A Dangerous Thing by Curmudgeon

One word should be dropped from each clue before solving. These words are either general or specific possible contributors to the demise of 47 (unclued). Six further possible contributors (36 letters in total, one of three words) are appropriately positioned in the grid and must be highlighted. Initial letters of the dropped words, in clue order, provide a final instruction.

    11    Student of trade union story getting support (5)
    12    Hardy plant, helical, twisting about (8)
    13    Deadly annual with top chopped becomes material for pharmaceuticals (5)
    16    Italy's Dante extreme poetic genius making a comeback in short sentences (5)
    17    Turkish general lacking answer in modern Persia turned over Edda script (6)
    18    Boundary tract, human kind switching sides (4)
    20    Institutes draw back means of protection (4)
    21    Dispatches special thesis conclusion section (5)
    23    Room for arranging ledger of turn over involved in cycled earnings (7)
    25    Perth's editorial liveliness; half of white wine gone! (4)
    27    Harassed families elect to send orarium by fax (13)
    29    Illusion, fiction about pursuing maid in poetry (4)
    32    Novel ornament's original creator (7)
    34    Old master with first of basic ordinal rules employed for card game (5)
    36    Having necessary volume, power and supply of food; time lacking (4)
    37    Essays oil-producing grass for deer (4)
    39    London drizzles sink in mud, mainly and run in outskirts of suburbs (6)
    41    Wilder religion Maoists essentially harshly criticise (5)
    44    To be of use, Authorised Version hymnal advanced initially in Latin (5)
    45    Ossian language originally fashioned with old Greek at first rejected (8)
    46    Touchy satire, primarily malicious and of doubtful legality (5)
    1    Epic match between first and last of sides moves fast (6)
    2    Go beyond unlimited periods of activity and complete edition (5)
    3    Pound areas of grassy land over with energy in local pasture (7)
    4    Young pig, issue of local sow at end of year (4)
    5    Graves, willows in boggy ground, rector follows vehicle (4)
    6    Record creature's DNA turning up in heart of manhunt (6)
    7    European boxes funeral orations anthology (6)
    8    Uncorrupted line in church psalter accepted by leader of nonconformists (5)
    9    Rage of history teacher when revolutionary is removed (4)
    10    Chinese philosopher's annals bewildered heartless atomist (6)
    14    Hand round money and measure of fluid in pad, sleeping area up front (9)
    15    Inordinate griefs with a heating mechanism primer (7, 2 words)
    19    Religious epistle full of gaps, with no base (4)
    20    Unusual software not ordinary, for those who signal apparatus (7)
    22    Reports Glasgow's woe directly admitting latitude (4)
    24    Mate involved in group study (4)
    26    Atlas, demigod framed in portraiture (4)
    28    Region's way following unjustified treasury delay (7)
    29    Decorated text with variegated pattern associated with Hebrew prophet (6)
    30    Wells, watercourse, a couple of rivers unknown within confines of Okavango (6)
    31    Protective octavo cover note about enlarged cells (6)
    33    Archive really wild US vehicle testing event (6)
    35    Catalogue Christian scriptures with irritability incorporating a hint of bitterness (5)
    38    Prompt reading of bird (5)
    40    Onions to steal and cut into bars in machine (4)
    42    Shute made of rounded grains of rock and topped with bit of stone (4)
    43    Sweet, gentle person the Parisian doctor (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, with an explanation of the finale, to quiz.man@ntlworld.com before the 8th February 2014. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.