Seasons Greetings X by Eclogue

Clues are presented in alphabetical order of their solutions and must be entered jigsaw-wise wherever they will fit.  Solvers must deduce the five unclued entries and highlight the whole of the four across lights along with the first letter of the one unclued down entry (a leading light) in the finished diagram to complete this year’s seasonal greetings card. One answer is in Collins/OED.

Section of tableau is clever
Ends when objection is admitted
Wild goat eating palm in pieces, restlessly
Distant relative dwelling in cave?  On the contrary!
Not inclined to mix when ordinary non-professional comes round
Administrative trainee spilling salt in the end (two words)
France’s future variance to be readjusted without absolute constant
Old airline, mobile, to transmit to …
… passenger section about storage space
Small American wolf interminably poorly over poisonous shrub
Unclued (three words)
Unclued (three words)
Dead language, a very small amount accorded the highest note
Rage infusing French arsonist, say
Much Ado About Nothing in reference library round moulding
Forces carrying old devices
Unclued (three words)
Enormous cuddle by European
Driver of hackney coaches disposing of recreational vehicle for southern section wigs
Rapacious people with paunches up north
Talkative girl to sing lightly with Georgia

Masses of plant tissue film in Nunavut Territory and Long Island
Overcharge by scoundrel may come to mind
Watchmaker spending hour with someone examining range, perhaps
Oriental city primarily occupying situation around Kansei area
This small carnivore catching fish
Rowdy maître d’ let in once more
Dry Scots pines by rolling
Italian rocket dazzled ocular
Wind up circus, entering ring for all to see
Taoiseach in the main?  Quite the opposite
Scraps take in drops
Dumb silence over little Mary
Peter, perhaps, having cider with kiss for wife
Pendant, note, taken by jackdaw in Edinburgh …
… its pair taking wife in too there
Old ox around popular water
Rank buttermilk bottles
In the north, the best choose timber
Cycling pack hots up
Most poor in the past lived with rule in time

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format with an explanation of the highlighting, to before 8th January 2019. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.