Food Chain by Chalicea

To avert a calamity 38 (unclued) for a young 28 (unclued) which is evoked by a series of entries, solvers must, where necessary, complete and provide an item for him (in various shapes and sizes) in the grid.

    1    Savvy on Sunset Boulevard, for example, begins circling dicky meters (12, 2 words)
    9    Going out with touch of resentment in college pleasure trip (8)
    10    Judge universal essentially contracted laws (4)
    11    Drug one queen after another (8, 2 words)
    13    Phosphorus initially ignites Scots grandchild's damp squib in Lanark (4)
    15    Shakespeare's misguided king besetting earl for Falkirk's storyteller (5)
    16    Legal conveyance's lawsuit almost completely rejected (3)
    17    Old following young again as before (5, 2 words)
    19    Curtains hated when shabby (5)
    21    Insect lava die when treated badly (7)
    24    Enjoyable period on line? Quite the contrary, a sad event (7)
    25    See plot having broad divisions (5)
    27    Labours slowly to produce effects mostly on manuscript (5)
    29    Victim losing money in chest? (3)
    30    By moving quickly avoids zero scores (5)
    33    Child repelled by hospital food (4)
    35    Form of protein's curious exclusion not unknown (8)
    36    Drink hard from overturned coffee-pot (4)
    37    Most elegant endless ceremony I pursue gripped by enthusiasm (8)
    2    No hard ball served up, keep going! (5, 2 words)
    3    Mass not evident in such as aluminium as well as others (4, 2 words)
    4    Lateral section of flower: ends of stamen, old thorn and end of style (4)
    5    Indian prince on the rebound, out of harmony long ago (4)
    6    Regularly arguing over son is common to family (4)
    7    Deal with unfinished negotiation (5)
    8    The class sorted out school bags (8)
    12    Falsely grief-stricken (with no sneaky snicker) pass on unwanted present (6)
    14    Group of students of similar ages, indeed confreres at heart (4)
    17    Too vocal about having specialised diet (8)
    18    Frustrations of mass about amateur society (6)
    19    Assume no-one originally supports party (3)
    20    Elevated Royal Irish Academy display (3)
    22    Rejected evil smear (3)
    23    Not in the past working at no 10 (4)
    26    Academy abandons spoken examination concerning fabric (5)
    30    Proper line in single combat (4)
    31    Local fuss about fuel (4)
    32    Sticky, mizzly off and on after sun (4)
    34    Tolerably upset over appeal for help (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format including the  unclued entries to before 8th September 2019. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.