Changing Places by Rebus


Perimeter answers are clued by wordplay only, and are linked thematically. They are given in order and are to be entered clockwise starting from a point to be determined.All other clues are normal.
A nine-cell thematic area is to be highlighted in the finished grid. This includes the barred cell whose letter will help identify the location of two missing or damaged parts of the key perimeter answer. These should be written below the grid. (4 words)
Chambers 2016 edition is the main reference but does not give a place name, a common phrase, or a common variation (in Collins).

7 Patrick finally backed a form of gambling (4)
8 Oddly, Nero keeps poor Romeo just above zero (9, 3 words)
11 Respect on the street has to have made champion (7)
12.Music coming from Sierra, and another Ford (3)
13 Lack of power and heartless indignation (6)
15 Start support then switch position (6)
16 Banks told of those avoiding company (6)
17 Make home in wild without closing a window (8)
19 Regularly Sartre yelled out “I'm a writer!”(5)
21 Dancer's driver missing society column (4)
22 Raise female to supply with weapons (4)
25 Share out every part of the bible (5)
27 Sword Lily was pleased to plant topless (8)
30 Handle local bird in Kent (6)
31 Article in place for spiders (6)
32 Oversupply of East Indian muscles (6)
33 Seafood take away for Noddy (3)
34 Neapolitan slaughtered after losing in a terrible battle (7)
36 Dress up English maiden like Big Ben perhaps! (9)
37 Nice thought? (4)
1 Iron laws, they're used to inflict corporal punishment (7)
2 Make the Illawarra sound vulgar (3)
3 Going furthest with legs not moving (7)
4 Old tales of Hesse de rigeur in hindsight (5)
5 Made weary taxmen fly (5)
6 Sadly Tokyo's losing yen for its music makers (5)
9 Experts who might compose Artemis Foul? (7)
10 Disprove ancient feller upset when left out (5)
12 Wherein Zeno gave lectures to Athenians? (4)
14 Eton always nurtures sound quality (5)
18 To proclaim a pound without a fencing parry (7)
20 Ed blended thymol distillation without using heroin (5)
23 London theatre to help aid organisation (7)
24 Came down wet and cold. Small dry protected shelter provides solution (7)
26 Painting over ancient siren (5)
27 Attract attention by swapping ends in game (4)
28 Stop all music before anyone starts to dance! (5)
29 Leave off old-fashioned disguise (5)
30 Well built with smelly section in front (5)
35 Radio Londonderry for example (3)

Perimeter :
Free style! (4)
Express surprise at legal principle underlying decision (7)
Headless toy (4)
Wind up taking home designated driver (6)
Could be the white knight of the Quebecois (7)
Flash back going South (4)
Mr Spooner's aircraft Fitzgerald (11)
Mistake unknown (5)
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