Seasons Greetings IX by Eclogue

Each clue contains a misprint in the definition.  Correct letters in clue order spell out how to resolve clashes along with further instructions.  Solvers must complete these and highlight the clued light that identifies the outcome.  Enumerations refer to grid entries.

1 Match probationary trial (7)
7 Mariner with attention to local fact (5)
12 With lugs cut up, pirate duel played out (9)
13 Senior citizen caught out after (5)
14 Decoy char for char that’s shy (4)
15 Recognise Kӧchel phase (4)
16 Makes rudd negotiate separate stream initially (7)
17 Leave together with present company leading (5)
18 Maybe guitarists clutch one for you we hear - males could improve edges with these (7)
20 See renegade escort burns aircraft (6)
24 Botswanan cast majority of influence on Australia (4)
27 Coper, perhaps, stuffing warehouse receipts (4)
28 Rack deposits in banks like annual return (4)
29 Idalian native, a poet after Solomon’s heart (5)
31 Fun shines, twinkles and radiates first and foremost (4)
33 Certainly succeeded in getting Turkish means of fudging measures (4)
35 Special mixture’s without current line (4)
36 Notice injury initially accidental for son? (6)
37 Knotted strong tie in grafting arrangement of ribbons (7)
40 Perhaps rundled dairy-maid returns after sex? (5)
43 Freedom of movement in strong adder (7)
44 Roll last of crapulent - dead drunk (4)
45 Fib in Mississippi, say, starts to become rife, easily repeated (4)
46 Tall nurse to do service no longer (5)
47 It may be set to turn over on daily transport (9, two words)
48 What could make twice Pepsi’s allowance in part? (5)
49 Pits in orbs, perhaps, with son developing herpes (7)

1 With little from the south, Spanish capo slaps Arab angrily (13, two words)
2 Euros (160) underneath porch (5)
3 Twee shrew laid over nurse-maid (6)
4 Stocks are deployed on these subsidiary reels (6, two words)
5 Carve roast cohos (4)
6 Armada to bless female fighter in corrido (7)
8 Makes dual set sob uncontrollably (6)
9 Perhap sign English study (4)
10 Expert runs mazes, perhaps (4)
11 Gorgon’s ballet inclines prince to cruel woman (13, two words)
12 Blast in Colombia aboard Bogota piragua (4)
19 Jock’s to order strange upturned cloak from Jonathan (5)
21 Painter of flag objects twice entering canal (5)
22 Mates referring to the whole of books in ciphers (4)
23 Quits with regard to Alabama (4)
25 Second hard Unionist poet’s affirmed (4)
26 Thin section of salsa, say, initially leaves avocados tasting hot (4)
30 Logos’ old bits of gold melted in sideroom (7)
32 Spanish aunt follows Rachel to old Roman tratt (6)
34 Exercise in living one’s own life obtained in ramshackle pier (6)
35 Ascent affected altitude (6)
38 Flag hard language of Maya, say (4)
39 One may note dropping aitch when ‘e first ordered menu (5)
41 Be out of it occasionally giving drunken hug (4)
42 Send eels mostly survive empty net within… (4)
43 … large snakes catching eels initially avoiding meetings (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the highlighted word and a clear description of the final grid to before 8th January 2018. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.