In This Year by Loda

An excellent puzzle from Loda this week and one which Gregson found quite hard to break into given the jumbled across entries. The quotation was completely unknown to Gregson as well so there was no shortcut to discovering the theme, which only emerged very late on. Oddly the quotation is not in the third or fifth editions of ODQ, which Gregson owns, but only in the fourth, which Gregson does not! Google was not a great help either, since there seem to be as many different versions of the quotation as there are websites giving it.

The extra letters in down clues spell out JAMES LAVER TASTE AND FASHION. This is a pointer to a quotation from the book Taste and Fashion by James Laver -

"The same costume will be indecent 10 years before its time, shameless 5 years before its time, outré 1 year before its time, smart in its time, dowdy 1 year after its time, hideous 10 years after its time, ridiculous 20 years after its time, amusing 30 years after its time, quaint 50 years after its time, charming 70 years after its time, romantic 100 years after its time and beautiful 150 years after its time."

These descriptions are to be found appearing in the correct sequence, one in each row of the grid.

The extra letters in the across clues spell out TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY SIX. That year being twenty years after the date of the puzzle, the word RIDICULOUS was to be highlighted in the centre of the grid.

In the following explanations the extra letters in clues are shown in [square brackets].

1 Like a vas[t] container brewing tea (6)
TUBATE (TUB (container) + anag of TEA)
5 Ground almost full, [w]ide edge of pitch is in the far part of playing area (7)
UPFIELD (anag of FULL minus last letter + IDE + P (first letter of pitch))
11 Further concert's switched to St Ge[o]rge's Centre (7)
PROMOTE (PROM (concert) + TO rev + E (middle letter of St Gerge))
13 Protein containing nothing for war[t]? (6)
ACTION (ACTIN (protein) round O (nothing))
14 Bob follows forced marc[h] as seen from comfort of home (8)
ARMCHAIR (anag of MARC + HAIR (bob))
15 Ho[o]vered, removing last trace of bloodstain with seven skirts (4)
HUGS (HUNG (hovered) minus N (last letter of bloodstain) + S (seven))
16 Against which French person might obtain one in Sa[u]le (7)
ANTIQUE (ANTI (against) + QUE (which in French))
18 Odd[s] for Ian to infiltrate cell's extremists? - it might be O.K. (6)
CORRAL (CL (first and last letters of cell) round ORRA (odd in Scottish))
19 Somehow g[a]in seat in Boston - express hesitation before taking up (8)
ASSUMING (ASS (seat in Boston USA) + UM (express hesitation) + anag of GIN)
22 Country's eastern ra[n]ge (4)
EIRE (E (eastern) + IRE (rage))
24 Easily understood apart from last in puzzle (I'd clue[d] wrongly) (5)
LUCID (anag of ID CLUE minus E (last letter of puzzle))
26 [A] clean chapter's left, turned (4)
SOUR (SCOUR (clean) minus C (chapter))
27 Pri[n]t out hospital's single sign (8)
TRIPHONE (anag of PRIT + H (hospital) + ONE (single))
28 Put out as lower sail plunge[d] into water (5)
DOUSE (triple def)
30 Finally wallpapered, ye[t] club is a source of colour (7)
DYEWOOD (D (last letter of wallpapered) + YE + WOOD (club))
31 Pleased to receive final letter [w]e put glasses on (6)
GLAZED (GLAD (pleased) round Z (final letter) + E)
37 Master deciphered run[e] (6)
38 The soup I prepared with cor[n], not so nutritious (9)
EUTROPHIC (anag of THE SOUP I + CORN minus SO)
39 Per[t], attractive girl - but not quiet (4)
EACH (PEACH (attractive girl) minus P (quiet))
40 Pounds down - man[y] in total (6)
MASHES (MASS (total) round HE (man))
41 Mac's crafty, prints just the first and last [s]naps (6)
SLEEPS (SLEE (crafty in Scottish) + PS (first and last letters of prints))
42 Dressed neatly, fly after D[i] into office (6)
DINKED (D + IN (into office) + KED (fly))
43 Detected by hooter, crazing e[x]tends round front of car (7)
SCENTED (anag of ETENDS round C (first letter of car))

1 Force question about ben[j] and ecstasy? On the contrary (6)
TORQUE (TOR (ben) + E (ecstasy) round QU (question))
2 Lovers head for [a] bridge over waters of Paris (5)
BEAUX (B (first letter of bridge) + EAUX (waters in French))
3 [M]aster perhaps might bear one when accepting letter (5)
APHIS (AS (when) round PHI (letter))
4 End of suit[e]'s a bit wrong (4)
TORT (T (last letter of suit) + ORT (a bit))
6 Sods' des[s]erts (5)
FAILS (double def)
7 One Latin knight enters, il[l] - remove fasteners (6)
UNNAIL (UNA (one in Latin) round N (knight) + IL)
8 Eg, l[a]p dancing, primarily, is a bit of conceitedness (4)
DISC (D (first letter of disc) + IS + C (first letter of conceitedness))
9 Spa[v]in's caught by poor horse - take out Repercussions (6)
ECHOES (E (Spain) + C (caught) + anag of HORSE minus R (take))
10 Once they spread out two leaders of rebels ros[e] up violently (7)
POURERS (anag of RE (first two letters of rebels) + ROS UP)
12 Nar[r]ate Spellbound leaving out the heartless prince (4)
RANA (anag of NARATE minus TE (the heartless))
17 "Bolt" some [t]old (5)
ARROW (double def)
20 K[a]id? Mac's right (5)
MINOR (MINO (mac) + R (right))
21 Fellow[s] up for Carol? (4)
NOEL (LEON (fellow) rev)
23 E[t]on pluralized record of church section (6)
EPOCHS (EP (record) + O (of) + CH (church) + S (section))
24 Raise a long beam before going for win[e] (3)
DRY (YARD (long beam) minus A (before))
25 Poll the v[a]rec gathered for cheese (6)
CHEVRE (anag of THE minus first letter + VREC)
27 Drawn out and wan[n]ed (once decapitated) (6)
EDUCED (REDUCED (waned) minus first letter)
28 Make mo[d]ist angry inverting large feather (6)
DAMPEN (MAD (angry) rev + PEN (large feather))
29 Part of collar trails [f]or holding greyhound's head, a testy bitch (6)
OGRESS (OR round G (first letter of greyhound) + ESS (part of collar))
32 Stop in this p[a]lace? In keep at Élysée's back (5)
ETAPE (hidden rev)
33 Symbolist[s] ignoring field of medicine for a number of years (5)
DECAD (DECADENT (symbolist) minus ENT (field of medicine))
34 Female's out to finis[h] off legal qualification (4)
NISI (anag of FINIS minus F (female))
35 In Glasgow loved one's hour [i]n the loo! (4)
JOHN (JO (loved one) + H (hour) + N)
36 Where a cell[o] may be seen quarterly after date (4)
QUAD (QU (quarterly) + AD (after date))
37 At first some [n]early life-changing experiences lead to happiness (4)
SELE (first letters of some early life-changing experience)