Farce by Yimin

Title of the Work: ____________________________________________

Although encouraged by kind comments to set another puzzle, Yimin’s hapless proof-reading persists.  Four clues are missing completely and 24 have a misprint in the definition.  Correct letters in clue order spell out an instruction which will lead to a quotation being found.  The title of the work from which the quotation is drawn must be written beneath the grid.  The quotation and the settings of the work should enable solvers to complete the fill.

4.  Pence belonging to child on loan with good for nothing miser (8)
10.  Doggie’s holding chewed innards of guinea-hen – gee! (6) 
11.  Lean German twice runs last leg of relay (6)
14.  Blokes expending money to arrange topless embrace (6)
15.  Former babe, empty-headed, comprehends with difficulty (7)
16.  Piece of Imari tableware’s porcelain (5)
17.  Periodically, rampant psychos trap animals (5)
20.  Boomeranging propeller screws cause, essentially, chaos for US marina (5)
22.  Mummy, once a year, entertains new athletic male (7)
23.  A French Chef de Gastronomie laid down Port of 22 (4)
25.  Hope to turn aside attack – ignore Queen and advance Rook (4)
26.  Torn shoe - renovate Cuban heel after trimming tips of nub end (7)
27.  Pour gin before Horse and Jockey closes (5)
28.  Taking drug, passion deserted spouse (5)
30.  Cuddles local senora, desperately wanting love (5)
33.  Panda car out blocking strike (7)
36.  Defaced golf clubs head offers for sale (6)
37.  Colourless compound, about 250 grams, excluding tritium’s 60 moles (6)


1.  Border, cutting South Australian, gains victory at my expense - sigh (5)
2.  Chase men fleeing from crashed Cortina (3,2)
3.  Ring about Academy’s woman of great rigour (7)
5.  People of empire enclose Central Caucasus before onset of snowstorms (5)
6.  Monty Python’s finale follows old chestnut as intro (4)
7.  Chinese province replacing name by mark relating to Mao (5)
8.  Fruit sounds frightful (4)
12. Towels hung out buffeted by fresh air (7)
13.  Alter the Tyne River – erect banks beside heart of south Newcastle, say (6)
18. French capital to the test; Revolutionary Marshal in retreat amid punishment (7)
19.  Starts to sing out answering yellowhammer’s cheep (4)
20.  Fundus is bottom of ileum, note (4)
22.  Master gunners rejected Albanian soldier (6)
24.  Chosen queen a character in Greek mythology (7)
28.  Git on passing whim adopts writing eccentricity (5)
29.  Piet’s slashed colour contains flecks of auburn and copper (5)
31.  Cake found occasionally in Carry On studios (4)
32.  East End arse cycling’s a varment (4)
33.  Chap who cooks after rigging short crack pipe, consumes last of cannabis (4)
34.  Thandie Newton, not American national princess, in that cast (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the title of the work  to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th October 2017. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.