Enough is Enough by Nudd

29 clues contain an extra word to be removed before entry. First and last letters of words removed from across clues indicate a speaker and his creator. First letters of down clue removals give a demand from the speaker suggesting how answers to nine normal clues must be amended before entry. In the completed grid, solvers must highlight four entries which fail to comply with the speaker's demand. Lengths given with clues refer to grid entry length. The Chambers Dictionary (2011) is the primary reference.

 1 Beat back apish neighbour with high tension (5)
 5 Undergo unmoving admission from infiltrator harbouring response from China (8)
 11 Early early start to golf round alongside 100 square metres of land (4)
 12 Sloth made hole in one and upset another sloth (6)
 13 Steal Earl's gown (4)
 14 Relatives oddly kiss people with unusual sexual tastes (5)
 16 Secret society's in contact with new Government undersheriff (4)
 17 Resin used for varnishing front parts of oil paintings in California saleroom (5)
 18 Expert abandoning large cattle in woods (5)
 19 Mount animal head without independent suspension, following special order (8)
 22 Edible gourds tapir left in Glasgow's rubbish tips (6)
 23 Halving weight, hooligan's beaten into shape (7)
 26 Expression of surprise encountered in centre of mud-flow (3)
 29 Hurdler perhaps, a Greek freeman, straddles line (7)
 30 Peak achievement for author - name unknown - retained by magazine with small change (6)
 32 Those directing course spread parting sermon on Sabbath (8)
 34 Flat topped hill's very nearly flatter (5)
 35 Bring forth bird in empty bed (5)
 38 Some deer in potato dish lacking note (4)
 40 Wanting date, socially inept person practices marriages (5)
 41 Lecture on food without book (4)
 42 Rile me perhaps with a higher concentration of certain trees (6)
 43 Small dead and useless tea plant (4)
 44 Inclinations for urban Elizabethans to give birth among heathers (8)
 45 Scandinavian coin completely hidden in cattle yard (5)
 1 Surfacing after opening time, real beer fans return (6)
 2 Has tournament polo replaced fairground games (7)
 3 Like a decorative strip act from wife with little flesh (7)
 4 Blacklegs regularly make keen cooks (5)
 5 European flag embraced by Blairism (4)
 6 Cheese master climbing antipodean tree trunk (4)
 7 Wearing smartest clothing, humourless upper class pompously declaim (3)
 8 International high-level language, Latin, is an object of admiration (4)
 9 Orkney measures language cycles without rule (5)
 10 Small raptors beginning to eat ornamental ear tags (7)
 11 Research Scottish aim to colonise Northumberland again (8)
 15 Piece of cutlery in this way raises indian tree (5)
 17 He takes care of neat apartment with that lady taken in by hoax (7)
 19 Subterranean component of opus latericum - or part of roof above it? (5)
 20 Losing silver, tippler put up ancient emerald for a few drinks (5)
 21 Protective young hood on vehicle confused United Arab Republic for Spain (8)
 24 Spendthrift once rejected stingy relative (7)
 25 More than one effusion fluid pours out in bishops' offices (5)
 27 A northern dolt's outing in European port (7)
 28 Injure umpire by violence, right in the middle of electricity failure (7)
 31 Tamper with medicine before old age pensioner returns (6)
 33 It's found in sperm maybe in Antarctic location after rise in pressure (5)
 34 Abject soul leading series is more reprehensible (5)
 35 Waiters briefly pour the tea in orators' place (4)
 36 Acquire agricultural plough before noon (4)
 37 Youthful fairies' old possessions (4)
 39 Chicken painter? (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted words, to derekharrison@yahoo.com before the 8th December 2014. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.