Elbows by Nod

Grid entries start horizontally or vertically at their clue number and turn through a right angle at their midpoint.  Chambers 2011 is recommended.

1 Mighty birds meet on third of December (7)
2 Alternative arrangement of Chopin’s study (7)
2 Clock simplicities without hidden flowers (7)
3 Position taken when steamer is out of throttle (5)
4 Sets standard for army in points (7)
5 Long distances break down gas (7)
6 Spots a little money for cooking utensil in local pantries (7)
7 Place cross back in position (7)
8 Old stews and dishes with sweet fillings (5)
9 Hornblower’s call to punish Hindu goddess (7)
10 Odd bod entertaining current scientist (5)
11 Being rude overtaking us instead of parking (7)
12 To the French detailed persons of contempt of court (5)
13 Dances with handkerchiefs from sea gods (9)
14 Stupid changing first direction for measures (5)
15 Just last trio of balls required for game (7)
15 Shelves follower describes to the audience (7)
16 Again holds stomach almost ending with recurrent anxiety (9)
17 Personal belongings put back in strong grass (5)
18 Police lead undercover operation (5)
19 Natural lake region surrounds Naples regularly (7, two words)
20 Further money in cattle whitewash (9)
21 This armed soldier fighting might be a big tiger in French (9)
22 Peppers bugs left for first son (5)
23 Unwanted exotic green stone (5)
23 No Polish guy abused loving women (11)
24 Wild animal in decline is bowing down (9)
25 Leaders of three American Rhodes scholars insert bones (5)
26 Tree or threesome belonging to him? (7)
27 Lift endless fool – old good for nothing (5)
28 Once detects son after money is replaced by small volume in a way of escape (7)
29 Mobile lost in suspect morals of The Sun (5)
30 Hairs sprinkled about Spain (5)
31 Provide song and drama retrospectively (5, two words)
32 Absorb local river thrown back (5, two words)
33 Fix bell ringing sound softly (5)
34 Spoke hastily but in Latin boxing club (9)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or with the complete grid written out row by row, to quiz.man@ntlworld.com before the 8th March 2014. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.