Bottomless Cubes by Urchin

A tribute to Ad's Missing Faces

Thirty-six cubes, whose ‘top’ faces are numbered 1 to 36, are fitted into a six-by-six square. Each cube has a letter on each face and these six letters can be arranged to form a word (cube word).  Faces which touch each other bear the same letter. The diagram shows the ‘nets’ of the 36 cubes overlapping at the common faces with the ‘bottom’ faces omitted. Additional clues are given to the 4 edge words and the six words formed by the ‘top’ faces.
Edge Words
a - a  Coin in Peru established before outset of Atahualpa
b - b Sleep disturbed over a tree
c - c  Agent to run away briskly to audience
d - d Shout of joy trailing Dutch grass
Top Face Words
1 - 6 Battle-axes caught by Glaswegian gutters
7 - 12 Direction finder penetrating merrily in place of current rover
13 - 18 Brief  experience with especially good city
19 - 24 TV show swapping one for cunning hard rock
25 - 30 Designer's difficulty with reversing runner
31 - 36 Mineral water not swallowed
Cube Words
1  Small vessels third-rate golfer held aloft
2  Wily Jewish Mister going west for gems
3 Cultivating soy beans might give you an Aberdonian’s scallions
4 A gun wrapped in that discarded blazed once
5 Forward backwards - an old saw
6 They’re prickly (not any friends)
7 Turning tomato sauce over caught a wild animal
8 Will’s beetle is one struggling with no heart
9 Dessert with a bit of Scottish beef fat
10 Endless wind and bog is soddy
11 Nut in cushy full house?
12 Exercise with parrot for unusual regularity
13 Bird to remain after hope is shattered
14 Locally limp doctor’s in drag
15 Seaweeds are planted in the middle of holidays
16 Sri Lanka to affirm Scottish gas
17 Bird found daily around our country
18 General intelligence was idle like a wally?
19 In Rouen, I regret overtaking queen in search for contraband
20 Concerning fruit partition
21 Make joint with roach possibly hidden in quiet!
22 Rue injury on railway
23 Old lady to smoke plant in Uganda
24 Pillaging raid damaged bins leaving Zanzibaris in ruins
25 Die without overacting following conflict with a fair amount of drink
26 Indian soldiers ultimately taken in by mug
27 Drugs gripping man in US ships
28 Master gets money back for meal
29 A stupid person initially so has to act the fool
30 Memoranda: a strike-breaker in law
31 Fly after junior is rubbished
32 Coat a record in ridicule
33 Marmalade for Bunter? Squelch switches about for start of imposition
34 One expecting to get extra penny for harvester
35 The bard’s dash to get scripture inside Louisiana county
36 Told to go round Jamaica for sitting in field

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format  to before 8th April 2017. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.