? (5)
ATLA[T]L a tall - moving the A nearer to the back!
12 Phileas finally in foreign station (railway)? A place full of tin, perhaps (9)
ST[S]ANNARY End of Phileas = S Tanna (Indian police-station) + Ry (railway)
13 It's impossible - seen from either viewpoint (6, two words)
NOT ON[O] palindrome
14 Feel dismay about International Director's register (6)
[I]DREAD ID (International Director) + read =register
15 Conspicuous leitmotif appearing back in and around pub (10)
EMIN[H]E[H]N[M]T Theme (reversed) interlaced with INN
18 Not having the tongue, goal must be translated near southern continent (11)
A[T]GL[T]OS[A]SIA anag. goal + S + Asia
21 Chain to supply food around noon at club? (13)
C[A]ATEN[R]ATI[R]ON cater round N (noon) at iron (golf club)
23 Forever moving among prisoners to beat time (11)
INCONS[O]TANT in=among cons=prisoners tan=beat + T (time)
28 Fitter returns with tirade about depth - it'll slow reactions (10)
RET[P]ARDANT reversed APTER rant around D (depth)
30 Old unit of weight with mixed earth mostly stone? (6)
ASTER[I]A as =old weight + anag eart(h)
31 What's at Mercury's feet? Back to front rope (6)
T[A]LARIA Lariat with first letter at front
32 It's the old joke about a sign from above (9)
THEO[M]ANTIC the O (old) antic=joke
33 Turn over mini leeks, strip outer layers, cover to keep moist (5, two words)
[H]EEL IN reverse of the centre of mini leeks
34 Joint member in a league formed by name (8)

1 Zero latitude in beginning to assess compensations (6)
[S]OLATIA O (zero) + lat + A (beginning to Assess)
2 Divert a group of noisy Hondurans (5)
SY[P]HON hidden
3 Russian's gild a bit of foot held by both hands (6)
ART[O]EL Artel is a Russian guild defined here by an alternative spelling.
A + TOE (bit of foot) in R & L (both right and left hands)
4 Get a load of pure old lush Texas gold in recession? (13)
LI[SOHTROP]STEN this clue to LISTEN with its extra letters confused Gregson. The definition is 'get a load of' and the word play gives net (pure) sot (lush or drunkard) and oil (texas gold) reversed, therefore LI[OTO]STEN
5 Plain playing by everyone is on the up (6)
LLA[I]NO ON=playing +ALL reversed
6 Sea creature beginning to surface with arms flailing around it (9)
SAND[M]STAR S + and + anag. ARMS round T (it)
7 Palm is rarely lifted to the front - no end of shirt showing (7)
ELAEIS[R] Elate (rare form of elated) minus T (end of shirt) before is
8 Acting a part possibly, Passepartout's first to leave mountain (5)
A[R]ARAT Acting=A + anag. apart minus P (first letter of Passepartout)
11 Fish quietly in Sultanate, below entrance to port (6)
POMPAN[O] P (entrance to port) + P (quiet) in Oman
16 Aged parent even dropped in hot gift (9)
[H]GENERANT H (hot) GRANT (gift) containing e'en (even)
17 Very small for the most part, paltry (4)
T[A]IN Tin is paltry almost spells tiny.
19 Time and again before old hill (4)
[T]TOR 2 abbreviations for time + OR=before (archaic)
20 Render ciao in Greek? (6)
IO[A]NIC anag. ciao in
22 Pleasingly cover small van in spattered clay (7)
[A]CUTELY ute (van in Australia) in anag. clay
24 Fall to tawny ape with Satan's head first (6, two words)
STAND [T]O To stand to means to fall to. S (Satan's head) + Tan (tawny) + DO (ape in the sense of imitate)
25 In Scotland too sandwiches can conserve with slice of bread (6)
TA[R]TINE tae (Scots for too) round tin=can
26 A run in old affliction of seals (6)
[O]TARINE A R (run) in Tine (affliction, Spenser)
27 Almost at which place someone's opening in ring
W[A]SHER wher(e) with S (another beginning letter) inside
29 Packing up is like an old fool (5)
DAWIS[H] Wad (packing) rev. IS dawish =like a simpleton (archaic)