'AWARDS ____________________'



One letter must be omitted from the answer to each across clue, one letter must be added, at any point but never unchecked, to the answer to each down clue. Definitions in clues refer to the untreated words (lengths indicated by numbers in brackets); subsidiary indications refer to the treated forms entered in the diagram. In numerical order of clues the omitted letters (across) followed by the added letters (down) complete the title of the puzzle. Clues are presented in symmetrical pairs and the clues in each pair are separated by one redundant word, the initial letters of these words, in numerical order, give words which are associated with the Theme of the puzzle as are the letters entered in the shaded squares when read from left to right. Chambers Dictionary (1998) is recommended.

1,33 Birds wave and wiseacre now quietly awards old authors (7,7)
5,32 What digger will do about lining - explain surgical methods when gripping snake? (7,7)
10,31 Brave person after a scalp disturbed rascal watching laying of eggs round one locality (11,11)
12,30 Dislike translation, yet managing director and everyone in charge like an award? (8,8)
13,29 Uncharged particle - sister carries sign - experienced sergeant-at-law carries real pastry (7,7)
14,28 Giddy degree of excitement - to hum another traditional song assembled with love (5,5)
15,26 Utterly new - to make harsh resolutions to change bothy and English tenant's right (7,7)
16,24 Scots talked boldly - "Tin hut had comfort even without central heating and ecstasy" (7,7)
17,22 Lush clues somehow absorbed by alien - only visual clue almost destroyed in dispute (8,8)

1,23 To feel being among very good Scots never controls liners at sea (5,5)
2,19 Resin runs under tree, stone, only black obtrusive one, beginning to excite cruel Scots? (6,6)
3,27 In US, to colour line in darts unhappy youngster to defect in Brazil (4,4)
4,18 Changeable drama with king in the best role - page about to embrace awfully itchy priestess (6,6)
5,22 About the smallest strengthening piece supporting districts set up around one sacred enclosure (5,5)
6,25 Stern gentleman on Liberia's high mountains - English pals make merry (4,4)
7,21 Pert woman aboard ship in jest instructs guide to carry Henry over domes (5,5)
8,11 Estranged foreigner without love and a boy scorning resolution sing duets outrageously on Sabbath (9,9)
9,20 Run and beat bird - triumphant duckweed genus heading around north (5,5)