Enigmatic Variations No. 375

'Topical Christmas Box' by Apex

In this 'TOPICAL CHRISTMAS BOX' clues are of 3 types and consist of 11 Misprints: -one letter misprinted in definition. 11 Definition and Letter Mixture: - with letter-mixture beginning with the beginning or ending with the end of a word in the clue. 22 Printer's Devilry - answer omitted from clue, the gap then closed up (spacing/punctuation may be altered). Solvers must decide which clue is which. The unclued perimeter (clockwise) followed by central row, 10 and 18D, consists of possible Christmas entertainments. Except for 18D, their words have been placed in random order and by taking one letter from each word in that order, two theme words can be spelt out. These Theme-words and letters entered in shaded squares (helpful when read left to right downwards) should be entered below diagram. The 19 barred off, 4 corner, and 3 mutually checked letters of unclued words could give H-HUSH - SOMEBODY ON SLEIGH - SANTA? The correct forms of misprints, in clued order should enable the solver to fully understand the puzzle. Chambers (1998) is recommended.


9 When hecklers throw things, a bat or stake of fence? (7)
10 Pat calls for a diluted drink (6)
12 Ancient spear, one Indian sent (4)
14 The successful tenders after the First Test (8)
15 A television addict often sews flashes (4)
16 She loves getting into scrapes (5)
18 When asked about ad, I sell pop groups the truth (3)
19 One old consort to quit no more (5)
21 Foot meets another MP at party (5)
23 English involved in case sniff ointment (6)
25 Bet fighter will be present (6)
27 For the expected boom, is being prepared (5)
29 Girls in stunts in Glasgow (5)
32 At Christmas many wilt and drink a lot (3)
33 Leader of Scots in match no longer broke (5)
37 Excited boys read about another Robin - hooray! (4)
39 Teaches prisoners about diplomacy (8)
40 An Indian mated every flower in the garden (4)
41 Built Hugo a cabin (6)
42 Judges have tosses for prizes at Flower Show (7)
1 Winter sportsmen agree to pledges on TV (4)
2 To decode old letter taken in by admiral (6)
3 Source of new life for poet is London (5)
4 A good port in honour of fine force (4)
5 If surveyors do not, I call in a builder (6)
6 As we relax by these, children build castles (4)
7 Holiday makers on a pub-crawl discovered Thebes (5)
8 Free vote and the Ayes have it (4)
11 During the summer sandals did a lot of damage (4)
13 A nephalist would like to brand other beers (6)
17 A wok recipe one used in witchcraft (5)
19 Waiting-maid without queen sold in opera (4)
20 During the winnow, blower may have to be used (5)
22 Screen May stole, being used in church (4)
24 Part needed for the old circular saw (6)
26 Here lady bears adventures at bedtime (6)
28 Person with illicit drug halted (6)
30 Listeners tune in to healers talking about electric rays (4)
31 A batsman complained when the bowler threw the balm (5)
33 One who spied out the land for Cable Television? (5)
34 In olden days, one drinking stint entreated others (4)
35 As transport developed the lane came too slow (4)
36 The capital Anita Loos preferred? (4)
38 To mad fellow, nothing runs on time (4)