Clue-Writing Competition Results 2001

January 2001 PANTOMIME

1. Open 2001 at play? Mark Goodliffe
2. "Peter ___ " and " ___ Thumb" leads one to me? Luciano Ward
3. Roast bird, stuffed with last of Paxo and hint of mint .. a rather silly but traditional offering around Christmas-time! Gordon Murray
4. DickWhittington's cat eaten by poor pieman Rick J Hole
5. Primarily poor actor (Neighbour's type)observes:"Money is made easily" here? Graham Elsdon
Runners-up Georganne J; Peter Cargill; Simon J Anthony; Al Streatfield ; Keith Engers

February 2001 HOUSEPLANT
1= 20. I freshen up the salon Derek Harrison
     54 What having a bit of foliage could be put on a shelf Don Manley 54 votes
3= 14 Found indoors , growing wildly on lush peat Gordon Murray 43 votes
     17 Home decoration is all the rage when incorporating function and design Leon Marzillier
5= 25 Leash put on barking mother-in-law's tongue Gemma Kelmanson
     49 Using flash helps out an indoor shoot R E Boot 32 votes
RUNNER'S-UP 41.Graham Elsdon 29 ; 23.Rick J Hole / 36.Elaine Wootner 25 ;47.Doug Peterson 23 ; 44.Ian Harper/55.Eddie Looby 21

March 2001 Printer's Devilry clue to SITE
1. Wa/ve caused the trouble when a dam fell Alastair Sutherland 80 votes
2. Feeble Henman gave a gas/p I'd match at Wimbledon Simon Collins 43 votes
3. Who goes there? I/ve asked a dam silly question .. Don Manley 41 votes
4. I am gentle a/nd patient Luciano Ward 36 votes
5= I help a distressed parent a/nd a sick child Elaine Wootner 27 votes
5= I/ve run fair to get celebrities to perform free for charity Mark Goodliffe
Runners Up Kathyrn Friedlander ; Gordon Murray ; John Tozer ; Larry Baum ; Ian Harper

1.Model met her diet plan - " I'm wanting a heavenly body" Robert Teuton 117
2.That place with deserted surface, fourth in system  Simon Collins 80
3. "The Vikings were here" is carved into withered plane tree Luciano Ward 72
4. What Viking explorer was called to map - an unearthly body Easwar Adiyar 53
5=(2) A place Vikings went to see what could be planted there Mark Oshin 45
         Poison pen letter had 'The Sun' to influence its circulation Peter Cargill 45
RUNNERS UP John Piers Coward, Mike Marsh, Steven Dorfmann, Don Manley, Mark Goodliffe

1st One getting rich on rock? 84 Mark Goodliffe
2nd Long relations unsettle one with itchy feet 76 John Piers Coward
3rd I'll get no end of moss on, right? Wrong! 63 Robert Teuton
4th Stool leaning awkwardly? That's about right for an old rocker 40 Keith Engers
5th 43 What Mick is , Ringo's not - all jiggly at end of stage 37 Luciano Ward
RUNNERS UP : Peter Cargill; Tony Percy ; Mark Wrigley ; Jim Walker, Neil Aspland,Georganne J

June 2001 BUD
1st   Keith Engers 75.5 Plan ahead financially ?? Get lost..pal
2nd Ian Harper 73.5 Air Training Corps - advance one step : shoot
3rd Derek Harrison 45 ... abounds regularly in spring
4th  = Luciano Ward 32  Blossom's source - it opens up, leading to first sight of daffodil?
          Eddy Looby  Half of Ireland's capital returning little growth
          Neil AsplandSomething that's immature ,absurd even
RUNNERS UP Sean O'Boyle Ross Eliffe

July 2001 FENG SHUI
FIRST Simon Collins Huge sin to have piece of furniture misaligned in this
SECOND John Tozer After a bust-up , hug's fine way to bring domestic harmony
THIRD Peter Brooksbank Chinese recipe for maximum enjoyment : huge fins in the soup
FOURTH= Taro Ogawa Harmonist uses ---- ---- to arrange furnishings at home
                   John Piers Coward Chinaman's house could be snug if he uses this
                   Mark Goodliffe Purifying houses? ---- ---- rips you off!
RUNNERS UP 21 Elaine Wootner 31pts / 33 Robert Teuton 32 pts; 13 R E Boot 30 pts / 17 Bernard Grabowski 30 pts ; 29 Gez Connolly 29 pts ; 10 Georgann J 22 pts

FIRST Robert Teuton Roguish charmer without any hint of morals, one who's adept at pulling strings 59.5 pts
SECOND Peter Cargill For him, a court left character in ruins 55 pts
THIRD R E Boot What's broadcast here charts an everyday story 53 pts
FOURTH Elaine Wootner Is her car damaged? Hood, maybe 50.5 pts
FIFTH= Max Taylor Might they aim for The Bull? 49.5 pts
              Simon Collins Mary's heart companion residing with Her Majesty
Runners-up : Alix Jagger, Eddie Looby , Ian Harper , Bernard Grabowski

September 2001 Letters Latent clue to SALAMI TECHNIQUE
FIRST. Robert Teuton - Translate "cheque in mail" as a form of financial fraud
SECOND. Keith Engers - Quite thin slice (first of many) illegally obtained using IT and this
THIRD. Craig Fothergill  - Mad Italian's cheque fraud
FOURTH. Neil Aspland - Slice a ham quite naughtily in this? Metaphorically, yes!
FIFTH= Kathyrn Friedlander - Italian cheques made out for cooked , pepperoni-style take-away?
              Peter Brooksbank - A quaint scheme I organised ,literally taking pennies and making pounds
RUNNERS - UP Luciano Ward; R E Boot; Eddie Young; John Tozer

October 2001  BLOOMER
1st. Luciano Ward  -Boob , or first sight of it , left Romeo all aquiver!
2nd. Don Manley - Bishop , more relaxed outside see , becoming 'Bish'
3rd. Keith Engers  - Putting more spin on disguised lob is a big mistake
4th. John Tozer - Comfortable ignoring awkward fact? You could make this
5th. Jack Cook - Fifty year old admits her age is source of major embarrassment
RUNNERS-UP Tim Smith , Tony Percy , Robert Teuton, Peter Brooksbank , John Piers Coward , Keith Long

November 2001 STRIKE
FIRST Judith Lindley - Bring the match alive with shot at goal.
SECOND  Peter Brooksbank - Lower skirt tantalisingly , then last item of lingerie.
THIRD Keith Engers Crumpled skirt needs crease at the bottom - do it with a hot iron.
FOURTH Don Manley - Labour no longer recollects Keir's time
FIFTH Rod Harling - Blow skirt up , Monroe's end visible!
RUNNERS-UP Simon Collins, Jim Walker,.Jack Cook,. Robert Teuton, Neil Aspland, Tim Smith

1st  Fairy tale characters stir in the forests when wand's waved   Tim  Smith
2nd  German fairy tale transformed into awful news: Sven wins the 'draw of death '   Jack Cook
3rd What sweet non-shaved friends contrived to protect Walt's leading character Don Manley
4th  This hand-drawn view of sweetness is striking when animated Simon Collins
5th = Friends wanted a new TV show. She switched to a Disney cartoon  Peter Brooksbank
        When the sad war news is fed on TV broadcast , we hear a grim story  Tony Percy
RUNNERS UP Gordon  Murray, Robert Teuton, Richard  Grafen

Overall Order of Merit for 2001
FIRST . Robert Teuton  20 pts
SECOND. Don Manley     17
THIRD=  Luciano Ward   16.5
        Simon Collins
FIFTH   Keith Engers   15.5
SIXTH   Mark Goodliffe 13.5
SEVENTH Peter Brooksbank9.5
EIGHTH  Derek Harrison  8
NINTH   Gordon Murray   7.5
TENTH=  John Piers Coward 7
        John Tozer
TWELFTH= Peter Cargill  6
        Neil Aspland
FOURTEENTH= Ian Harper  5.5
            Jack Cook
            Tim Smith
SEVENTEENTH Alastair Sutherland 5
            Judith Lindley