The Crowther Cup

The Crowther Cup is awarded to the leading solver of the monthly prize puzzles published on the Crossword Centre. As winners are only allowed their name on the cup once, previous winners politely step aside to allow the next leading solver to  be awarded the coveted trophy.

Winners of the Crowther Cup

2015    Chris Edwards, Richard Harvey, Gerry Murtagh, M P Young.
2016    Matthew Auger
2017    Keith Williams
2018    Brian Betker
2019    Andie Johnson
2020    John Reardon
2021    Philip Wood
2022    Ronan Cullinane

Trevor Crowther 1953 - 2015

Trevor Crowther was an engaging and talented solver. He made a huge impact on the Crossword Centre, testing puzzles and keeping statistics. He was always willing to help new crossword setters and he made lots of friends through emails and his attendance of crossword meets and the Listener Crossword dinners. He amused us for years with his weekly posts on the message board. His Monday Moans were witty and sometimes controversial. For this reason the Crowther Cup bears the inscription "GEMITUS VINCIT OMNIA", which translates roughly as "nothing beats a good moan".

Trevor Mostyn Crowther  Obituary

Trevor Crowther was born in Liverpool on 5 November 1953, the only son of Neville, Assistant County Surveyor at Hampshire County Council, and Betty. He moved to Winchester with his parents in 1962.
He attended Peter Symonds School in Winchester, leaving in the early 70s to study Chemistry at Keble College, Oxford where he joined the John Wesley Society making a number of close friends. On leaving Oxford Trevor moved to Burnham Beeches and forged a successful career in marketing.  His first job was with Neilson’s where he remained until he was head hunted to join AGB; he stayed with AGB for many years, having marketing responsibility for a number of high profile accounts.
After he left AGB Trevor moved back to Winchester and more recently became a much respected member of the crossword community, providing support to crossword editors on a variety of broadsheet papers. For many years Trevor was a marker for competitions and tester for submissions for the Crossword Centre, an on line crossword site. He was well renowned for his on line “Moanday” or Monday Moan session and, after his death, Trevor’s crossword friends contributed to buying a silver-plated cup in his honour- to be awarded to the best solver of the year. “The Crowther Cup” contains the Latin inscription gemitus vincit omnia (a moan beats everything)! In an article in the Independent, published shortly after his death, Trevor was described as “wise, witty and stimulating”.
Trevor also enjoyed pub quizzes and quickly progressed to being a quiz master in his local pub. He had a great love of music, with wide ranging tastes extending from classical music through to pop and rock. He enjoyed travel, particularly in Europe, but loved nothing better than pottering in the garden and was known affectionately amongst his friends as “Trevor the Gardener”. Trevor died suddenly, at home, on 27th February 2015.