A Bright Future by Vernon

Six answers are undefined and can be treated similarly to get six new words, all of a kind.The introductions can be arranged to give a seventh word of the same kind. Write this word below the grid.

    1    Unsprung vehicle carrying writer — best with no roof (10, hyphenated)
    11    Weapons manufacturer in America, a Republican (also extremely vulgar) (7)
    12    Precisely where restaurant should be to show class (5, two words)
    14    Port wine comes from here, on a slope swathed in romance (8)
    15    Strangely creepy, grim and bullying at heart (6)
    16    Puff endlessly (4)
    17    Capone’s girlfriend may have referred to him as this — obsessive and obstinate (4)
    19    Spinning reality misleadingly? Not I! (6)
    21    Young bird’s eggs located at first by dog (8)
    24    Curve made by a throw and a hit back (8)
    26    Valet brings in port (6)
    27    School subject occupying pages for homework (4)
    29    With English leading, restrain Ireland (4)
    31    Cut me a bunch of flowers (6)
    33    He comes from part of Plymouth if this cold-hearted (8)
    34    Born top comic (5)
    35    Suggested set in school (7)
    36    Cup-shaped toy, a mega-rich source of fun when shaken (10)
    2    Auctioneer put up contents (5)
    3    Someone who takes in the arms or the adjudicators (8)
    4    Complications returning, I assume (4)
    5    Relate with developments in Irish town (6)
    6    Playwright’s lost his power: snoop round place of book production (8)
    7    Transcendental number, and one ten times as big (4)
    8    Be an unlimited help, possibly? (6)
    9    To do with stitching up a pattern in Latin America (7)
    10    Old comedian’s fan magazine that is used for polishing? (10, hyphenated)
    13    Cheap British meal — minced pudding (10, two words)
    18    Time artist spent working in part of church (8)
    20    A drier old lover? (8)
    22    With continued success in gymnastics? (7, three words)
    23    Muscular one’s wiry, or this possibly (6)
    25    Retired tennis player is returning after a talk (6)
    28    Arm, perhaps, cut off at the top (5)
    30    Special manual missing page contains name for a bone (4)
    32    Without fail, tinpot official shows off head-covering (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,  to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before the 8th August 2015.The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers. Please note the new email address.