Cut and Paste by Wan

Solvers should Cut a piece of text from each across clue and Paste it into a down clue rendering both clues cryptically sound, though at the expense of surface readings.  In each of two pairs of clues solvers will need to use the Paste Special function and format the text before pasting.  In the completed grid solvers should Copy a piece of text from where one would expect to find copied text, Paste it over other text in the grid and then highlight three words. (15 letters)


    1  Swear gas masks useless till aroma ... (4)

    4  ...a sickly sweet substance changes direction - jams maybe! (8)

  10  Make good after writing a short number of harebrained letters (8)

  11  Cut tissue from joint with great speed initially (4)

  12  Award winning sauce served with a decorated earthenware spoon (8)

  15  Alarm and anger when poles freeze over (5)

  16  A bit of Switzerland represented by France and the French political party (5)

  18  Those who cast cowboys wrong casting two lead parts (7)

  21  One very keen hops as well keeping under control (6)

  22  Enormous cow spills about a gallon of milk (6)

  24  When her job finishes an organised temp starts a second (7)

  25  Look around in the main for shellfish appearances (5)

  26  Rice solidified with a powdered oxide (5)

  30  Withdraw discordant caveat and use without fourth section (8)

  31  Recycle small fridges left out as items for charity (4)

  32  Groom notes fasteners not closing window (8)

  33  Resold togas at dance as suitable attire for dancing (8)

  34  One died in the hole devoured by a fox - quite the reverse (4)


    1  Uncovered ancient fortified site (4)

    2  Nervous and doddering Lords panic (10 two words)

    3  Reorder for store (4)

    4  Claim drug unveils a playfully mischievous attitude of mind (6)

    5  Last two from office department get final notice (4)

    6  Unsays what was said in a hypocritical manner of speaking (7)

    7  Back to front showing metallic lustre (8)

    8  Cover when owner drunk (9)

    9  One who helps stir and stir leaving it stirred (7)

  13  Another name for the cross once with a dividing unholy motto (10 two words)

  14  The Spanish newspaper could be first to reveal part of cell (9)

  17  Most head it back with the others missing header (8)

  19  Mainly happy, security service left readily (7)

  20  Reserve until after shows (7 two words)

  23  Lives to bag a blue mountain (6)

  27  Nab one from deer herd (4)

  28  Throw out second from brawl after throwing out first (4)

  29  Complete end of crossword with letters from clues' final words (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted words, to before the 8th November 2012. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  one of the range of books which has been donated by Chambers.