Confusion Down Under by Flowerman

The grid is confused in some way, as suggested by clashes in six cells. In five clues, three consecutive letters in the wordplay must be removed before solving, always leaving real words two or more letters long. The five sets can be arranged to form a phrase (9,2,4) which specifies the only information suitable for resolving the confusion. It was intended that the solver would be able to identify this information after solving. However, a misprint created during setting has meant that an incorrect entry was clued, and so not all the required information will appear. The solver must deduce which is the incorrect entry and change it to the intended one (which is in Chambers). Clashes must then be resolved accordingly. Apart from proper nouns, all answers to clues are in Chambers except for 10 which is in ODE and 29d which can be confirmed at

1    Beside shelled pagoda unit put in a gun-platform (7)
6    Receptacle of African orchid almost cubic (4)
10    Hardwood from Bolivia put in secure place after docking (8)
11    Wooden villas not allowed to provide drinks (4)
12    See off crass sailors (7)
14    One needing training at the front after week’s absence (4)
15    A retiring royal stays in camp (6)
16    War god departed without question and turned back ... (3)
17    ... Egyptian counterpart in two days (5)
18    Artist’s piece out of this world (5)
20    Chaps spending $100 each on junk? (5, 2 words)
22    Scottish cardinal not half welcoming cracking religious feast (5)
24    Publish one chapter about mystic symbols (5)
29    Old poet’s first reading-book missing page (5)
31    Flight to New York mostly unsatisfactory (3)
32    European years ago killing five in Philippine province (6)
33    Book African over missing limes (4)
34    English officer turned silent after the leader’s rant (7)
35    Darwin’s champion collecting a South American game bird (4)
36    Breeze swirling around sides of Eastern chapel (8)
37    Sailor’s getting rid of hurtful letters (4)
38    American editors stupidly forgetting to access codes (7, 2 words)
1    Worries about college lecturer’s distinctions (6)
2    One tucking into wild mango soon expressing dissatisfaction (7)
3    Grass getting cocaine for Long Island deputy (5)
4    Sea creature with unique supporting muscle (7)
5    General meaning to meet officer in charge about headgear (7)
6    Sweetheart owned up about visits (5)
7    Imposter wanting one thousand guineas for birds (5)
8    Installed in kitchen, a copper counter six cubits in length (5)
9    Shellfish and minced duck are best avoided by bride (6)
13    Rubbish US state judges casually dismissing police sergeant (4)
14    King briefly accompanied by guards once registered (4)
19    Bad smell over south-east after barrel degrades (7)
20    Sea creature’s rising occurrences having nothing to do with pH (7)
21    No ‘bravo’ for ballet dance badly performed (7)
22    Acting priest restricting bishop’s circumlocution (6)
23    Dogs get energy out of fruit (4)
25    Earth held together endlessly by universal centre of attraction (4)
26    Fish head away from albatrosses (6)
27    Branch manager ultimately married in Australia (5)
28    Monkey cages beside colonnades (5)
29    Crystallographic lines of xenon in volcanic rocks (5)
30    Better off discarding husband’s kitchen utensil (5)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the final entries to before 8th June 2021. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.