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The first Crossword Centre puzzle marked by our late friend Trevor was ‘Losing Track’, my tale of woe about a scratched record. At the time, prompting me with an album title, he suggested that I might repeat the exercise. I’m afraid I only just got round to checking my copy – but uncannily I find I do have the same problem here. Thirteen clues originally incorporated the titles of the album’s 13 tracks but (true to form for vinyl) all of the tracks have been scratched - solvers should therefore reinstate the missing titles before solving those damaged clues.
In twelve other clues, an extra word needs to be removed before solving. First and last letters of these words in normal clue order suggest how to identify the album.
Solvers must highlight five thematic names appearing in the completed grid.
Chambers Dictionary (2014) is the primary reference – and thanks for everything Trevor.

Damaged tracks
    27D    Start [track 1] potato (4)
    43D    Slav deserted congested city [track 2] (4)
    31D    Judge [track 3] from advertisement (6)
    34A    [Track 4]'s noise is encountered in High School (4)
    18A    [Track 5] joining North American expert (5)
    48A    Feel great desire for poet found [Track 6] (4)
    14A    Muslim Prince runs after friend of [Track 7] (4)
    29D    Principal parts [Track 8] house in southern France  (3)
    22A    [Track 9] each month that is timeless for the Romans  (4)
    47A    Being in sea [Track 10] doesn't open (5)
    44A    [Track 11] you'll find Welsh lad (4)
    16A    [Track 12] excluded from detailed inspection (4)
    2D    [Track 13]'s the first of many in headland (4)

    1    One type of threaded fastener will press chip out of shape (13, two words)
    11    Livingston's grandchild's piercing cry of surprise finding wax plant (4)
    13    On Ben Nevis overturn European sports car again (5)
    15    Tilt top end of a loaf (4)
    17    Crustless fagot's gone (3)
    19    She informally contracted ageing illustrious person (3)
    20    Acid / alcohol compound putrefies retina internally (5)
    24    Faint German innkeeper cleaned out lavatory (7)
    26    Compact recycled trees (5)
    28    With great speed make lid flexible (7, Two words)
    30    Goodbye from those receiving waves starting out late (5)
    32    Trade union’s all right with legislation recalled for sudden strike (7)
    36    Minors under guardianship run into large quantities of money (5)
    39    Returning to have sex with society girl (3)
    40    Maestro relies on souls overcoming natural killer (5)
    42    Fantastic sum Academy gave as a gift (3)
    45    Cane sugar protects accepted source of forage (4)
    46    In the same place, export goat (4)
    49    Yelping of geese rocked neighbour's lad (13, two words)

    1    Stage of development when retro shape gets distorted (5)
    3    Big piece of circular gemstone (5)
    4    Couple in relationship needing space after soulless sexual activity (4)
    5    Beg for positive initiative (5)
    6    Pirate metal? (6)
    7    Considered hoax involving dodgy tune (7)
    8    Long jumper's jumping further by beginning way back (10)
    9    They are used for fencing seat of authority put up under extreme pressure (5)
    10    Most peculiar fence in stream finally blocked estuary (8)
    12    Over quite quickly, wino left half of Turkish dish containing fragment (8)
    17    B-movie combat could show Victory in Europe with this exploding (10, two words)
    21    Give away old sow maybe (4)
    22    Kind reverend to cheat missing bishop (3)
    23    Determined one returning to thoroughly investigate anti tetanus serum (8)
    24    45 diamonds exhaust gem-cutter's primary secret supplier of property protection (8, two words)
    25    Take some rye whiskey in wood (3)
    28    One idiot seeking to influence lout with indirect rule (7)
    33    Cereals placed around bedroom for American football ref (5)
    35    Homeless person exchanging base with University head (5)
    37    Stop working in gold. Farewell (5)
    38    A lot of cubs from vixen unconfined aboard ship (5)
    41    Special large wood frame (4)
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