Emperors by Vernon

The numbers give the positions of the first letters of the answers, which are entered in rectangular form in the way indicated by the positions of the numbers within the squares. When the grid is filled highlight both a new entry with a university connection and also its creator.

All the answers, except the proper names and 12, which is in Collins, can be found in Chambers 2014, one of them as part of a phrase.

When the grid is filled highlight both a new entry with a university connection and also its creator. They are entered appropriately.

1    As a rule, queen precedes heavenly body (6)
2    Stay back and get together: maybe sharp fragment (8)
3    A little ditch (4)
4    Question interrupting swell is a bit naughty (6)
5    Brief hesitation for one who may have cramp (6)
6    With the latest systems, problem about Europe's just beginning (6, hyphenated)
7    Is art a fancy for headdresses? (6)
8    Poet and artist stuck in unruly riots (8)
9    Strangely, not very nervous – is this a mental problem? (8)
10    Recently-grown resin may be regarded thus (8, hyphenated)
11    In Rochester, not old English but American Byzantine Cathedral (8)
12    After the end of elevenses, refill jam (6, two words)
13    Do plan on losing time (4)
14    "Inner coils" dresses? (10)
15    Name who in France is in a pickle? Give up? (10)
16    Representation with rectangles as right half of mosaic fanciful (10)
17    Disciples read about in Conrad's Nostromo (4)
18    On the radio, empty image (4)
19    Standards contract is accommodating ... (6)
20    ... but French quarter accommodated soldiers (6)
21    Vast grotesque legs, with intricate lace hiding most of curvature (10, hyphenated)
22    Minus sign so easily lost initially, in retrospect (4)
23    Vigorous salute broadcast (4)
24    Sorted out tangle in rope (8)
25    Type of trap containing a net? (4)
26    Balm of this balsam fir is good, ideal possibly (6)
27    Seaman's beginning to be entertained by sailor king (4)
28    Second course produced with no recipe ─ stew? (6)
29    Maybe pines for Nice sun — possibly (8)
30    Demolishing the New York Secretariat, maybe (10)
31    Perhaps tune that could be produced by grammar school (4)
32    He “got” revolutionary English poet (6)
33    Journalist associated with Edison strangely biased (8, hyphenated)
34    Time frame problematic for mathematician (6)
35    Rope leading husband to improve, perhaps (6)
36    In comparison university is limited if lively (10)
37    Monkey masquerading as a primate (not a sai) (6)
38    Mistakes about defector are reversed (6)
39    Solitary success includes topless period ... (6)
40    ... or the end might lead to this (8)
41    Titbit cut in two ─ in this shop? (4)
42    In ascent or descent stage luvvies return (4)
43    Tenor looks round and fades away (6)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the highlighted words to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th February 2018. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.