Festive by Centigram

In some clues, the wordplay ignores one letter, which should be highlighted in the diagram

1 A bird, to startle twitchers hides (7)
8 Judge and doctor on opposite sides of a doorpost (4)
12 A maggot's wings, limbs, pupa and imago finally developing? Not with this (11)
13 Duels regularly play to kill (7)
14 Fly high round Britain following international line on map (6)
16 Corruption is excessive in government (7)
18 With this disease, one loses consciousness and expires without help (8)
19 Like a bull compound (7)
21 Sordid gain is a temptation (5)
22 Garment of plant fibre barmaid wears intermittently (4)
24 A theatrical show always returns about the middle of January (5)
25 Susceptible to cold in places, going clockwise halfway round the compass? (4)
26 Pairs of ammonia derivatives make another one (5)
27 Part of RC mass happening by degrees (7)
31 Garden plot containing English cattle with beards (8)
34 Bird with pass replacing head of snowman (4,3)
36 Rodents, the reverse of excellent infesting sheds (6)
37 Electronegative particle back on line, so-called (7)
38 A kind of salt tramp found in abandoned retort (11)
39 Trial involving sheepdogs initially in festival (4)
40 Leg broken after small boat wobbles (7)


1 Wet fish, one having died previously (5)
2 A girl's handicap requiring prosthesis (6)
3 Kind of network game involving a lot of water (6)
4 Fat boy (4)
5 Reptile in alien craft carrying deadly weapons (5)
6 Reptile long ago mixed up with sailor (8)
7 Detective Inspector raised piglets in a porch (7)
9 Scope of doctor in a small island (5)
10 People who complain upset oarsmen (7)
11 Powdery frustules deceptively merge and blend, finish disappearing (8)
15 Epitomise a newly-wed holding ring finally (7)
17 Its god, with no love, includes wavy rumbling (7)
19 Cobbler's tool with ridiculous name: the cat (8)
20 An incompetent person having been abused, admitting mistake (8)
23 A politician's old rubber bottle (7)
24 English spud going up again say (7)
28 Something gents must have (some four in line) (6)
29 Charge with gas for every one is rising price (6)
30 They're in a recital to sing, also tenor if mixed (5)
32 A Filipino dish gets old boy in trouble (5)
33 Dodge backs endlessly getting goals for Celtic? (5)
35 Hazardous driving condition, regularly stodgy (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted letters, to quiz.man@ntlworld.com before the 8th January 2013. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of Armchair Crosswords by Afrit.

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