Winning Clues 2000

January 2000 HOGMANAY
1st Luciano Ward
After which hung over Glaswegian starts many a resolution!
2nd  Alastair Sutherland
New Year's Eve again? Oh my, I'm out of it, fuddled
3rd Rod Harling
When Mac's into strong liquor? Indeed!
4th Tom Jobe
Leading highlanders often gather, mayhap, another night another year
5th Flo Forsdike
Initially had only Gaelic meaning and now accepted yearly for a 'final' celebration
Runners-up Andrew Clarke and Don Manley

February 2000 WHINGE
1st Flo Forsdike
Complain? We nigh exploded!
2nd Dave McKeegan
Beef Wellington's first and most important ingredient?
3rd Leon F Marzillier
Having lost audio-visual, we stand around and complain
4th Rod Harling
Workhorse's beginning to neigh madly, a peevish nag?
5th Mark Wrigley
When habitat is not green, environmental leaders complain
Runners-up: Simon Collins, John Tozer, Keith Whitfield and Paul McKenna.

March 2000 Misprint clue to SIMPLETON
First: Luciano Ward Is backsliding Member of Parliament told off?
Second: Richard GrafenCrooked smile - not pretty up front in one who is dentally challenged
Third: Joan Smith Boon gets easy century
Fourth= Peter Cargill Jumbo pilot: men's career?
Fourth= Michael Woontner The dole has spoilt men pitifully
Runners-up: Paul Harvey, Denis Borris, Don Manley, Elaine Woontner.

April 2000 Normal clue to HEADMASTER
1st Luciano Ward There's a mad, mad man in charge of the school!
2nd Gez Connolly New terms ahead for him?
3rd Alastair Sutherland There's a mad, deranged teacher at the top of the school
4th Dave Tilley Principal made hearts flutter!
5th Robin Jones Chief of staff made off in hurry with redhead
Runners-up: Mark Wrigley and Bruce McKenzie

May 2000 Normal clue to ROTTWEILLER
First: John Tozer What could attack sheep (and worse), we hear?
Second: David Dare-Plumpton With snapping teeth I'll worry, nipping tails?
Third: Mark Goodliffe Two little terriers savaged by ______'s litter?
Fourth: Luciano Ward One sonofabitch claims women are lying about another sonofabitch!
Fifth: Elaine Woontner I wrote lieutenant briefly re wild dog
Runners-up: Don Manley, Michael O'Callaghan, Denis Borris, Aditya Kapil and Bruce McKenzie.

June 2000 Printer's Devilry clue to TEASE
First: Derek Harrison Spain is not qui/xotic, as tropical Cuba is.
Second: Larry Baum When it's comple/x, change can be a real salvation for some people
Third: John Tozer Journalists are always keen to rela/x? Scandal!
Fourth: Andrew Sheppard Examinees ha/ve retest because of low marks on score card
Fifth: Alastair Sutherland Despite new watch, he's a sla/ver
Runners-up : Luciano Ward, Robert Teuton, Mark Goodliffe, Marie Boileau, Simon Chillingworth

July 2000  Normal clue to NETIZENS
First: Robert Teuton Sneezing fits? Time for a little guardedness - they may unwittingly transmit bugs and viruses
Second :Keith Engers They may browse a variety of e-zines (including Time) after starting Netscape
Third : Rik Grafen Half the planet is embracing Zen - they really need to get a life
Fourth : John Tozer Population excited by e-zines and NT
Fifth : Luciano Ward Cyber-savvy generation X circulates far-out zines
Runners-up : Rod Harling; Daffyd Price-Jones; Don Manley; Alastair Sutherland; Nick Earl; Kevin McDermid.

August 2000 Normal clue to LUMBER
1st Don Manley : Stir from sleep when sun bursts out
2nd Mark Oshin : Little brown jug
3rd John Tozer : Tax drains man's capital away
4th Luciano Ward : Craftsman working with lead? Not lead - wood
5th Rod Harling : Bulmer's drunk from the wood
Runners up : Jack Cook; Derek Harrison; Alastair Sutherland; Paddy Malcolm ; Les Taylor.

September 2000  Normal clue to SCORE
1st Rik Grafen: Land speed record
2nd Gordon Murray Two nil?
3rd = Joan Smith Make a hit record
Rod Harling Wow! There's endless sex about: get some!
5th   Mark Oshin With a bit of luck it could have been closer
Runners-up Nic Pursey; Keith Engers; Bill Michaels; Dave Tilley; Gez Connolly

October 2000 Letters Latent clue to THE SIDNEY OLYMPIC GAMES
GOLD: Mark GOODLIFFE (15) My! Some speedy yachting organised here! (l)
SILVER: Gordon MURRAY (22) Sporting event ,down-under city's involved with medals, money and hype ! (g) BRONZE: David McNEILL (26) Thence glad pommies carried away medals at last (y)
FOURTH = : Rod HARLING (32) Where there's ecstasy for Australia , swimming champions get medals (y)
Ian HARPER (25) The sixth of Steves medals (with no seconds) - he's competing fantastically here! (y)
RUNNERS-UP: Luciano Ward; Dave Tilley; Larry Baum; John Tozer ; Leon Marzillier

November 2000 Normal clue to RAILS
1st  Loco is on these .. And loco is off these ! Luciano Ward
2nd Both ends of train slip off surfaces of leafy , slimy tracks Paddy Malcolm
3rd  I'm off similar , being crazy? John Tozer
4th=  Devious liars invariably go off them Dave Tilley
Prescott's problem? Blair's lacking leadership, chaos? Rick J Hole
RUNNERS-UP Rod Harling; Elaine Wootner; Mark Goodliffe; Keith Engers; Frank Pasterczky

December 2000  Normal clue to SANTA'S REINDEER
1st= Flying northern area residents Mark Oshin
Who delivers present needs? Trains are unlikely! Peter Cargill
3rd Perhaps I'd snare nearest beasts to assist with seasonal deliveries Flo Forsdike
4th If well-behaved a resident earns what these characters deliver Leon F Marzillier 31
5th Northern area residents? Possibly. Flying South soon? Certainly! Keith Long
Runners up behind the sleigh : Aziz Kassam; Luciano Ward; Rick J Hole

Congratulations, for the second year running, to Luciano Ward who was awarded the prize for the most consistent clue-writer of the year.

1. Luciano Ward 26* pts ; 2.John Tozer 16* pts ; 3= Rod Harling/Richard Grafen 12pts ; 5 Mark Oshin 10 pts; 6= Flo Forsdike/ Alastair Sutherland/ Mark Goodliffe 9pts; 9. Gordon Murray 8 pts ; 10= Peter Cargill / Don Manley 7 pts