Seasons Greetings VIII by Eclogue

One clue is normal.  The remainder are split into three equal groups:  misprints in the definition, an extra letter in wordplay or a missing letter anywhere in the clue (always providing real words).  Respectively, the correct/extra/omitted letters in clue order provide an author and the title of one of his works which explains why certain characters should be removed from the initial grid wherever they occur.  However, in common with the work, the season prevails (symmetrically) in the final grid to be submitted by solvers.  Chambers 13th edition is recommended, but does not include one answer (in Collins).

1 Old cloak is unravelled, said master (4)
4 Sons tap support (6)
9 Etage in icy formation crisscrossed houses (4)
11 Gypsy girl obscured by chance hailstorm (4)
12 Jerk which turns Scot’s lively action (4)
13 Greek peak’s flourishing hostas (5)
14 Tenor’s hat up for grabs (4)
15 Ruman skills game failing to commence (4)
16 Religious title primarily is major office accorded Muslims (4)
18 Being kicked, perhaps, adult attends small bird (4, two words)
21 Italian-French company urns for wine (4)
22 Small fruit bush mostly behind athletic club (4)
23 Scottish pips, to begin with, are incredibly tough seeds (4)
25 Diminutive female is backing protection department (4)
27 Ian skims smear, one off (5)
28 Agon once with bird mostly on the wing (4)
29 Strep for Iain’s taxman in Turkey (4)
30 Wether, perhaps, getting one kettle (4)
31 Give a hand with idiot’s chest (6)
32 Ruddy old seat in Parliament secreting money (4)

1 Scar develops twitch when extremely cold (6)
2 Foul vapours from street entering Aboriginal hut, not iodine (6)
3 Does nit exist when nits got sprayed?  (4)
5 Ancient string player added a tristich (9)
6 Clement’s god in charge (6)
7 Sat transformed, defeated in law (4)
8 Sound of Swiss male’s second (4)
10 Cruel sarcasm hit musical responses (9)
17 When about to make most special, served up flowers (6)
19 I sat over rug rising for another (6)
20 Will’s alarm?  On one bishop is the very thing (6)
23 Record of beeting? Erk volunteers (4)
24 Ireland’s bus system bloomer (4)
26 Jock’s absorbed in Aldis lamp (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format  to before 8th January 2017. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.