Another Chance to See… by Duck

Duck offers us a lovely homage puzzle this week, giving us another chance to see the puzzle which started everything. Gregson certainly found this puzzle quite hard to break into and make steady progress because of all the misprints and extra words. Some of the type B clues remained difficult to solve even with all the checking (or mischecking) letters in place.

The extra letters indicated by wordplay in type C clues spell out WYNNES CROSSWORD. This is a reference to Arthur Wynne, who devised what is commonly regarded as the first modern crossword, published by the New York World in 1913. Wynne's crossword may be found embedded in Duck's grid, a diamond shape formed by the mid-points of the four sides of the grid with a smaller diamond cut out of the middle.

It has to be said though that the puzzle might be rather unfair on solvers without access to a copy of Don Manley's Crossword Manual or internet access to Ross Beresford's website. Tracking down and verifying Wynne's puzzle would be pretty tricky without these unreferenced aids. As the Listener has this year featured two of the puzzles from chapter 1 of the Crossword Manual, Don's book is obviously required reading now (as of course it should be anyway!) and Gregson was glad to have it on the bookshelf.

In the following explanations, answers to type A and B clues are followed by the corresponding grid entry; extra words in type B clues and extra letters indicated by wordplay in type C clues are shown in square brackets.

1 Equipment left for mate to collect (7)
CLOBBER / CLOBBAR (COBBER (mate) round L (left))
6 What may show satirist's original craft? (6)
SKETCH / EKETCH (S (first letter of satirist) + KETCH (craft))
12 Awful failures I rejected, saying no (7)
17 Mac's comfortable coat? He favoured that (4)
TOSH / TOSD (MACINTOSH (coat) = MAC (he) + IN (favoured) + TOSH (that)) Gregson found this back-to-front construction tricky to unravel
22 Soak a dish (5)
RAITA / RAILA (RAIT (soak) + A)
27 Broken piece has to be mended by road (5)
SHARD / AHARD (anag of HAS + RD (road))
32 Body of soldiers chucking piece of brick in act of reprisal (6)
TALION / TNLION (BATTALION (body of soldiers) minus BAT (piece of brick))
37 Soldiers eating snack by the way (6)
OBITER / OBITEV (OR (soldiers) round BITE (snack))
39 Spots a female bird when given a look around inside (7)
AREOLAE / ADEOLAE (A + REE (female bird) round A + LO (look) rev)
43 End year getting sloshed in dignitary's office (7)
2 Nothing left that's old in foreign city (6)
OPORTO / OPORMO (O (nothing) + PORT (left) + O (old))
3 Jock's joke socially acceptable in pub (4)
BAUR / BRUR (BAR (pub) round U (socially acceptable))
5 Shell's car in front of this, going at speed (5)
16 My lady once having supernatural power to enthral fellow (7)
MADONNA / MADOHNA (MANA (supernatural power) round DON (fellow))
18 Conqueror maybe leaves home (7)
SALADIN / SALADEN (SALAD (leaves) + IN (home))
25 Person looking untidy, base central European (7)
SLOVENE / SDOVENE (SLOVEN (person looking untidy) + E (base))
29 Blast - one of the answers is missing in sacred text! (6)
TANTRA / TANERA (TANTARA (blast) minus one A (answer))
34 Furtive move perhaps from saint not inclined to act
SIDLE / SIDEE (S (saint) + IDLE (not inclined to act))

19 [Subterranean] passages allowing this person to enter cells (7)
GAMETES / GAMEREN (GATES (passages) round ME (this person))
20 [Less] punctilious by reason of pain (6)
FORMAL / FARMAS (FOR (by reason of) + MAL (pain))
21 Thrusting performance with wife becoming very [impressive] (7)
SHOVING / SDOVENG (SHOWING (performance) with V (very) replacing W (wife))
24 Elizabeth, keeping quiet with material to peruse, [rips] covers (9)
BESPREADS / RESPREADR (BESS (Elizabeth) round P (quiet) + READ (material to peruse))
28 English tea is put out - son admitted most like [delicious pie]? (7)
EASIEST / EATIEDT (E (English) + anag of TEA IS round S (son))
33 Drunk angered [sober] bigwig (7)
4 Queen could spoil this [idle] old wretch ending in palace (6)
MISERE / BESERE (MISER (wretch) + E (last letter of palace)) Definition refers to a hand of cards
6 Having turned up, felt it necessary to conceal [first] name (7)
ENTITLE / ENEIFLE (hidden rev)
7 China invested in earthly desire in [regional] capital (7)
KAMPALA / KASPARA (KAMA (earthly desire) round PAL (china))
8 I could have sworn an experienced person mentioned [inexperience] (7)
TROOPER / TROOMIR (homophone of TROUPER (experienced person))
14 Vegetables without good water channels [alas] (9)
SENGREENS / LENGREENA (SEN (without) + G (good) + REENS (water channels)) Presumably vegetable only in the sense of an organism belonging to
the plant kingdom
26 Always going after maiden in fur [attire] (7)
MINEVER / PINEVAR (M (maiden) + IN + EVER (always))
30 Drunken [Eric] once imbibing barrel as a single entity (6, two words)
EN BLOC / EDBLOE (anag of ONCE round BL (barrel))

11 Hollow rule with little power (3)
LA[W]P (LAW (rule) + P (power))
13 A person in Buckingham Palace perhaps not working in that early-morning action?
ARO[Y]USAL (A + ROYAL (person in BP) round US (not working))
15 Legal ploy? Big company needs group of barristers in London (6)
ESSOIN[N] (ESSO (big company) + INN (group of barristers))
35 Once reckoning amount of ancient money would fall short (4)
TALE[N] (TALENT (ancient money) minus last letter)
40 Catches among fielders nearer - slips? (7)
SN[E]ARERS (hidden)
41 Money idiots returned - pound lost (3)
[S]OOF (FOOLS (idiots) rev minus L (pound))
42 Two doctors attending Queen show signs of age (6)
DO[C]DDER (DOC (doctor) + DD (doctor) + ER (queen))
1 Ode with such complex tones produces unusual cradle-song (6)
9 Female gypsy singers castle shunned (3)
CH[O]I (CHOIR (singers) minus R (castle))
10 Tool the reverse of clean with gritty bits in (7)
H[S]ANDSAW (WASH (clean) rev round SAND (gritty bits))
23 Admits to being squiffy, being potentially unhinged (7)
24 Everyone coming in terribly weird recovered (7)
RALLIED[W] (anag of WEIRD round ALL (everyone))
31 Type of disciple ultimately to become Laodicean?
TEPEFY[O] (anag of TYPE OF + E (last letter of disciple))
36 Disgusting old mementos (4)
G[R]OSS (double def)
38 Offer to cover Duck's life story (3)
BIO[D] (BID (offer) round O (duck))