Conversion by Curmudgeon

Unclued lights give the name of a creator, what he did, and the current location of his work. Wordplay in across clues yields the answer and an extra letter that is not entered in the grid; these letters indicate how clashes should be resolved. Solvers should highlight the creation if they send their entry as an image, or give its name if they send their entry as a list.

    1    Society with little person in charge, like a rowing crew, perhaps (7)
    6    Wealth protected by scratch legal system (7, 2 words)
    12    Impair clay (3)
    14    Shoemaker regularly beginning to use bits of metal medieval helmet (6)
    15    Reacted explosively to ease burden of local taxes (6)
    17    US copse and hill accommodation for tourists (5)
    19    A fashion entirely unrelated to scale (6)
    20    One old street with small lodge; home for brood (7, 2 words)
    25    Clumsy knee caught heartlessly in decorative wear (7)
    26    Selfishly take vandalised Sard treasures (6)
    27    Figure clue out but not fathom what might hold things together? (8, 2 words)
    28    Raving in outrage, stay on the throne longer (8)
    30    First and last of Eastern Hungarian gypsy schnapps (6)
    31    Religious observance disheartened lectorate are holding after extra time (7)
    33    Bizarre cog with queer fret pattern (7)
    35    Animal representations reject solid oils and prepared suet (7)
    38    Buffoon to constantly watch in southern jail (6)
    40    Including uncatalogued works, after retirement, retain one with double score (5)
    43    Movement in gym upset beer cup (6)
    44    Rake and mostly stir potato dish (6)
    45    Dress eleven players in very successful side (7)
    46    Competitively priced bordello (3)
    47    Junior officers seriously misbehave in motors (that is, one after the other, disappearing) (7)
    48    Steering mechanisms unfortunately red with trace of destructive rust (7)
    2    Enough said for Bard in inquiry about Globe's closure (5)
    3    This metal compound beginning to end as monetary unit (4)
    4    Tommy's to leave show in need of leader of band (5)
    5    Sham electronic cypher (4)
    7    A brief situation involving strain in the north, having a medical disorder (7)
    8    Eavesdropping devices raised dispute (4)
    9    Regular sensation with leader of cavalry's sword (5)
    10    Language family taking into account Latin and Tai (6)
    11    Kaiser's new manoevres capturing Luxembourg, showing this? (11)
    13    Alloys with oxygen for advanced photographic developers (6)
    16    One French thing complete in itself - not a little unsound (11)
    18    Confused Oriental, with no finicky hesitation becomes member of US minority (6)
    21    Alternate energy buries old anger (5)
    22    In chaotic sequel iced salts, for example, become liquid (10)
    23    Conceptual notion with latitude (5)
    24    Herald's white Arabian noble (6)
    29    Convoluted apron in hard gravel layer (7)
    30    Such blunders with time become extreme causes of alarm (6)
    32    Person from the Orient hugging coloured inhabitant of torrid zone (6)
    34    Silver as centre of oribi's pattern of fur (5)
    36    A ship's storage area in a state of maintenance (5)
    37    Admit it is missing from inflammation of the gut (5)
    39    Dodgy gear shifting masses of sand (4)
    41    Arrange in a specified way to alter ship's course (4)
    42    Dairy not unknown to turn up in traditional dwelling (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted creation, to before the 8th December 2012. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  one of the Chambers range of books which has been donated by Chambers.