Awl by Chalicea

There is a misprint in the definition part of 34 clues. Correct letters spell out an instruction.

    1    Feeling of dejection, fellas so regularly sent back inside! (8)
    6    In Midsummer Night's Dream to yell like a wolf at blow he afflicted (6)
    11    Coarse person lacking refinement and spirit; dregs in the Arab world (6)
    14    County company associate got drink from powder mixed with milk (5)
    15    At beck of insane earner harbouring bizarre ire (9, two words)
    16    Eastern nosh, eggs making a comeback (3)
    17    Tattier, unravelled, worn by friction it was once said (7)
    18    Place someone should fill with last bit of DIY regular matt (6)
    20    Bride's ribbon holds back tough, short hair in Gretna Green (5)
    23    Comic entertainer welcoming intermittent update of imaginary, unrealistic situation (9)
    26    Wandering abroad, in a valley, for example (6)
    30    Band's voluntary by mill including snatches of Yiddish works (8, three words)
    31    Record essentially quite unwelcome down-curving of leaves (8)
    36    Crazy botanists disregarding distinct ban, leaving young tod (6)
    37    Uniform colour for US job round unusually vile sluttish woman (9)
    38    Hollow Scottish garden plot cut back, however, for Spenser (5)
    40    Sudden loud noise; the French language! (6)
    42    Managed involving Italian river for tidy source of fish food (7)
    45    One's own bust (3)
    47    Young homeless parson, perversely better so before conclusion of ministry (9)
    48    Fruit syrup essentially brings flies (5)
    49    Lets loose chaotically, admitting a touch of distraction (6)
    50    Daughter urged hopelessly to do full job (6)
    51    A local cold fish, grasping and not truthful (8)
    1    Scruffy, old damn flab, developed with age! (7)
    2    Unrelenting enthralling flow (of musical passages) (5)
    3    Rooky height - wrong mostly, then right! (4)
    4    Smooth twisted seaweed (4)
    5    Clydeside's skilful head of yard supporting singular framing structure of ship (6)
    7    Zeal in Germany of country's dramatist (not British!) (4)
    8    Moderation of house area (3)
    9    Bard's forest timber (8)
    10    Organ of wild creature absorbing extremes of air (6)
    12    Great coat, large with trimmed edges and cosy with no hood (6)
    13    Badly-built bier must inter for a second time (8)
    19    Tense learner in Greek class labours in situ ignoring the odds (6)
    21    Eccentric savant provides means of funding one's orientation (6)
    22    Type of art designer ultimately inserted into raised floor (6)
    24    Not particularly camp, surprisingly dishy, with a hint of raunchiness (6)
    25    Bard's cry raised from the mass, including who? (6)
    27    First port of a series, Rio cycling alcoholic spirit (6)
    28    Down in the Arabian Peninsula, good looker with verve (8)
    29    Potentially a politer method for removing excess hair (8)
    32    Result in excessive turning up round ballot box (6, two words)
    33    Fabricated teddy that is knitted then coloured (7)
    34    Turning up on demand with girl, to spend time in car (6, two words)
    35    Single computer instruction and note for mark showing why to pronounce vowel (6)
    39    Expression of contempt associated with first class rural peace in NZ (5)
    41    Grandiose league working on government (4)
    43    Injects wax in pipe-layer (4)
    44    Giant prisoner almost beheaded (4)
    46    Cooked and oddly preserved (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, with an explanation of the final grid, to before the 8th June 2014. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.