3924 On Air by Charybdis

This was a clever puzzle from a ingenious compiler, who managed to get several elements of the theme into the grid. The theme was "the dawn Chorus" linked to Robert Browning's poem Home Thoughts from Abroad. Letters clashing in cells spelt: 'he sings each song twice over' and 'first fine careless rapture' Only the first of these phrases had to be entered thus revealing BLACKBIRD and DOVE. The wise thrush had to be anagrammed to give WE STIR THE HUSH, obviously entered twice in the grid. As a final touch solvers had to find PURE ART, an anagram of rapture, and draw a curve enclosing the letters SUNRISE. Phew!

1 Adult caught in infernal bustling of a district of old Rome (9)
FALERNIAN anag. Infernal + a (adult)
9 Yes indeed German's missing second half to lecture (3)
JAW half of ja wohl which means yes indeed in German
13 Last parts of hanky in top part of field (5)
CHIEF end of handkerchief. Field in clues can often refer to heraldry as it does here.
14 Craft-conscious ladies taking on the French arts (5)
WILES WI=Women's Institute + les (the in French)
15 It's most chilly and damp after the Egyptian sun's dropped -- here? (4)
WEST rawest (see Chambers) minus RA the Egyptian god
16 Cane's taken round by men-at-arms (5)
RATAN Hidden reversed
17 Insect advance in a column (4)
ANTA ant + a
19 Bill's a child (4)
CHIT 2 meanings
20 Uncovered banditry working to make a quick incursion (6)
INDART anag of anditr (banditry without ends)
24 I may be seen on head (4)
TOPI top + I (&lit)
26 Company overcharge includes incomplete promise on return for admissions (9)
COGNOVITS co (company) + STING (rev) over VO(w)
28 Unpleasant job advanced a nervous condition (6)
CHOREA chore + a
31 A tree or bush monkey that's vanished in the interior (4)
RHUS. rh(es)us
32 Strip that's almost green (5)
UNRIP nearly unripe
34 Georgia and Edmund went for Gretna Green (4)
GAED GA (Georgia) + Ed Gretna Green is a town in Scotland.
35 Leaders of English peasantry are in revolt - and smitten (6)
ÉPRISE first letters give EP + rise
37 Beaten up and with seconds to lose assist the secret police (5)
STASI anag assist minus s (seconds)
39 Vehicle parting's enough to make you complain (4)
CARP car + P (parking)
40 A writer lacking power to stir up (5)
ROUST (P)roust
41 University's earnest, taking out IOU for employers (5)
USERS U(university) + ser(iou)s
42 Popular party members - help us form next Government (7)
GUELPHS anag help us + G (government)

1 Bent is about seven days in flower (7)
HAWKBIT Habit (bent ) around wk (abbr. week)!
2 A being of space (5)
AREAL a + real =existing, being
3 About a third of a mile to old place of architectural interest (6)
LISTED All good solvers remember that a Li is about a third of a mile.
Li + sted (place, archaic)
4 I see spasm of an epileptic fit (5)
ICTIC I + C (see) + tic
5 What gold brick does is initially heighten risk for being shot (6)
SHIRKS 's (is) + H(eighteen) + anag. Risk
6 To make covers smart son collects bits of eiderdown and throws (8)
SETTINGS Sting (smart) ET (initials of eiderdowns and throws) + s(on)
7 This chief officer with OED might turn out to be go-ahead (4)
AGHA compound anagram of go-ahead minus the letters OED8 A suit twixt diamonds and spades for north (6)
TWEEDS tween (twixt) + D (diamonds) and S (spades) replacing the N
10 Vegetable of some value (3)
ALU Hidden The veg they use in Sag Aloo!
11 He regularly deals with a shocking practice (4)
WEST ref. Bridge player W (with) + E.S.T electric shock treatment
12 Some percussion equipment has hit beat (6)
HI-HATS anag. has hit
18 Indian court official cut short a politician of extreme views (4)
NAZI nazir (cut short)
19 Beware when trapping first person in a cage (5)
CAVIE cave (Latin beware) with I
21 "Where can apron be found?", one who'll succeed exhaled audibly (7)
AIR-SIDE ref airport apron. Sounds like HEIR SIGHED
22 It might be made with last drop of hot running water (3)
TEA (ho)T + ea (running water) &lit?
23 Fish girl, say? (5)
ALLIS homophone of Alice
25 Do they err badly in spilling soup? (7)
POURERS anag. err + soup and another attempt at an & lit clue.
27 Cruel people took exam about the underworld and then succeeded (7)
SADISTS sat (took an exam) around Dis + S abbr. succeeded
28 For instance, the minotaur caught Greek character in middle of labyrinth - finally eaten (6)
CRETAN The minotaur lived in Crete. C (caught) + eta (Greek letter) in R (middle of labyrinth) and N (end of EATEN)
29 Cavalryman turned up chance to be in escort (6)
SPAHEE hap rev. in see (escort, see Chambers)
30 Birch spoilt rural paradise from the outset
LARRUP anag. Rural + P (outset of paradise!)
33 Triton no longer catching wife in fishing gear (5)
NEWT Triron is a disused generic name for newts. W (wife) in NET
36 Letter for Israel initially delivered in envelope prepared for return (4)
SADE Hebrew letter, D (elivered) in SAE, stamped addressed envelope.
37 In a close embrace? Arms coming around (4)
SNUG guns reversed
38 Court litigation's beginning -- this is hairy
WOOL woo + L