Thirteen letters (one per row) omitted from wordplay where they occur, spell out the originator of a work.  An extract of the more recent verbal addition to the work should be highlighted (25 symmetrically placed contiguous cells) and completed below the grid (6 words, including the work’s title), providing Eclogue’s 2014 seasonal invitation.
1 Charge indicators cumbersome to engineer (13)
11 Managing Director’s evasive about funny business (6)
13 Girl friend’s certainly not in despair (6)
14 Coal is pouring out smoke (5)
15 If once following doctor, knocked back traditional herbal remedy (4)
16 Old boy’s appeal for final notice? (4)
17 Fermented ingredient found in kumiss (4)
19 Teaching regarding enjoined food, initially (4)
21 Railway station guy (4)
22 Shelters cut length from grassy areas (4)
23 Archer, maybe, to strain over Liberal right (5)
25 Squeeze girl gathering resistance (5)
27 Cat you once recalled - Rex (4)
29 Crane - I wing needing to migrate (13)
32 Lots of money turned over in stall (4)
34 Table napkin picked up laden with grease (5)
37 Complain about strike involving the French (5)
38 Fit learner is pursuing muscle (4)
39 International set in large city, German capital (4)
40 Freeman’s transformed after removal of original name (4)
43 Base pony’s rank (4)
44 Water colourist in for combo (4)
45 Attention at first shifting, asked to repeat (4)
46 Italian city that is not available (5)
47 Grant liberty to in French following bird (6)
48 Mister Mac’s own scrap (6)
49 It indicates monarch’s in yard – load tars up (13)
2 Hot oil flowing over globular grain (6)
3 Originally from Paris, perhaps, the king of appellations (5)
4 One who’s into some bugs or into toads strangely? (9)
5 Clever answer in salt (6)
6 Nice house featuring right time inside trading places (5)
7 Destroys Jock’s cottage rooms in outlying districts (4)
8 Perth’s expression of disapproval for overtime (4)
9 Early stage of development manipulated by Rome (6)
10 Let go of company without obligation (7, two words)
12 Highlanders make African scene an idyll primarily (5)
18 Mostly make one’s way with tourer around Welsh county (5)
20 Poet’s just letter encompasses English version (4)
23 Special someone like Tessa, the missile launcher (9)
24 Expression of protest on set up being shabbily built (4)
26 Genetic mixture occurring in bird naturally? (4)
28 Fruit partitions wild apple with recipe replacing part of peel (5)
29 Scottish weaver working best raw material (7)
30 Described by the maidless classes? Perhaps not (4)
31 Test accuracy of condition in precise surroundings (6)
33 Best to recollect call to witness (6)
35 Voter welcomed appeal for buntings locally (5)
36 Taking even more time beginner misses out on reading, say (6)
38 Dead body with female consumed by arsenic (5)
39 Fate to Macbeth, perhaps, was at first dire, dreadful (5)
41 Moot points, perhaps, in favour of it (4)
42 Local fish trap won slippery customer (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted words and the words written below the grid, to before the 8th January 2015. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.