Easter Competition Puzzle by Apex

INTRODUCTION - Having failed to completely solve the puzzle 'Light Shining out of Darkness' by William Cowper (with additional clues by DIMITRY) which appeared in the July 1984 issue of CROSSWORD, I awaited the solution with interest and the explanations and comments (September issue) filled me with sheer amazement. Consequently, on reaching for The Oxford Dictionary of quotations, I wasn't at all surprised to find that 6 38 (unclued) had concealed more than a dozen words in just four lines of verse. Having put these words into the perimeter and 29 Across of a diagram, I dedicate the puzzle to DIMITRY and offer it for the return match between Super and Average Solvers who are members of THE CROSSWORD CLUB.
14 MISPRINTS (M) clues have one letter misprinted in each definition, the correct forms of the misprinted letters give, in the correct order, the title of the puzzle.
ANSWERS TO 7 NORMAL 'PLAYFAIR' (P) clues are to appear in the diagram in code according to a key-word which has to be discovered, the key-word helps to form the sub-title of the puzzle.
ANSWERS TO 9 LETTERS LATENT (LL) clues have one letter omitted; definitions refer to the unmutilated answers; subsidiary indications (lengths indicated by numbers in brackets) refer to the mutilated forms entered in the diagram. The omitted letters, when arranged as one word, complete the sub-title.
14 PRINTER'S DEVILRY (PD) clues are passages from which the printer has removed a hidden answer, closing the gap, taking liberties perhaps with punctuation and spacing, but not disturbing the order of the remaining letters. Example; - 'One hears the Bach concert conducted by Bernstein (6)'; Answer: - ESTATE.
'One hears the best at each concert conducted by Bernstein'. Each passage, when complete, makes sense.
14 DEFINITION ONLY clues (in the correct order) to words in the Perimeter (read clockwise) and 29 Across have one letter misprinted in each; the correct forms of the misprinted letters can also be arranged to form the title of the puzzle.

LL 10 Donkey turning right with difficulty (4)
PD 12 A set test - support those sitting in it (3)
M 13 Anarchs wrecking a schooner abandoned by master? (5)
M 14 First of barristers to halt the creation of Law (5)
PD 15 Some folks, to me, walk quite naturally (4)
PD 16 I try to forget the poor called with the car (4)
PD 17 A hospital patient had his breaking in bed (6)
P 18 The underside unfortunately lose (4)
P 20 Stupid act - long one cut out of play (4)
LL 22 Shrewd time to get stuck into one (4)
M 23 Rules in a stable mostly broken by the sleeping beasty? (13, 2 words)
PD 25 One who kept spreading has started to sow (4)
M 27 East not worried about South (4)
LL 32 Something impressive about duck coops (4)
P 33 Think about the reward (4)
M 34 Old copper drinking in jolly bar (4)
P 36 Tents kept us shady (6)
LL 40 Second in bunker, leader in Open favoured a wedge (4)
M 42 Fee for the opening £1 (5)
LL 43 Refusal maiden always gives (5)
M 44 Entice a large number (3)
PD 45 A bib - it should protect the smaller one (4)
M 1 The old witch I regret raised the matter (7)
P 2 Most arrive before Club Contest (6)
LL 3 What could be called the box to instruct? (4)
PD 4 Enjoying my free dry wine, women and song (4)
PD 5 We have recorded in our 'alive' new songs ... (4)
PD 7 ... the Top Forty Co. includes them (7)
P 8 Wonderfully exciting reply with Superior in (6)
LL 9 Stout head of University to climb no more (4)
M 11 The dog certainly follows queen (4)
M l9 The man with a plan to appear on one of the big halls (9)
PD 20 The rotten hands - dealer's a card player (4)
LL 21 To remove slugs from posh ploughed up land? (5)
PD 24 Wimbledon player wonders if he should loot (4)
M 26 Seeding out most of the youngsters by leader of group (7)
PD 28 George tried to keep cad forgotten lyrics (7)
M 30 A longer appointment with Her Majesty (6)
P 31 Bits of shellfish and pop before one goes in? (6)
M 35 Bill heading for Rotten Row? (4)
M 36 Father getting round bail represented by paper? (4)
PD 37 With ape, nine artists can suggest almost anything (4)
LL 39 Calendar, feminine one with sex-appeal that turns over (4)

Perimeter (clockwise) and 29 Across (definitions with one letter misprinted in each)
Suture, ail, litter, hurt, east (obs.), cobbled, crap (2 words) heathen, oaf, armour, bet, leg, Edna?, chin

Solvers should send the title, the 14 words in the perimeter and 29ac, and write a cryptic clue to the subtitle (7,9) to derek@crossword.org.uk Entries to arrive before 12 May 2001. Results and solution will be published in the newsletter of the Crossword Centre mailing list. The prize is a copy of Chambers Cryptic Crosswords and how to solve them.

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