Azed Competition Winning Clues

Nos. 1200 - 1500

1203 June 95 CLERICALISM C.J. Napier
For this to cease, ecclesiastical Rome may need reforming!
(comp. anag., & lit.)

1207 Jul 95 EPOCH-MARKING N.C. Dexter
Chap at odds with Rome - one named Marin Luther - signalling new era
(anag + King)

1212 Aug 95 HILDING J.R. Tozer
Bottling out vintage Mouton-Rothschild in grand bottles

1216 Sept 95 CHAPERON C.J. Morse
To accompany small children, adult individual, leader of school outing
(ch + A per(s)on, & lit.)

1220 Oct 95 CASSANDRA D. Ashcroft
Tragic scandals left axed King Agamemnon’s head: I saw it coming
(anag less l + R A) Included in annual competition, although a repeat of competition no. 190.

1225 Nov 95 CURRY C.G. Millin
Hot dish with shapely figure, right for form of plunging neckline
(r for V in curvy)

1229 Dec 95 GRUPPETTO N.C. Dexter
A turn from note F, say? E up to G and rpt start
(anag & lit; start vb)

1232 Xmas 95 Anagram of ‘The world is too much with us; late and soon’ Rev. Canon C.M. Broun
“Deus Homo Natus Est” - choir will do that now
Quotation from Wordsworth

1234 Jan 96 AVANT-PROPOS C.R. Gumbrell
Thus is French scholar expressing Schwarz’s opening piece for Chambers?
((s)avant pro pos, & lit., ref. Chambers page vi) Excluded from annual competition, being a repeat of competition no. 974

1238 Feb 96 ELASTIN (Printer’s Devilry) C.J. Morse
“As a non-worker,” the faithful drone, “does the Queen be/g favours?”
(As a non-worker, the faithful drone does the Queen bee lasting favours)

1242 March 96 KNOCKERS C.J. & M.P. Butler
Innings goes wrong - run out - for those who call unexpectedly
(knock + er(r)s)

1247 April 96 PREDICANT Dr I.S. Fletcher
See me spouting from Corner?
(predica(me)nt, & lit.; ref. Speakers’ Corner)

1250 April 96 STENOCARDIA as SONEOCARDIA (‘Ten to One’ (12:50) clue) M.D. Laws
Reason a doc’s worried about patient’s heart
(i in anag., & lit.)

1255 Jun 96 CATAFALCO N.C. Dexter
Coach covering the last fatal trip
(anag. less h; & lit)

1260 July 96 OUT-AND-OUT D.J. Dare-Plumpton
Sweeping defeat with primary loss - Dole’s no leader
((r)out + (h)andout; ref. Bob D.)

A good game when you’re three, wooden blocks bore energetic over-fours at play
(drill in tree; anag.)

1268 Sept 96 ARGIE-BARGIE C.R. Gumbrell
Clay with left wiped out energy Joe put into raw set-to
(argi(l) E + GI in bare, ref. Cassius C., J. Frazier)

1273 Oct 96 SIPOREX E. Gomersall
Figure with hole in. It might have been carved by Hepworth
(pore in six)

1277 Nov 96 NOVE(M)BER (Letters Latent) Dr J. Burscough
Instant beverages save a lot of time - no brewing!
(anag less ages; comp. was held in November)

1281 Dec 96 ABLUTOMANE D.F. Manley
One unbedded in ambulation when perturbed by last vestige of gore?
(anag less I + e; ref. Lady Macbeth)

1284 Xmas 96 STALE (‘Parcel’ clue: 3 defs. + sub. ind. of ‘wrapper’) C.J. Morse
Unique gift from God, centre of Christmas story, is housed in a stall
(sta(bles sing)le; s + tale)

1286 Jan 97 CHALET J.R. Tozer
What you might find in Lechtal overlooking lake?
(anag. less L, & lit.)

1290 Feb 97 NITERIE R.J. Hooper
Dive made from upturned punts
(‘Eire tin’ rev.)

1294 Mar 97 TRANSENNA R.J. Whale
Screen for saint’s remnants - this forms it, perhaps?
(comp anag., & lit.; screen = sift)

1300 Apr 97 OXFORD (with an extra O in the clue) G.H. Willet
Symbol of orotundity, Times cross over lightweight material
(rotundity; O x ford)

1303 May 97 PONIARD R.V. Dearden
One heat-oppressed brain could produce this probe thane sees
(comp. anag., & lit., ref. Macbeth 2, 1, 39)

1307 Jun 97 AGILE (Spoonerism) R.K. Lumsden
Describing lovely wine, mature, ’49 bottled
(lively one; IL in ages) Azed subsequently noted that IL is strictly invalid as a representation of 49.

1312 Jul 97 REST-CURE C.J. Morse
What makes stressed better is sure cert coming unstuck

1316 Aug 97 FINGERLICKIN’ N.C. Dexter
Taste of grub in nick lifer’s found quite otherwise!
(anag. incl. g, & lit.)

1322 Sep 97 CARPET F.P.N. Lake
Such as beetle gets to spoil?
(car + pet, & lit., ref. VW and carpet beetle)

1325 Oct 97 UPROOTAL M.D. Laws
What ends urtica invading our plot in new allotment?
(a in anag., & lit)

1329 Nov 97 PITHOS C.J. Morse
Greek character, liberal host - this could be his pot
(pi + anag., anag., & lit)

1334 Dec 97 CATACHRESTIC C.R. Gumbrell
In which fashion see the cold as ‘artic’
(anag. incl. c, c, & lit.; cf. arctic)

1336 Xmas 97 STOCKING R.J.Whale
You’ll recollect letters to St Nick go here
(anag., & lit)

1338 Jan 98 SMART ALEC V. Dixon
A C-stream learner, posturing?
(anag. incl. L, & lit.)

1342 Feb 98 ALIENS/RAPINE J.R. Tozer
Spoiling drap, in Edinburgh house a piece of ice put in glass reveals Sassenachs to Scots?
(hidden, house verb; a + i in lens)

1346 Mar 98 PHARISEE Mrs. J. Mackie
He praised not God, being blind
(anag. less D, & lit.; blind = drunk; ref. Matthew 15,14)

1351 Apr 98 NEATEN (Printer’s Devilry) H Freeman
A P/D’s to result from closed passages
(Apnea tends to result from closed passages)

1355 May 98 DIACATHOLICON J R Beresford
Versatile colonic aid that time forgot
(anag. less t, & lit)

1360 Jun 98 BOG-ASPHODEL G Johnstone
Behold, gapo’s flowering - with this?
(anag. & lit.)

13 Jul 98 MAVIN def. THONG (Wrong Number) R J Hooper
Bird having to strip is in the buff
(strip; mav(is) + in)

1367 Aug 98 SANBENITOS J Mortleman
Clobber to ban sins (once seen around Spain)
(E in anag)

1372 Sep 98 MASTERSTROKE J R C Michie
A major coup
(Masters troke (see coup2), & lit., ref. golf)

1376 Oct 98 LOGO D Williamson
What’s jamming to gollywog? Quite the reverse
(hidden in rev., & lit.)

1380 Nov 98 RAPPORT (Misprints) C J Brougham
The buffet carriage
(tie; rap port)

1387 Xmas 1998 Anagram of ‘Dylan Thomas: A Child’s Christmas in Wales’ C R Gumbrell
It has charm, this Swansea man’s cold idyll

1389 Jan 99 ALL-OVERISH M J Bailey
Feeling the after-effects of Christmas hols, a liver out of sorts?

1394 Feb 99 BERGAMOT Dr J Burscough
Orange order embargo, ending Loyalist displays?
(anag. + t, ref. marching bans)

1398 Mar 99 PERMETHRIN G I L Grafton
One means to create ‘no-fly’ zone, exercising naval force in the radius involved
(PE + RM + anag. incl. r; ref naval exercises in Adriatic/Gulf)

1402 Apr 99 PENTOSE (With definition of anagram) M Coates
What has ovine content, covering those not hot
(posteen; pen + t(h)ose; & lit)

1406 May 99 CHASSEPOT R J Hannam
Version of Athos’s piece that is rifled?
(anag. less i.e., & lit.; ref. The Three Musketeers)

1411 Jun 99 LOOK-SEE R J Palmer
A butcher’s odd bits of steak go so well in a pie
(anag. of alternate letters)

1415 Jul 99 MANATI (Printer’s Devilry) R J Whale
Ro/me’s face is strangely not italic
(Roman, a Times face, is strangely not italic)

1419 Aug 99 SPLODGE R K Lumsden
Tie could come to get spoiled with this
(comp. anag. & lit.)

1424 Sep 99 HEIST F R Palmer
Briefly, it’s forbidden to the believer, one constrained by ancient commandment
((’t)heist, i in hest, & lit., ref. 8th commandment)

1428 Oct 99 CRICETID D Price Jones
Mention this rodent and you’ll hear scream on chair
(‘cry seated’, & lit?)

1433 Nov 99 NEANDERTHAL A J Wardrop
One might describe arch-conservative thus and hearten loony left
(anag. + l, & lit.)

1437 Dec 99 MISTLETOE NC Dexter
Attachment to branches - uncommonly to ilex stem - yielding a kiss
(anag. less x, & lit.)

1439 Xmas 99 JOHN CANOE M Barley
Celebrations Antiguan-style, whose origins lie in gospel story a long time back
(C A in John + eon (rev))

1441 Jan 00 ‘Millennium Bug’ (Own choice with bug replacing MM) JR Tozer
Puzzle consisted of one bug after another
(flummox/wasp; flu was pox)

1446 Feb 00 NEWSPAPERDOM Mrs E.M. Phair
Sweep, mop, darn, set to rights - that’s the province of dailies

1450 Mar 00 PRETENDANT N.C.Dexter
He's hanging round on true-love's threshold, perhaps
(pendant + re t. & lit.)

1454 Apr 00 GET-UP R.Haddock
Rig: half-gelt ram?
(ge(lt) + tup: ref. rig 5)

1459 May 00 GREATEST (Spoonerisms) G.Perry
Top tip nobbled at St Leger - length short
(tip-top: anag. less l)

1463 June 00 REVERSIONAL A.J. Dorn
Leo arrives and Tont could be ---, playing with toy?
(comp. anag. & lit: ref. Blairs)

1467 July 00 CANAPÉ D.F.Manley
First thing Cowper has paean about?
(C + anag. & lit.; ref. 'I sing the sofa' at start of 'The Task' by William C.)

1472 Aug 00 No 1472, TORAN "Printer's Devilry" P.L. Stone
We hear Catholic call 'Stop reven/ge, order marching through!'

1476 Sept 00 LIGNIPERDOUS R.J.Heald
Devastating Woods - with fantastic round, Tiger slips clear of the leaderss
(anag. less first letters;ref. US golfer)

1480 Oct 00 SAMARITAN V. Dixon
A Saint Martin, cutting coat with foil or such, possibly?
(anag. less tin, & lit.; ref. St M. of Tours, usually portrayed cutting his coat with a sword to give part to a man in need).

1485 Nov 00 BOURSE/TIFOSO D F Manley
What we have in financial paper is an institution for business enthusiast, so I love FT inordinately
(ours in be(=bill of exchange);anag.incl. O)

1489 Dec 00 FRONT-BENCHER J R Tozer
I'm highly political - that's form for one involved in marches
(bench for I in frontier)


1494 Jan 01 MARATHON Ross Beresford:
Licking for Persians is a prolonged exercise

1500 18 Feb 01 GIT 'on board ship' PF Henderson
Reason running short aboard hoy!
(SLOGITOP; logi(c) in stop!)