1 ACROSS  by Rebus Notes

1 Across ‘Anagrammatist’ is what solver becomes creating 6 anagrams using the letters ‘ACDEILM’
The hidden extra words providing the defining sentence for the unclued answers being:
Desert dweller (camelid) insisted that (claimed) one tenth (decimal) of doctors and nurses (medical) harangue (declaim) and wanted to harm at one time (maliced).

9. Word build meg+ area (rev)
11. Anagram: each an +a
12. Slalom – l(left) anag.
14. Anagram +ed
16. Hidden
17. Baha’i – i reversed
23. Anagram of pie + salt=cure
24. So fast – t
25. Scan taking ’r’ inside
27. Word build epic +ene
35. Albi becomes albino if ‘no’ added
36. Double definition
37. Ta + rs +al first and last letters (enclosures).
38. Word build io around m ‘a’ g.
39. Hidden in reverse (reverse being the answer to the next clue).
40. Reve (French for dream) + rse (cheekily arse – ‘a’)
1. Gambit – g (good)
2. Anagram ‘tangle’ –n and lit.
3. Word build.r+ea+ch.
4. Word build MA+shed.
5. Word build ‘data’ in’ rom’ (all reversed).
6. Word build. Homophone of wax after ‘th’ (middle letters of northern )
7. Anagram mused+s
8. Homophone of ‘analysed’( broke down).
10. Lace anagram inside (on board) etcher.
15. Anagram of point inside anagram of ice
18. Word build ‘gate’ inside BA + sell (rev)
19. ‘r” inside anagram of ‘ in shape’.
21. Just cryptic case+ mates
26. ‘D’ictate becomes ‘n’ictate.
28. Word build Poll +ENT.
29. Word build ‘A’+do+ red.
30. Word build ‘C’ + ABI +’RI’
32. Word build ‘c’+ rave
33. Definition ‘on a previous occasion’. Alludes to ‘a’ for ‘e’ as an instruction.
34. Genet would become Plantagenet if started (booted) with planta (sole of foot)
1. Anagrammatist 9.Megaera 11.Achaean 12.Loams 14.Sweden 16.Ileac 17.Ahab 20.Decimal 21.Camelid 23.Epicure 24.Sofas 25.Scran 27.Epicene 30.Claimed 31.Medical 35.Albi 36.Rifle 37.Tarsal 38.Imago
39. Everton 40.Reverse 41.Advertisement
1. Ambit 2.Aglet 3. Reach 4.Mashed 5.Matador 6.Thwacks 7.Sedums 8.Annalised 10.Eel-catcher 13.Maliced 15.Epitonic 18.Bagatelles 19.Heparins 21.Casemates 22.Decimal 26.Nictate 28.Pollent 29.Adored 30.Cabiri 32.Crave 33.Afore 34.Genet