Azed Competition Winning Clues

901 - 1200

904 VOETGANGER J F Grimshaw
Boorish promenader’s against reggae not being represented
(v + anag., ref. annual criticism of programmes for BBC/Henry Wood Proms)

908. INDIGO (Printer’s Devilry) V.G.Henderson.
Captain’s rum deal: I’m used to occasional short, pitching ro/wer might say
(Captain’s rum deal: “I’m used to occasional short pitch in groin,” D.I. Gower might say)

912 ARCHIBALD D Ashcroft
Entertainer in unfamiliar form; ad lib playing by Shakespearean principal
(Arch + anag., ref. Archie Rice & Olivier)

Trouble Italy has looming?
(anag. inc. I & lit; ref. forthcoming World Cup in Italy 1990.)

Lord King detains staff with pained expression: “I’ll have BA back in front, well ahead of KLM”
(Cross in Christ R, ow, ref. British Airways chairman)

With bent forearm and old racket I lacked command in service
(anag. + do)

926 NERD A J Shields
With update, ‘——’ replaces ‘dunderpate’
(comp. anag. & lit.)

930 SABULOSE H W Massingham
Gravelly renderings of blues with Satchmo pouring his heart out
(anag incl. S(atchm)o, ref. Louis Armstrong)

934 LACE-UPS Dr E. Young
Spikes, pierced by holes in front?
(up in laces, & lit.)

939 A-PER-SE/ESCROC D H Tompsett
‘Nonpareil’ apple-crusher ejects every other core and Coxes’ peel mashed in the twister
(alternate letters; anag. incl. C(oxe)s)

943 BARAGOUIN D F Manley
Obtain Gowers and usage may be reformed as this goes west
(comp. anag. & lit. ref. Sir Ernest Gowers: The Complete Plain Words)

Ill-doers push crack? No crack here - just a joint given a pull
(anag. ref. drugs)

952 STAR (Spoonerism) R.S. Morse
One blessed with a Pierrot’s heart?
(Hero’s part; St a r & lit.)

956 SPEAR-SIDE R J Hooper
Dies out after a person’s popped off without male issue
(anag. less son + anag., & lit.)

961 WAVESON P L Stone
Particular motion’s directed towards floating constituents when the tub is thumped
(wave’s on)

965 EARBASH def. NECKLET (Wrong Number) N C Dexter
Go on an endless time after managing to collar Australian
(collar; A in er(a) + bash, & lit.)

969 BUNTER C A Clarke
One on the prowl for food with breadth rather than height as primary characteristic
(b for h in hunter & lit.)

972 Anagram of 28 letters (‘Funny Hats’) M. Wetherfield & D.E. Schlesinger
Out, hell-bent Arab fanatic - enough!
(ref. UN ultimatum to Saddam in Kuwait)

974 AVANT-PROPOS H.B. Morton
Preliminary one learned before popping the question - sal volatile!
(savant proposal less sal)

Could it be articulated as ‘duel tun by Croe’?
(anag. & lit. ref. M. Crowe, NZ cricketer)

982 ALMANAC Dr. GB Greer
List of year’s events must include Azed’s first thousand and a clan regathering
(anag. inc. A, M, ref. forthcoming AZ 1000 celebration)

Border, opening up now, needs one run further before close of play
(I r + on + curtain, ref, Alan B., cricketer)

991 BRASH P F Henderson
This word’s not right for ‘shy’!
(b(r)ash & lit. bash = shy = attempt.)

995 STASIMA (Printer’s Devilry) F.R. Palmer
Do Ayatollahs practise fir/m sin control of the faithful?
(Do Ayatollahs practise first as imams in control of the faithful?)

1000 ONE THOUSAND D.F. Manley
The Sun. No. specially launched with a do
(anagram & lit.; ref. AZ 1000 lunch)

Bacon’s stuff we turn slain pig into
(anag., ref. Francis B.)

1008 SPORTSCASTER (Misprint) E.J. Burge
Wine’s one drawn from the box. Start process with a tap
(Vine; anag., ref. David V.)

1013 ALVEARY T.J. Moorey
Australian’s really fiery 5 for 50 – depression in the pavilion
(anag. with V for L, pavilion = outer ear)

One can help make cup brilliant: might old cap ask chaps to open out?
(pear main, i.e. fruit cup; anag.; ref. R.U. World Cup Final, R. Uttley England coach)

1024 BEARD F.P.N. Lake
Some seamen may wear one in the style of Shaw
(Be(RN)ard, & lit., ref. GBS)

1024 PRESENT (‘Parcel’ clue: defs. of 3 words + ind. of  ‘wrapper’) Dr E Young
Book records offering after a heavenly sign
(a(pres ent)ries)

1026 LET-OFF D.F. Manley
Aid denied to oft-failed bats?
(anag. less aid & lit.)

1030 PASTILLE D.F. Manley
Action by sucker may give this reduced radius
(pas tille(r), & lit.)

1034 BURLAP D. Price Jones
Out-of-order W.C.’s not available for organised pub-crawl. A wall might get covered with this!
(anag. less anag.)

1039 TOLERABLE D.F. Manley
Being otherwise, Albert’s swallowed ’ole
(’ole in anag., ref. M. Edgar: The Lion and Albert)

1043 PESTO (Printer’s Devilry) C.G. Millin
Vaulting above tunnel entrance appears inane, sca/ry
(Vaulting above tunnel entrance appears in an escape story; ref. The Wooden Horse)

1048. GALLOPADE. R.J. Hooper
In which horse takes step to its side instead of the usual way.
(pad + (hors)e for way in Galloway, & lit.)

1052 AGANIPPE J.R. Beresford
Did I poetically inspire a lovelorn Pope?
(gan I in a P(o)pe, & lit.)

1056 ENTRAIN def. ASTHORE (Wrong Number) F.R. Palmer
What troubles are not lessened by love in life?
(love; anag. less O + in)

1061 MAGIC T.J. Moorey
Skilful deception practised by Nixon - and Johnson?
(2 defs., ref. US Presidents, David N., TV magician, M. Johnson, basketball star)

1065 TANDOORI Dr E. Young
Curry house has one?
(tan door i, & lit.)

1069 POSTICHE (with new ‘headpiece’) H.W. Massingham
Echt is opposite of this, note, in German
(ti in Bosche, & lit.)

1074 DEMIREP FR Palmer
With whom we see English MP’s involvement with dire results
(anag. incl. E, & lit.)

1078. KIRBEH C.J.Brougham
Hide impermeable? If so, fakir’s one up on me!
(i.e. fakir is fah if kir be h)

1084 PIERCEABLE/SALESGIRL (Valentine couplet containing 2 definitions and letter mixtures) R.F. Naish
Choice pearl be kind, I’m not immune to caring, / I serve thee ill? Nay deem my faults less glaring!

1087 OLD SOLDIER M. Coates
One may have held Martini
(double def.: Martini = drink and rifle)

1091 SAPSAGO (Spoonerism) P.F. Henderson
Puff on stale fags a good deal
(stuff on pale; saps a go)

1095 STINK J.F. Grimshaw
What sulphur can make with no. 1 element in kipp
(s tin k & lit., ref. hydrogen sulphide)

1100 CONCORDANCE D.F. Manley
New-fashioned cleric has one on a CD to output ‘Elisha’ possibly?
(comp. anag., & lit.)

1104 BURYING-PLACES J.C. Leyland
Havens for those who’ve departed jumping bail, e.g. N. Cyprus
(anag., ref. Azil Nadir scandal)

1108 GREEN R.S. Morse
What grass is (even for a fool)
(e’en for ass in grass, & lit.)

1113 EMPLASTRUM R.J. Hooper
Mutton and rump with salt in caper and mustard dressing, perhaps
(em + anag., ref. mustard plaster)

1117 STAMNOS D.F. Manley
So Greek —— could indefinitely offer more songs, Keats?
(comp. anag., & lit., ref Ode to a Grecian Urn)

1122 BASILIAN C.R. Gumbrell
Tuck among outlaw film’s central characters, is a round, monkish type
((f)il(m) is a rev. in ban, ref. Friar T.)

1126 CHEATERY Mrs J. Mackie
What could be promising Rachel yet delivering Leah initially?
(anag. less L, & lit., ref. Genesis 29, 16-25)

Spectre, but not the last - miser hasn’t fully reformed
(anag. less e, & lit.; ref. A Christmas Carol)

1130. AGRESTAL C.J. Morse.
Ace filly laps remainder of the field
(a + rest in gal)

1134. TOVARICH R.S. Morse.
The Russian guy Kasparov’s not half done in the Short guy
((Kasp)arov anag. in tich, ref. Chess championship)

1139. BENJAMIN D.H. Tompsett.
What’s ‘Wedgy’ in his family circles: a pet name?
( jam + i’ in Benn; ref Tony (Wedgwood) B.)

1143. DEATH (Printer’s Devilry) B. Burton.
His partner’s large-size ma/res hold a problem for the groom.
(His partner’s large size made a threshold a problem for the groom).

1147. MAYDAY Dr. E. Young.
Flowers light is what’s picked up from coaster on bar?
(may day, ref. Flowers, beer brand).

1152. PARACETAMOL P.F. Henderson.
Excellent thing for a head, taken in by mouth
(ace tam in parol, & lit.).

What’s prancer - and his toe, if fantastic?
(anag., & lit., ref. Milton L’Allegro ‘light fantastic toe’)

1161 ADIAPHORON E.A. Beaulah
In composition do I start to preface ‘h’ with ‘a’ or ‘an’ (not a required usage)?
(anag. incl. p; e.g. a/an hotel)

1165 YAPSTER P.F. Henderson
Variety of English pastry? Dane would probably look down on it!
(anag. incl. E, i.e. Great Dane)

1169 BLITHE/URSINE D.R. Robinson
The ending of ‘Goldilocks’ in wee bear’s thible stirring is happy
(s in urine; anag.)

Gelded nag, nil ——?
(anag. & lit.)

1178 BOOTLEG M. Barley
A bottle of gin would not normally be this, if an item from Threshers
(comp. anag., & lit.)

1180 COLD TURKEY P.F. Henderson
Gospel shows Lord in simple bed - the original crib?
(Ld in cot + Ur key)

1181 SLADE N.C. Dexter
Semi paludal’s the term for comparable ground
((palu)dal’s + e anag., & lit.)

1186 GRISELDA Dr I.S. Fletcher
Job as woman? Work lies in form of drag
(anag. in anag.)

1190 DENARIUS C.J. Morse
Plautine piece, ten times as rude as in burlesque
(anag.; D = 10 asses)

1194 DONET T.J. Moorey
Latin title one favoured after breaking Priscian’s head?
(don-(p)et, & lit.)

1200 ‘MCC’ cricketing clue (own choice of word with ct (caught) omitted from subsidiary indicators) N.C. Dexter
Hutton-follower in Oval’s delirious!
(vol(c)anis(t); anag; see Vulcanist in Ch.; ref. L. Hutton’s record-breaking innings of 364 at the Oval in 1938)