Beyond the Pale by Curmudgeon

A ten-word instruction to solvers appears running clockwise round the perimeter. Unchecked lights if anagrammed, could produce LONG KNAVISH INSULTS.
    9    Piece of news I came across in review (4)
    11    Virtuous person going west, introducing European architectural features in the USA (6)
    12    Squirm, twisting with regular fear (6)
    13    Hart, cavorting horned ruminant (4)
    14    Concerning dispute about returned plunder, use foreign words again (8)
    15    Intermittently avoid saris in Asian style of dress (5, 2 words)
    16    Continually backtracking, circling island in Scotland to carry off booty (5)
    18    Ridges of rock with sulphur and bit of rubble interspersed (4)
    21    Ruptured nerve in poetry's torn (7)
    22    Good senior churchman rejected derogatory description of poor white (6)
    24    Wild oats in public area (4)
    26    Prod gazelle with extremity of rod (4)
    27    Gas - firedamp without mass (6)
    28    Local leather maker worked with marble (7)
    31    Local opening for sleeve cut with curved blade, half of this removed (4)
    33    Ragout of sausage, not primarily appetising (5)
    34    Shropshire drink (5)
    35    Combined study with reefer (8)
    37    Easy for poet to restrain without boundaries (4)
    38    Periodically in the past modify number (6)
    40    Busy exploit continued with no limits (6)
    41    Not willing to hear of energy going into revolutionary foible (4)
    1    Spiritual revivals when Brits transformed (9, 2 words)
    2    Needy Scots turning up tear around university (4)
    3    Additional craft mounted by one-time partner (5)
    4    Three-fifths of ninth and last of a long series, maybe (3)
    5    Pull devious person up the way the wind blows (7)
    6    Runs after South American royal, operating in a vehicle (5)
    7    Unit of luminance with old nitrogen gas once (5)
    8    Embarrassed by one's actions, inordinately sad about highland dwelling place (7)
    10    Wooden gallows historically south of Tyburn (5)
    17    Welshman climbing main body of basilica (4)
    19    Pure at the present time, held by extremes of sanctity (5)
    20    Broken-down rat fell in, one that's ostensibly dead (9)
    23    Patronage of European soldiers (4)
    24    Of society level giving rise to liberal, active, promiscuous women (7)
    25    Admission of sin; damaged contraceptive, horribly rotten, withdrawn (7)
    29    Strange mania for protection of embryos (5)
    30    Pseudo ethics involve historic acts (5)
    31    Affected prigs' disparaging term for youth (5)
    32    Take possession of American stronghold with no leader (5)
    36    Beginning of Japanese self-improvement system, object of laughter (4)
    39    Open country, lake and river (3)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format (with an explanation of the final grid), to before the 8th May 2013. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of one of the range of books which has been donated by Chambers.