3922 An Amusing State? by Dimitry

This puzzle was certainly up to the high standards that we expect from Dimitry. Solvers were faced with a Carte Blanche grid and it was soon evident that the normal rules of symmetry were to be abandoned. The completed grid had letters projecting from the main body. These letters spelt SHARAWAGGI WHICH Chambers defines as "(in design, architecture, etc) the use of irregularity, discordance or incongruity for deliberate, artful, contrastive effect." This explains the unconventional grid layout. The title could be interpreted as A WAGGISH AR (Arkansas) - the same letters read from a different point!

Soprano's bottom lip (4)
SASS S + ass
Capulet destroyed by a foil's tip in midst of battle (6)
TYBALT anag. by a L (tip of foil) in TT (middle of battle)
Bold type against Canadian province wanting to secede? (7)
ANTIQUE anti + Que (Quebec - the province wishing to secede from Canada)
Unfertilised ovum needing male to become ordinary zygote (7)
OOSPORE oosphere (unfertilized ovum) he changing to O (ordinary)
Mum coming to pasture a number of animals (5)
LEASH lea (pasture) + SH (Quiet! = mum)
Something about a finger torn right off (9, two words)
TROTH RING anag. torn right
Asbestos one worker discovered in a museum (8)
AMIANTUS 1 ant in a Mus.
Iris's class cut short journey to Andorra valley (9)
TRIANDRIA Tri(p) and (Andorra) +ria (valley)
Argue in bar about forfeit to local (10)
RUEBARGAIN anag. argue in bar
Peer carries weight suitable for being put up for election (9)
NOMINABLE mina (weight) in noble
One may find such a mechanism in missile going astray cuts out at red (12)
AUTODESTRUCT anag. cuts out at red
Secretive about soul remaining unchanged (6)
SAMELY âme in sly (secretive)
Timber support they left in cutting (9)
ASHLARING a (they) + L in sharing
Good man and woman don't draw on cards (8, two words)
STAND PAT St. (good man) + and + Pat
Not prepared to go after cocaine crop (4)
CRAW C (Cocaine) + raw
He's flying in to do some ravishing fashion again (7)
RESHAPE ang he's in RAPE
Old coins have top of head reversed (6)
VELLON 've + noll (rev.)
Around noon, gunners contended with deep trenches (7)
RAVINED RA (Royal Artillery=gunners) + N in vied
One has problem about water-parsnips (4)
SIUM I in sum
Eastern Moringa is used by the heartless cabinetmaker (8)
EBENISTE E + ben³ (trees of the Moringa genus) + is + t(h)e
Drink served in Seychelles with soft crushed ice (6)
SLUSHY lush in Sy

Inexpert whaler is falling in sea, perhaps (7)
WAISTER is in Water
Sailors point north, time and latitude unknown, as if avoiding schooners? (11)
ABSTINENTLY Abs + tine + N + T + L +Y (unknown) Here schooners refers to glasses of beer.
Horribly strangled Danish speech taught in schools (15, two words)
STANDARD ENGLISH anag. strangled Danish
What may be bighead's enduring quality (15)
SUBSTANTIALNESS substantial (big) + ness (head) !
I teeter with road turning to run downhill (11)
DETERIORATE anag. I teeter + road
Politician offering alternatives for a limit on Treasury (4)
TORY Is the limit of the word Treasury T or Y?
Plant-lice concealed in a posy, regularly (6)
APHIDS hid in a PoSy (regularly can mean only the odd or even letters)
Noble line has ancient beginning (4)
LORD L (line) + ord (beginning (obs.))
Girl in test of grammar, rhetoric and logic (7)
TRIVIAL Vi (Violet) in Trial. triv'ium n in medieval schools, the group of liberal arts first studied, comprising grammar, rhetoric and logic
You'll find a fruit and new potato sandwich very nourishing (12)
ALIMENTATIVE a lime + N + V (very) in Tatie
Raised weir limits a tide (4)
NEAP a inside pen² (rev)
Politically committed English generation (6)
ENGAGE engagé - Eng. + age
Note us embracing game six-footer? (6)
MIURUS Mi (the note) + RU in us
Crazy Scots keep on as before with belief in good and evil (10)
MANICHAEAN manic (crazy) + hae (Scots have) + an³ (obs. on)
Be involved in out-and-out straying (8)
ABERRANT be in arrant
Nomadic language to be still mostly encountered around Arabian sultanate (7)
ROMANES res(t) around Oman
Soak through sieve without pressure (4)
SYPE P (pressure) in sye
Board game father's pronounced popular but inferior (7)
PACHISI Pa + sounds like cheesy!
United? No, one wants Wednesday (5)
UNWED Un (one) + Wed. The definition is really Not United.
Conveyance some lawyer rushes to get sent over (6)
SURREY Hidden reversed
National carrier's United, not American this month? (4)
ELUL El Al (Israeli airline) change A to U