Fish Boxes by Urchin

Clues are given in alphabetical order of their answers. Down clues must be jumbled before entry. Each box contains 2 fishes which are entered normally and are unclued. The bottom line of the boxes contains a quotation and its author.

Box 1
A number in time attached
Almost supple in the manner of trees
Pity a bird in a Scottish mountain
Native insect moving like a fish?
You might hear a debtor’s slip confession
Confusing me with tiny hostility
Posh girl takes heart of macadamia for Ethiopian primate
Bum round northern French city
Paste greeting in a police station
Box 2
The old seize space in front of church
Tyrant bore criminal charge
Hot gown with a hint of naughtiness
Seduced once -  no nude wandering
Sea-vampire losing top and bottom pipes
Acid bird gets in post, mainly
Soak, of former times, uttered again
Two cards, one lower and one higher
Sword guards returning sex appeal ruined
Box 3
Victors losing with hits on target
Turning red and smeared with oil
Sign with regular bits of stray folds
Beginning to recall messenger for former repatriation
Priest flourished before the end
Parisian rascal – a fool once taking in jade
Bully cleric to get heroin for queen
Comparatively senseless to give one bread to the Queen
Continued to be sober on the radio
Box 4
Doing sums is muddling after pound dropped
U-shaped piece of metal is beginning to crumple jeans
Plant supplying drug to drummer
Old dear before new year eats greedily
Returning cuddle round railway lines
I must go in hide for Hans to get his ballads
Saint in fruit festival
Free German plough
Brief function with sparkling vin rosé that’s lacking oxygen
Box 5
One opposed to Arabic latex that’s toxic
I was a model in substance
Writing, after a fashion, for internet devices
Preliminary surveys in game going west
Commander-in chief taking local swine in club
Gang member’s knife with Ozzie bum
Jokes after doctor talks on and on
One’s upset over Royal Society rebuffs
Philosophy lives in inverted trench
Box 6
Carriage losing its middle rope
Beetle that’s rarely more puffed up
Phone doctor with irritability
Left in at a stretch to provide borrowed cash
Child’s plaything created by web lab
Isolate complex selenium without a sign of hesitation
Beginning to feel profitable is pointless
New York’s drinking establishment a simpleton follows it
Has a tendency initially to resist fragments

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format including the  unclued entries to before 8th October 2019. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.