Writer by Ark

2007 continues in fine form with this excellent puzzle by Ark, displaying his usual top quality grid construction and clueing. Gregson wonders whether there is a plot afoot amongst the Listener setters to work through the entire alphabet with this kind of device after O, t and e last year and now E.

The correct letters for misprints in clues spell out DAUGHTER OF FORTUNE, the title of a novel by the author Isabel Allende. This name describes the clue answers, i.e. all end E, but none of the grid entries, which are all made by leaving out the final E. Each of the clues without a misprint contains a single word which ends in the letter E. The initial letters of these words spell out BLACK OUT WRITERS FULL NAME. The name ISABEL ALLENDE appears in the centre of the grid in the shape of an uppercase E, which solvers should black out to produce the appropriate finale.

The following clue explanations show corrections for misprints in square brackets.

1 With lips trembling start to kiss in base prank (6)
PLISKIE (anag of LIPS + K (first letter of kiss) + I (in) + E (logarithmic base))
6 In old ballad youth hopelessly in love initially with daughter in church (5)
CHILDE (CE (church) round HIL (first letters of hopelessly in love) + D (daughter))
11 A thousand alight at port in Argyllshire peninsula (6)
KINTYRE (K (thousand) + IN (alight) + TYRE (port))
12 L[D]awns are ruined without sun - ours are (6)
AURORAE (A (are) + anag of OURS ARE minus S (sun))
13 Jewish leader's post not held by insignificant person at centre finally (8)
RABBINATE (RABBIT (insignificant person) round NA (not) + E (last letter of centre))
14 Do[a]wn south one gets angry response (6)
SUNRISE (S (south) + UN (one) + RISE (angry response))
15 Exhaust people around one de[u]ll in Strathclyde (4)
DOWIE (DO (exhaust) + WE (people) round I (one))
16 Half step back following tricky passad[g]e (4)
SLYPE (SLY (tricky) + EP (half of step) rev)
17 Jill makes comeback and Kate loses lead after they join together (7)
ALLIGATE (A (they) + GILL (Jill) rev + KATE minus first letter)
19 Maybe rase[h] club around University Lane (6)
MACULAE (MACE (club) round U (University) + LA (Lane))
25 System of writing music found in British Library, not one in press (6)
BRAILLE (BL (British Library) round RAI (music) + LIE (press) minus I (one))
27 Porn[t] in Flemish Odeon set to change (7)
29 Tuba[e] out of place for audience (4)
STRAE (homophone of STRAY (out of place))
31 Sad, unable to hold special stock (4)
TRITE (TRISTE (sad) minus S (special))
32 Bouquet to hang down in the central part (6)
CORSAGE (CORE (central part) round SAG (hang down))
34 This layer damaged co[r]op, for example (8)
35 Counter objection to six and eight, we hear (6)
OBVIATE (OB (objection) + VI (six) + ATE (homophone of eight))
36 A rule embraced by good French noblewoman (6)
BARONNE (BONNE (good in French) round A + R (rule))
37 Landed and let out ne[o]t so large (5)
LITTLE (LIT (landed) + anag of LET)
38 Thrilled terriers return to isle that's no good for sun (6)
ATINGLE (TA (terriers - Territorial Army) rev + ISLE with S (sun) replaced by NG (no good))

2 Lear[f]'s part to depend on Tree (5)
LIGULE (LIG (depend, cf lie) + ULE (tree))
3 Folly to take it out on cabinet, whatever happens (8, three words)
IN ANY CASE (INANITY (folly) minus IT + CASE (cabinet))
4 B[F]und sacrifice weak in battle (4)
STORE (STOWRE (battle, cf STOUR) minus W (weak))
5 "King set up railway", "independent Earl to embrace railway": lines ending identically (7)
KYRIELLE (K (King) + RY (railway) rev + I independent) + E (Earl) round ELL (railway))
6 Spanish soprani[o] about to join most of troupe (6)
CABALLE (CA (about) + BALLET (troupe) minus last letter)
7 Proposer of a constant razzle-dazzle - not half (5)
HUBBLE (half of HUBBLE-BUBBLE (razzle-dazzle))
8 Tip with grey metal side vandalised following a local short prank (6)
IRIDISE (I (a) + RIG (prank) minus last letter + anag of SIDE)
9 Frame clever description of models, perhaps (7)
DRAWABLE (DRAW (frame) + ABLE (clever))
10 Bin[r]ds traitor in tape after Prince's departure (6)
RATITAE (RAT (traitor) + I (in) + TAPE minus P (Prince))
11 Collide with US state plane[t] (5)
KISSME (KISS (collide with) + ME (US state))
18 Rock movement turned upside down by tension in past (8)
GRITSTONE (GONE (past) round STIR (movement) rev + T (tension))
20 Lovable minstrel turns up carrying nothing during festival (7)
ADORABLE (ALE (festival) round BARD (minstrel) rev round O (nothing))
21 Split o[u]p into small sections before turning over near the close (7)
AREOLATE (A (before) + OER (over) rev + LATE (near the close))
22 Observation post erected to last in limestone pit (6)
POTHOLE (OP (observation post) rev + THOLE (last))
23 Work[n] down a tenor string on lyre (6)
ATTRITE (A + T (tenor) + TRITE (string on lyre))
24 What cat may do about a bit of nice twisted yarn (6)
KNITTLE (KITTLE (what cat may do) round N (first letter of nice))
26 French article about Australian champion down under water (5)
LAGUNE (LE (French article) round A (Australian) + GUN (champion down under))
28 Measure dish resembling a sword (5)
ENSATE (EN (measure) + SATE (dish))
30 Party in which one is found sa[e]t in rows, once (5)
RAUNGE (RAGE (party) round UN (one))
33 Community abandons example that is too bright (4)
RORIE (MIRROR (example) minus MIR (community))