Flowers by Flowerman

In eight across clues there is a superfluous letter generated by the wordplay. These letters need to be arranged to form two words. One word is a synonym of two answers that are the same length as this word. The second word, composed from the remaining letters, is a synonym of the unclued 26.

The names of two major features of an Australian 26 can be located in the grid (13 contiguous cells in total). Using these cells as well as six additional cells as a guide, the two features are to be pictorially represented (in a much simplified manner). The six additional cells are contiguous with the other 13, and their letters spell out an alliterative description of one of the features.
    3    Band’s ostentation out of place (4)
    5    Endless revision spoiled piano pieces? (7)
    10    Hospital getting behind deputy showing insight (5)
    11    Importing this dye will make master capital (4)
    12    Afternoon tea reportedly swell at summit (4)
    13    Farewell dreary without Ed’s spirit (6)
    15    Counsel Dave about eradicating European sage (6)
    16    Odd name for Eastern plant (4)
    17    Great confusion in the Titanic ultimately (4)
    19    Extract forcibly making point about Britain (5)
    21    Passengers get on (4)
    22    Aware of 43 moving fast after the start (8)
    24    River draining eastern end of Highlands swamp (5)
    25    Hairdresser experimenting primarily with new cut (4)
    26    Unclued (5)
    27    Bureau’s dispensing with formality in dispatches (4)
    29    Square blocks of wood in Jock’s shelters (5)
    32    One at church gathering charging bishop for drink (8, 2 words)
    35    Cripple requiring new scrubbing brush? On the contrary (4)
    37    Go over recipe before a meal (5)
    39    Gulls ignoring Chinese grub (4)
    40    Reject stupidly erasing Morag’s identity (4)
    42    Sentimental look over year at university (6)
    43    Cardinal receiving brood at a specific location (6)
    44    Garment brought back by a ... (4)
    45    ... reluctant cleaner wanting cash up front (4)
    46    Gifted gentleman on vacation embracing resort (5)
    47    Fish approach outer reef suspiciously at first (7)
    48    In memo HQ backed SEALs (4)
    1    Ed's to look at way to house deserted wife (5)
    2    Bush threatened as eccentric shaking hands cracked (7, 2 words)
    3    16 rudely left present without coming in (10)
    4    Made fast introduction to inquire about female's glance (6)
    5    Those with firm views on the way society assimilates information (13)
    6    Former boxer struggling perhaps in English town (6)
    7    Teacher was wrong to get shot of embarrassed partygoer (5)
    8    Stains on sides but not the centre, strangely (6)
    9    Change recipes after queen goes berserk (6)
    11    Parcel of land devoid of vegetation after cropping (3)
    14    Oven cosily warm inside (4)
    18    Aspect of grammar textbook that's covering verbs initially (10)
    20    Composer disheartened by lesson (4)
    23    Couple hosting college ball attracting opposition (4)
    28    Diner after 39 extremely sick  (7)
    29    Earl invested in American woman’s kip (6)
    30    Draw roughly on fabric (6)
    31    Unaffected by depression when date's special (6)
    33    Little boy game to eat unknown coastal plant (6)
    34    Arnold’s issuing order in Mac’s inner rooms (4)
    36    University indifferent when accountant dumped stock (5)
    38    Out-of-date piano needs special hammers (5)
    41    Drama over in US state (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format clearly indicating the pictorial representation,, to before 8th November 2018. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.