Bird's Eye View by Wan

Solvers should highlight 36 cells depicting a scene. Each across clue contains a misprint, the correct letters helping to clarify the view.  Each down clue contains an extra word which, when paired with an extra word from a symmetrical clue has some relevance.

    1    Trade in a heap for a car that's decrepit (5)
    8    Italian hero is failing to get home wounded - behold the man! (4)
    12    Roughly one third of a mile in Beijing to be without yearly tree (5)
    13    Royal we pampered with endless furs and woolens now thrown away in a fit (7)
    14    Beginnings of public masses without fail (9)
    15    Dreadful storm and it's Highland reels (8)
    16    Fool returning file perhaps might drop money inside (6, two words)
    19    Find out parasitic worm is moderately warm in parts (4)
    20    Shire north of the border and island... (4)
    23    ...flag as the smallest bits of Scotland (5)
    25    Say yes to fat cat leader (5)
    26    Lower Jurassic wing found (4)
    29    Hear of organisers dividing large amount of money (4)
    30    Still in a pit in Edinburgh following Japanese drama (6, two words)
    32    Something destructive apter to start developing a city (8)
    36    Restricting alms starts to impact old and not nourish starving (9)
    37    Intended leaving squire stooped (7)
    38    Store on the way for some (5)
    39    Bones in pit thief dropped (4)
    40    Parson ruined tent just after entering (5)
    1    School keeping gear left by student initially sounds heavy (6)
    2    Tear poet’s ticket taking both ends off to be foolish (4)
    3    Sour beer - a revolting yellow lager (6)
    4    Close door of vestry and dash back late (5)
    5    Watch first of the group thoroughly (4)
    6    Wallaroo brain - it's a currency in some states (4)
    7    Spinning top reel did free bottom (7)
    9    Succulent waxy ball short of a touch of offal (6)
    10    Time to empty out English car manufacturer's plant (7)
    11    A good sort doesn't start to mount attack or shoot (6)
    17    Continue failing to get us a sound carrier unit (4)
    18    Pledge water for a covered walk (4)
    21    Trial summons one old rake to adopt second son (7)
    22    Bolting bracket and firing one's gun in the air when dropping dead (7)
    24    Counter whiteness of sugar introducing steel-grey element (6)
    25    A room in harem happens to make bowling tunics (6, two words)
    27    Greek island jersey worn regularly by wingless Greek goddess (6)
    28    Surprisingly great granny succeeded as an actor once (6)
    31    Prize letter in code until penning in English (5)
    33    To restore, run off and plunge bucket in water (4)
    34    "It's like cannabis" doctor said laughing (4)
    35    New collector chasing a note for advance payment (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format (including the highlighted cells), to before the 8th August 2013. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of one of the range of books which has been donated by Chambers.