Clue-Writing Competition 2002
Managed by David Plumpton

The prize for the most consistent clue-writer of 2002 was won by John Guiver.

FIRST. Keith Long - Family business
SECOND. Robert Teuton - Reel in eel holding this?
THIRD. Edward Young - Policy to stop fall in euro?
FOURTH. Mark Goodliffe - Where Spice Girl leaves underwear
FIFTH= 14 Neil Aspland - Fifty not out! Elizabeth "There's a Jubilee for one"
Judith Lindley - Lingerie Miss Halliwell removed for strip
RUNNERS UP Tantalus, Rod Harling, Peter Cargill, Jim Walker, John Tozer, Tony Percy

FIRST Neil Aspland. Archer's finished after this - completely ruined
SECOND Doug Peterson. Batter pouts about match's ultimate outcome
THIRD Malcolm Scott. Cold on the Downs! Completely the reverse, as it turns out 38 votes
FOURTH = Wil Ransome. Resolution to push for reform
Richard Grafen. Fired in the air for effect
RUNNERS-UP Mark Wrigley, John Tozer, Alix Jagger, Pete Rhodes, Donald Yerrill, John P.Coward, Niall McSweeney, Don Manley, Azziz Kassam

March 2002 CHAR (Printer's Devilry)
FIRST Niaill McSweeney - Couple in love: mat/ing may follow
SECOND Doug Peterson - Nude model is used to tea/t appreciation
THIRD John Guiver - Hit/? I deal one . At 16 that's risky
FOURTH Mark Goodliffe - Most soldiers hate having Tom ar/ound
FIFTH Tony Percy - If you want to hit/ ideally , your fortune's with a good driver
RUNNERS - UP Robert Teuton; Chris Robinson; Max Taylor; Don Manley; Peter Cargill; Richard Grafen; Jim Walker.

April 2002 WHOOPEE CUSHION (Misprint in definition)
FIRST: Peter Brooksbank - Wild sounds made by this band in tiny pad [wild/wind]
SECOND: Keith Engers - I show up once with hoe repaired : it makes people think I'm a farmer [ farmer /farter]
THIRD :John Tozer - I house cow , hen , couple of ponies working? It sounds like a farm [ farm/fart ]
FOURTH :Luciano Ward - Party prank involves getting pooch drunk with house wine [party/farty ]
FIFTH : Ian Harper - Joke sent to cheer : schoolboy humour used which dies down in seconds [ sent/seat ] 28points
RUNNERS-UP Don Manley; Tony Percy; Robert Teuton; Gez Connolly

May 2002 SPONGE
FIRST: Peter Cargill - Splattered pigeon's dropping I wipe off
SECONDS= : Nick Smith - I leave pigeon's mess for the cleaner
Gordon Murray - Son , without a penny , say , returning to live off parents?
John Tozer - Taking one gasp divers come up with a ------ ?
FIFTH= : Judith Lindley - Cake for supper
Neil Aspland - Has priest gone astray ? He's regularly drunk
Ron Baxter - Soft ground -odds on filly shortened
RUNNERS UPJeff Pearce/Mark Goodliffe; Tony Percy; Trevor Crowther; Wil Ransome;Aziz Kassam;Jack Cook

1st John Guiver - Delivery vehicle makes a run with fruit n' veg mostly
2nd John Piers Coward - Pantechnicon sticks to middle of lane following Volvo's lead
3rd Malcolm Scott I'll be leaving empty after moving in future , right ?
4th Luciano Ward - Moving, I return to Virginia in fun vehicle that contains all the comforts of home
5th Ian Harper - Transport secretary in this reshuffle? U-turn for leaders
Simon Anthony; Jack Cook; Peter Cargill; Eddie Halliwell; Steve Mann; Aziz Kassam

July 2002 SNAP
1st John Guiver - Aspen tree's last leaves quivering in breeze
2nd Ian Harper - Second game , called when the first match is drawn?
3rd= Peter Cargill - I'm first to shout , taking pile
        Rox Brown - This still faces the wrong way
5th= Mark Wrigley - Situation normal: all political leaders lose self-control
        Robert Teuton - Starts to shout noisily as pairs appear in this?
Niaill McSweeney ;Peter Brooksbank and Al Streatfield 24points=; Phil Caine 23 pts ; 35 Nigel Lack 22 pts ; 15 Mark Goodliffe

1st R E Boot - Unhappy Bee Gee quits and his career's at the crossroads
2nd Neil Aspland - Scrubber doing brisk business in red-light district?
3rd= John Tozer - Failure in Test Centre being equated with dodgy windscreen wiper
3rd= Nic Pursey -  I beg ten quid with ease in clean-up operation
5th Chris Robinson - Bee Gee quits and becomes latter-day Highwayman
RUNNERS-UP Eddie Halliwell; Robert Teuton; Luciano Ward; Pandora Phelan; John Coward;Mark Goodliffe

September 2002 FLASH
1. Robert Teuton - Squaddie's leader half barking: " Put privates on parade! "
2. Luciano Ward - It's seen when point of lightning splits top of fir tree
3. Neil Aspland - Florida has misdeclared? News just in or a story from the past
4. Niail McSweeney - Hurst's leading part at Alf's magic moment
5= Ian Harper - Instant mash is chef's easy alternative if every second counts
5= Robert E Boot - Publicly exhibit choppers like F.Hal's cavalier
RUNNERS UP Gez Connolly 33 pts; John Guiver 31.5 pts; John Tozer; Rod Harling 27 pts; Peter Brooksbank 26.5 pts; Rob Butler 23.5 pts; Margaret Wyatt 21 pts ; Chris Robinson 20.5 pts; Mark Wrigley

October 2002  TWENTIETH PLUM'S GENETHLIACON (7 9 5 12 ) from -- (2) TOTAL = 35 Letters
1. Margaret Wyatt - To D.P. - I wish you all contentment there be .C.G.
2. Robert Teuton - He's the clue-writing competition notable
3. John Guiver - Compete jubilating : ' Crown the gentle host! '
4. Ian Harper - Ancient but let us clap him : one , two , three, go
5. Chris Lear - We alight on the best run clue competition
RUNNERS UP John Coward; Eddie Halliwell; Peter Moore; John Tozer

November 2002 TAKE AWAY
FIRST John Tozer - This after close of pubs could make you stay awake tossing and turning
SECOND Nick Smith - Wild yak ate a West Indian , perhaps?
THIRD= Robert Teuton - Firing at a yak we bagged a convenient meal
THIRD= Paul Boorer - Moveable feast
FIFTH= 24 Less food eaten by lazy diners Eddie Halliwell
FIFTH= Mark Goodliffe - Rice may become cold like this?

RUNNERS UP John Guiver;Brian Montgomery; Malcolm Scott

December 2002 SNOWSCAPE
1. John P Coward - Shaking aspen shelters shivering cows in wintry scene
2= Phil Caine - Rugged swans cope with this wintry prospect
2= John Guiver - What might be represented in winter season postcard
4= Ian Harper - A bleak prospect : its the middle of Christmas with presents to wrap
4= Mary Wyatt - Wasps once played upon a wintry ground

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