Diet by Curmudgeon


An extra letter not entered in the grid is generated by wordplay in every clue; read in clue order the extra letters give instructions. To resolve an error in the grid, solvers may enter two letters in one cell..  Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended.

    1    Mother's expression of grief returning Jeddah's salutation (6)
    5    Appropriate technology securely binds cervical vertebrae (7)
    13    Absurd idealisation without orderly stand for Pope who crowned Charlemagne (6, two words)
    14    Displays Arab vessels in public flying demos (8)
    16    Be incumbent on one pursuing a false statement (5, two words)
    18    Turin ultimately abandoned southern birds (4)
    19    A posh cop-out from time to time for an amusing person (5, two words)
    20    Earnestly troubled losing last wandering sea-eagle (4)
    22    After sin in Israel check first of verdicts (3)
    23    Not once initially working, that is as recent arrivals (6)
    25    Balmoral's enclosure planted with woody perennials (4)
    26    Glut in this manner at Holyrood (3)
    28    Nerve centres principally managed over time by men are almost worry free (10, two words)
    33    Asian cinnamon trees (excluding India) for Spanish dwellings (5)
    35    Immersed in "Fiat Lux" Wesleyans retrospectively feel jubilation (5)
    36    Ordinary life story's charm (3)
    37    Capable of success overturning corruption (4, two words)
    38    Incline to a point of view about a leguminous plant (4)
    39    Entirely other form of gene possible (6)
    41    Release from restraints one local wine container before the day (6)
    45    Breakbone fever going round; beginning of danger removed. Well done! (4)
    46    Curiously deliberating, get sadly lost involving two lines (8)
    47    Attempt originally to cook in hot fat (3)
    48    Using a gun, joins military men (7)
    49    Misused shekels for Sikh hairdos and beards (6)
    1    Pirates strike with heavy impact in places (7)
    2    Landed at foremost of large international terminals (4)
    3    For Spenser, equally readily using further onions occasionally (6)
    4    Raise for discussion south-eastern elk (5)
    6    Concocted ale isn't a medicinal drink made from barley (6)
    7    The French male taken in by illuminated jaunty rhythm (4)
    8    Distinct quality surrounding boring piece in German examination (6)
    9    Son pondered about base way of escape through hedge in the country (6)
    10    Eastern deity's sense of self-esteem (3)
    11    Got wind of some arisen she-devil (6)
    12    Set routine of social security payment not entirely over (6)
    15    Dislike excessive speed (4)
    17    Italian Romantic poet from Rialto so distressed (7)
    21    Kelp's tawny brown in ocean gale (9, two words)
    24    Ultrabasic igneous rock's Old English location (8)
    27    Primarily ask medic to permit walk at an easy pace (5)
    28    Woman almost crazy for Revolutionary leader (3)
    29    A European porter redeployed; he carries a candle (7)
    30    Team game with US bullet size makes mistakes; these might erase them (7)
    31    Passion on board ship for food fish (7)
    32    Company brass misused for heads of Irish clan families (6)
    34    Singular hold of period of moroseness (4)
    40    Lots of love around the Spanish lounge (4)
    42    Offer to establish university rejected (3)
    43    French farm birds that have become extinct (3)
    44    Weary work toils essentially for nothing (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format describing the completed grid  to before 8th September 2021. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.